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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by truman, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. New documentary series on Netflix. I'm two episodes in and it's INSSSSSAAANNNEEEEEEE.

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  2. I remember hearing about this cult on My Favourite Murder last year so I’m glad there’s an in depth doc about it. It’s so fascinating to see all the footage. It’s INSANE.
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  3. I have one episode left.

    The whole story is ridiculous and I have trouble making up my mind who to side with. Everybody's terrible. I refuse to accept that Osho had no idea of what was going on though.

    Sheela and Jane are ICONIC even though they did all that.
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    Sheela is all kinds of Y a sss
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  5. I ended the series being totally in love with Sheela in spite of her dubious moral character. She did some horrible stuff, but she is actually doing good in the world today, using what she learned during her time in the commune.

    I think she was overprotective and manipulative but I can't help but stan her? I blame Osho really. His misogyny was disgusting and very telling. No way in the world that he wasn't manipulating everybody the whole time.
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  6. Sheela really was iconic.

    “What can I say, tough titties.”
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  7. SNL did a parody tonight.

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  8. That's hilarious. I don't really watch too much Netflix stuff but I started watching this a few days ago based on the reactions I was seeing to it online and I have read some of Osho's books so I was curious to know the story. I'm only a few episodes in, but so far I love Sheela, and those white people are crazy.
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  9. It's almost like the original is too insane to parodize it.
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  10. I've just watched the first episode and this show is exactly the shit I've been looking for to procrastinate with as my life falls apart.
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  11. The gaggggggggg when Sheela bought the whole damn town.
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  13. I’m on episode two and where is the supposedly sex tho? Just kidding! But see what happens when white people believe in things and perpetuate it?

    WE GET A WHOLE CITY with people wearing orange outfits.

    I’m not gonna read thru the comments and responses because I hate spoilers but I came here just to post this.
  14. OH MY GOD I just finished it. I think Sheela’s story/end game was adorable and truly showed that despite all of the selfish and power hungry ways - she brought it back to what she wanted to do in the first place? I don’t like that the documentary didn’t touch on the aftermath of PUJA woman who poisoned everyone, the shady Deva doctor and the Hollywood woman. And the Aussie lady’s story was so touching. I cannot feel any remorse for the lawyer dude unfortunately - I felt like he was in it for all the wrong reasons. Yes, Osho’s teachings are quite profound but I’m sorry the way he retaliated because Sheela chose to leave him in the middle of the night basically her saying I’m not gonna do your dirty work anymore - and then he, someone who’s enlightened resorted to oh SHE WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH ME, SHE RAN AWAY WITH 55 MILLION DOLLARS THAT DIRTY COW etc. was a choice. I can’t believe those women and men would still “follow” him right after all of that.
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  15. That lawyer was so clearly only in it on the condition he could plug his fucking book it left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know that much about the ethics of making documentaries, but that seemed really off to me.
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  16. Apparently he had alot of shady things he did behind the scenes and people who were at the ranch said that this Netflix didn't show the brainwashing and all the drugs and organised crimes that the entire foundation did. I read all of this on some reddit thread. I think it's such a joke that now it has been turned into a Christina youth site for kids to remain celibate, A BIT LOL, INDEED.

    I've actually watched some of Osho's videos online. And he's quite right:

    Also to whoever wants to stan a TOUGH TITTIES shirt:

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