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  1. This is not regarding her "new" album, but since the release of "hit me baby..." Britney has released something every year. Be it a new album or a Greatest hits/cd/dvd or Chaotic or a remix album, she's released something. So, I hope in the spirit of that JIVE releases a cd or dvd. I think it would be great if she released the "onyx hotel tour" to dvd with a bonus cd of In the Zone cuts not avail. on cd. or something new. We'll probabaly get nothing but here's to hoping...
  2. fingerquotes No fingerquotes. There are other performers for you to buy in the meantime.
  3. Steve

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    She said it will probably be a year or two, but "we'll see." The whole interview was a bit disappointing - especially when we know that she's been working with producers and has finished songs already. The way she spoke made it sound like she had not been in a recording studio for a while!

    I daresay, if they wanted to release something, they could put together a collection of unreleased tracks, but I doubt they'll bother.
  4. I don't think it would be anything geared toward the general mass of pop buyers, but more to her die hard fans. Like the remix album, no one really knew, there was no promotion. Just as a thank you for trucking along.
  5. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I would love a DVD of "The Onyx Hotel," especially as filmed a few shows over here in Europe (only to then use the awful Showtime Miami concert footage on "Chaotic"). I don't really get why they bothered with the remix album, but I suppose the fact they did could suggest they might consider releasing something this year.
  6. Indeed, she is releasing a baby this year.
  7. That interview was so awful, it was a car wreck that I couldn't look away from yet felt so bad for watching.

    Throughout, I kept exclaiming "Britney, you need better publicists!!!" Imagine my complete lack of surprise to read today that her publicists and stylists weren't allowed, and that Britney (foolishly) insisted on doing the whole thing by herself. She came across as an ass, and I wouldn't be surprised if her team walked away.

    Every time I start to remember the iconic greatness that used to be Britney, I get red hooker lipstick and horrible soundbites.

    She'd BETTER release something soon. Music is the only thing that can save her now.
  8. Britney has mislead us before with information. She surprised us all with Mona Lisa, and then surprised us again when nothing happened with the whole "Original Doll" album. So hopefully, she'll still be releasing something. The songs that she's done with J.R. Rotem sound great!
  9. I hoping that at least we get a lot more leaked tracks from the new alb, an Onyx DVD would be wicked though.
  10. Steve

    Steve Guest

    I half agree with Federline... - in places, the interview made her seem really immature, childish and dense. Attempting to justify the Sean-on-lap incident with "we're country," is not that smart, and neither is saying she loves Kevin because "he's so simple." However, I think you can't help but feel sorry for her; when she broke down in tears, saying that she has to believe she's here for a purpose, it was just heartbreaking. I think she needs to be mothered, rather than do the mothering.
  11. Divorce papers, perhaps?
  12. May I just ask.... did she ever actually release 'Someday (I'll Understand)'? I loved that song!
  13. There was a video and a single CD with remixes.
  14. Was it released in the UK?
  15. I don't know, I never saw the actual american one, just online. But there's a Japan import i've seen. Has pretty pictures and 5 remixes. Did "and then we kiss" get radio play in the UK? Our dance stations play it on non-stop the past few months.
  16. I've never heard And Then We Kiss on UK radio.
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    What I want is for Britney to go into hiding (actually, it seems that she wants to do this too), have her baby, wait as long as she wants(but not over three years), and then release something that is absolutely incredible that establishes her as the star that she was. Its not that she isn't famous anymore, but I want her to be famous for the stuff she does onstage, not off.
  18. Steve

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    No, it wasn't. It was released in most European countries to promote the "Britney & Kevin: Chaotic" DVD and bonus CD, on CD with remixes, and in Japan, backed by the other tracks from the bonus CD (I believe their release of "Chaotic" doesn't come with the CD). There was a promo CD-R acetate sent out to certain UK radio stations (such as BBC Radio 2), but it wasn't commercially released here.

    "And Then We Kiss" was sent to radio and clubs in Australia, America, Japan and certain parts of Europe, and it apparently charted on the Billboard Dance charts, so it's likely that you'd hear it on dance radio stations in those regions.
  19. Rob


    A 30second clip of a new track called "Rebellion" has leaked. It's shot R'n'B at its worst. Barely album track worthy.
  20. Somehow I do believe they are going to release this unreleased tracks collection everybody's talking about. I'd kill just to hear some of the ITZ rejects... For example, the tracks she's recorded with Shep Solomon (the one who did Touch Of My Hand and Christina's Dirrty) or fast version of Shadow... Or those Cathy Dennis and Guy Chumbers tracks about Justin... Hell, I'd even listen to the tracks she's done with Fred Durst - he said they had 'trip-hop vibe' and sounded a lot like Frozen...
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