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    I would love it - there's another track with the Neptunes, and another track with BT, that didn't make "Britney" as well as the original Metro version of "And Then We Kiss," and more tracks with Bloodshy & Avant.
  2. I don't know how 'The Hook Up' and 'I Got That Boom-Boom' made it on ITZ. They are awfull, Hook Up especially her voice sounds terrible on it. Boom-Boom wasn't so bad but still one of the worst. 'Guilty' was a demo from the ITZ era wasn't it? I loved that one, should have made the album.
  3. Yeah, The Neptunes ballad... Baby Can't You See. It was recorded in 2001 but was kept for In The Zone... It's a shame they fell out.
    However, I heard that there are MORE Neptunes tracks... As far as I remember one of them is called Cuz U're Lookin' So Good. I'd love to hear it.
  4. Yep, it was done with 7 Aurelius... They probably decided not to finish it 'cause it was about JT. It's a shame 'cause I love this track - especially the vocals on it!
  5. It's now painfully obvious Britney's career is dead. The Dateline interview was probably its dying breath.
  6. And it's one thing not to use your publicists, quite another not to use your make-up people and stylists! Eek!
  7. She looked like such shit during that interview. Ugh, that picture of her makes me sick. If she'd only ditch K-Fag and stop being so "country".
  8. STOP IT. I'm already crying :(
    Why does it have to be like this? Back in 2004 she was really unstoppable... I thought that she wanted to gain more artistic control, wanted to be something... bigger. I remember how excited I was when I saw Everytime video.
    Oh boy, this is so sad... It's sad, it's so sad.
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    That is a bad picture; she doesn't look as rough in the other promotional shot they used:

  10. Steve...let's not sugarcoat it.

    Through the whole interview I had to repress the desire to wipe her huge eyeliner smudge off my television screen.

    She's a professional. She should present herself as such.

    She needs to wake up tomorrow morning, divorce Kevin, record the best song of the last 7 years, have the baby, and release a killer album. That is all that can save her now.
  11. But will she be able to do it in '1 or 2 years...' I mean, would anyone care about her as an artist in 2008?
  12. This post sums up every thing that is wrong with Britney these days and every reason why she'll probably never release another hit song again.
  13. either i've gone out of my mind, or there's a new song up on her website ... go to her site, click on the "love b" bubble, and there's a snippet of a new (i think) song playing in the background.
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    It wasn't meant to present her as a "professional" though - the whole purpose of the interview was to show her as someone real - someone "normal" and down-to-earth - who doesn't deserve all of the criticism and paparazzi intrusion. Had she sat there, looking like Britney-circa-2003, and giving media-trained soundbites, I really don't think the interview would have been as effective in achieving its sole aim. This wasn't an interview to sell anything or to even promote herself - if it was, I couldn't agree more that she should have been looking her best, etc. She played down all talk of making a musical comeback, despite that contradicting what she had said in magazine interviews earlier this year (and also ignoring the fact that she has been writing and recording) and didn't seem keen to retread on the past, when asked about Justin and Jason. I find this whole mentality that she should ditch Kevin, because he doesn't seem good enough for her or whatever, abhorrent. If she's truly happy with him, which it seems like she is, then good for her.

    I think Britney, like most other 'pop stars', is only as good as the producers she works with, and as long as they provide the material, there will almost certainly be a market for her.
  15. But the issue that she has clearly missed is that she IS NOT a 'normal person.'  She is Britney Fucking Spears.

    I think it's a shame that the photogs get so crazy, but as hard as she tried to appear otherwise, the end result of that interview was "Waaah, millionaire celebrity complaining about their famous life."  Unfortunately, I think those types of interviews always WILL end that way.

    She made one interesting point that should have been leveraged farther...in days past, you could walk out of a restaurant, stop and wave for a few pics, and they'd let you go on your way.  Now, they follow you to your car, get in front of it, get behind, chase you into alleys, etc. etc.

    While I do think Paris did a bad thing by driving away from that garage fender-bender, I don't think it was her fault.  What photogs do to celebrities (even fake ones like Paris) is unbelievable.

    But what Britney did in that interview was trade the last vestiges of her iconic image for a smattering of sympathy.  Sure, she's looked worse than that interview before, but those were always papparazzi shots...this was a planned, coordinated TELEVISED event, and now she's proven that she really IS as trashy as they've tried to make her seem.

    And now, she's a trashy 'normal' person like us.  Who cares if she ever has a career again?  I just think the whole thing was a failure...the little sympathy she DID garner will last a few months, but the damage she keeps doing to her image will haunt her for years to come.
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    I disagree, and I think, judging from what I can garner of public opinion, after the show, the majority of people seem to feel sorry for her. It's fair enough that when you're famous you're going to be hounded by the paparazzi, but it is on a much higher scale for Britney. You don't see 20-30 photographers hounding Madonna, Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Jessica Simpson, Cher, Paris Hilton, etc. at basically every minute of the day, which is the case with Britney, as those photos of her in New York, when she nearly tripped whilst holding Sean Preston, showed.

    I honestly believe she felt that if she did that interview, public opinion would influence the magazine editors and therefore by extention, the paparazzi, into harassing her less. There's only so many front page headlines, criticising her marriage and parenting skills, that a person can take. I don't think it came across as if she was complaining about 'her famous life' at all. If anything, I think she came across as strong willed and determined, but at the same time, clearly upset by what they say about her.

    Who cares if she ever has a career again? I don't know. She still has quite a strong fanbase, who will buy anything she releases, and are still faithful to her. At the same time, there are obviously people interested in her; her "People" cover features in America consistently sell highly, as do other publications with her on the front (such as her recent "Glamour" UK magazine cover feature) and the viewing figures for "Dateline" were very strong, beating off competition from rival shows with an established viewership, particularly in the 18-49 year old demographic, who will make up the most of Britney's fanbase when she returns.
  17. I bought the issue of Glamour with her on front (she looked fucking fantastic) only to find a load of old drivel about her baby and life married to Kevin Cuntrag.

    I don`t really know what to think. i understand she wants to have her babies, but hearing new material like Rebellion makes me doubt whether she`ll ever actually have the Richard X/Xenomania/Bloodshy & Avant comeback we all dream of.
  18. I don't think she'll ever come back to that sound... I mean, to me ITZ was the best Britney era. But she said in the Dateline interview that she was 'searching for something' at that time - I guess it wasn't really 'her'. Plus she seems to try to move as far away from the 'Madonna wannabe' tag as she can... I doubt she will ever come back to the whole electro sound.
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    I don't think Jive would let her executive produce and A&R an album on her own. I imagine "In The Zone" would have sounded like Avril Lavigne, had Britney had her way, as she wanted to go for a rockier, edgier sound (hence her wanting to hook-up with Guy Chambers and The Matrix). I reckon if they let her A&R her next album, judging by what she says she likes, we'd have a country album along the lines of Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks. I think she still admires Madonna's career path, but not the Kabbalah thing, which is fair enough I think.

    When she was asked about her career in the "Dateline" interview, she seemed quite cagey, especially when we know she's been working with J.R. Rotem, as he's spoken about it many times, and had also put a clip of a new song ("Little Me") up on her site.
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