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  1. What I wanted to say was that her electropop phase was just a phase... It's not like she loves it as much as Madonna does (she did the electro thing on 4 albums - that's quite a lot!).
    Oh, and I'd love to hear those early ITZ tracks... I wonder how Britney sounds on a pop-rock track... But I guess they didn't even record anything seeing as her Chambers tracks were all co-written by Cathy and were ballads about Justin...
  2. Steve

    Steve Guest

    There were a fair few that Britney wrote with Cathy and Guy, so I presume she demoed them, even if they were not finished - there were a few others that Cathy and Guy wrote together, which were submitted, which may not have been (I believe one or more of these actually ended up on Rachel Stevens' "Funkydory," alongside "Sweet Dreams (My LA Ex)," which Britney also rejected).

    I don't think the music that Britney loves is the music she will make, which is probably quite a good thing, because I don't think Britney's vocals could match those of Natalie Maines or Shania.
  3. What about The Matrix tracks? Was Shadow the only one that they have submitted for the project?
  4. Steve

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    Apparently Jive told all the producers she worked with to have at least two songs prepared for Britney, which is why "Over To You Now" came about, so I presume that they submitted more, even if Jive didn't let her record them all. There were conflicting reports about "Shadow" too - there was one report that said it was originally more "dance" orientated (which would be quite uncharacteristic for The Matrix) and then there was another that said it was more 'rock' flavoured, but that they gave it a more 'pop' feel for the album.
  5. Yeah, I've heard it was 'a bit like Touch Of My Hand'. I'd die just to hear it 'cause Touch Of My Hand and Shadow are probably my favourite ITZ tracks! Oh, and thanks for the info! I could spend ages talking about unreleased tracks...
  6. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Kevin has just done an interview, because he and Britney are in New York (he's sorting out details for his album release in August, and is also the new face of Virgin Mobile out there, launching the "penny text") and he says Britney is writing and recording there! She's also got a cover feature on the new US "OK!" magazine, with an exclusive photoshoot, coming out in the next few days.
  7. She looks awful! 'Rebellion' is terrible! And her career is over!
  8. ...the fuck?

    I suppose we should disregard anything else she firmly denied in the interview too.

    Oh well, at least that's good news. Thanks for the cheer, Steve!
  9. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    What is up with all this Britney bashing? I'm not her biggest fan at all, but I thought that she was held in high regards here, and she should be. The truth is we don't really know what to expect from her next album, and I couldn't be more excited about that. Let the girl live her life, and when she's ready, I bet she'll amaze us with her very own "Maneater". I don't get how people will bash a popstar for being too superficial and all about themselves, but then when you see a more down-to-earth version of them you still bash them. (This is definetly the case with Britney.) I can't wait till everyone is proven wrong.
  10. What's funny is that I am known amongst my friends as being Brit's number one, most ardent supporter.

    Lately, even I cannot justify my love for her. I think the 'bashing,' as you call it, is simply disappointment at her decisions. I agree that everyone's allowed a private life, but she keeps teasing with new songs, reports of work, etc., etc., yet seems content to keep fighting tooth and nail to be seen as a slobby, trashy 'everywoman.'

    It's frustrating to be a Britney fan, because it's always been about the music, but now we don't even have THAT to throw in the face of her naysayers.

    Also, if the best Britney will be able to manage is "Maneater," then I say "good riddance!" to her career.
  11. Here here. We do not bash her, we love her! It's just that... something isn't right.
  12. Steve

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    I agree with you there more, Federline. Whilst I think the interview may have done some good in endearing her to some of the general public, I would have told her to give them something positive to talk about instead - i.e: talk about new music, etc. She is bordering on being famous for being famous, which she said in 2003 that she hoped she'd never be.

    I am counting on the "we'll see" bit of her "Dateline" interview being correct! I really don't understand why she'd authorise clips of new songs to be uploaded to her web site (and also keep recording new songs) if she's really not planning anything for 1 or 2 years.
  13. a.k.a Posh spice Syndrome. She was in the tabs and celeb rags so much that punters began to forget her musical career (lucky them).
  14. someboy0716

    someboy0716 Guest

    Ok, well I agree with you that maybe something isn't right.
  15. Britney recorded four studio albums in about 5 years then yielded many many dvd's and in between songs, an entire vidoe collection, not just the hits but every video she ever did is on dvd. A remix album, many remix cds, bonus songs, cut songs...sooo much. So, we can back off and let her live her life. She's not just a money/music machine for everyone to pull on.
  16. Steve

    Steve Guest

    She's teasing us though... her web site has a new, longer version of "Rebellion" up now, and dare I say it, I quite like it now! It's no lead single, but I think it would make quite a strong album track!
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