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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. It is on Friday in-between Celeb Big Brother. The Christmas special from Season 9 was also on Sky On Demand over Christmas as well.
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  2. Yes!! Although it would be even better if he was doing this as the same character as Karen’s hunky plumber from the Thanksgiving episode from once upon a time.
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  3. I was just thinking that too. The Parks and Rec hair and moustache made him look late 50s. Now he looks Daddy in the good way.
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  4. Dear Lord, Nick Offerman can knead my dough any day! The jingle storyline for Karen and Jack was trash. They are being criminally underused.
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  5. I just saw the first ever episode. Will's Dawson Leary hair! Karen speaking in a lower octave! So weird.
  6. I presume it was the pilot, but yes, its funny how she hadn't developed Karens voice yet, it really is quite disconcerting!
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  7. I actually thought it was pretty great, it was pretty reminiscent of the B-plots from the classic episodes.
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  8. The new episode was good. I thought the jingle storyline was weak, I feel like I've seen the same storyline many times in these sorts of shows, but it was ok as a subplot.
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  9. Is it just me or does it seem like there is very little time to do anything with these new episodes? Like they are good but I feel like the original series stuffed a lot in without feeling stuffed. The new ones feel like they are missing a chunk or so of episode. Especially the latest one, where Jack and Karen felt like an after thought.
  10. Everything in the last episode felt like something they'd already done in previous seasons. Saying that, I still found it enjoyable.
  11. So we've finally had the first episode in the UK, I'm right in thinking it gets better from ep 2? Please!
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  12. You are.
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  13. Not a great episode, but Nick Offerman looking like a hot daddy makes it more than worth watching!
  14. J.Lo is coming back as herself.
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  15. I think you mean Jen-Pez!!

    FYI: I hurt too!
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  16. She ain't just playing J Lo. From Entertainment Weekly:

    This time around, she’ll be playing herself — or at least a version of herself — as well as Detective Harlee Santos, whom she portrays on another NBC series, Shades of Blue.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Jack: Thanks for lending me your car, Karen. It's so fancy. What kind is it?

    Karen: A black one. Oops, I mean, an African-Ameri-car. Gotta watch out for the PC police. Now, take me to Jewdorf Goodman you big, mincing, butt-pirate.

  19. I didn't realize Shades of Blue was still on the air and/or doing well enough to warrant a crossover but werq.

    I also hate her hair.
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