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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. @WowWowWowWow do you actually like this show or are you playing it up in the CBB thread hmmmmT
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  2. Haha! Well here’s the thing. We are maybe 5-6 episodes ahead here as compared to the UK airings, so it’s bad enough that they’re splitting my CBB for it, it’s not even a new (to me) episode!

    But seeing as I have all 8 original series on DVD... and literally created this thread........ my stan card is laminated.
  3. Wow, they waited that long to air it in the UK?? Geez. They did a Christmas episode already.
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  4. Queen of cross promotion. While she’s at it mention your latest single
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  5. The episode when the gang is stuck in Karen’s bathroom is hilarious
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  6. Hilarious, I'm using that one.

    So episode 2 was indeed a vast improvement, I'm back on board!
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  7. Guess who’s been confirmed to make an appearance in a future episode..


    as well as Alec Baldwin.
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  8. [​IMG]

    I miss old Vince.

    Also Karen telling Jared Kushner to loosen his sphincter was a delight. I enjoy this arc of a Trump family connection. Remember when Karen’s idea of high society was Mr. and Mrs. Marlo Thomas or Mr. and Mrs. Connie Chung?
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  9. I feel like Debra has finally settled back into the role. Last week she was on point and also in the latest episode. Hope this means she's got her groove back for good now.
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  10. Even though I'd seen chunks of episodes, I had never watched the series the full way through until now. I'm up to season 8 and I think Debra Messing is sublime. I just watched the Sound of Music singalong episode and I thought the entire thing was brilliant.
  11. So very many edits where it's clear they did the scene 17 times rather than just straight through a couple of times, that never used to be the case (or the editing was superior).

    I'm just so fond of this show though.
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  12. Loving the new season but I really didn’t like what they did with Jacks son. It just didn’t seem right that his character would end up thinking that way.
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  13. This is my problem with this new series. It looks so sloppy, and the original Will & Grace was pristine in terms of presentation.

    It feels like I am watching a rehearsal.
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  14. The last few episodes have sort of dropped in level for me. That first episode was the worst but since then it was doing really well. I haven't found the last few that funny or the stories that interesting. I hope it picks up.
  15. Debra and Eric on The Graham Norton Show in an hour on BBC One.
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  16. They were fun. They should have had the whole cast though.
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  17. I watched it Friday night and it was hilarious. They were so funny, and shared a couple of great stories from the early days of Will & Grace. The Madonna stuff was great.
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