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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Agreed. And that whole "It was a natural thing that Grace would become political" narrative that Debra was pushing in interviews when the show first came back...like Grace is literally one of the most selfish people I've ever seen on a TV show. Clearly Debra pushing her own agenda onto the show (an agenda that in principle I agree with but anyway).
  2. I still liked the relationship with Noah. The dinner at her house was so cringe but low key real.
  3. I personally feel that, while it's not our business on this speculation, a big part is the way Debr comes across with her politics...

    Like, I agree with her on like all of it I'm sure, but you will NEVER get someone to listen to you with the way she does it. I unfollowed her like a year ago on Twitter just from her 333 retweets and CAPS about politics.
    To me while I am outspoken myself, I have learned you will never be heard, truly heard, by being THE ABSOLUTE LOUDEST PERSON IN THE ROOM. So, just from what I've seen/observed I think that plays a big part.
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  4. Random point but the episode where Grace has slept with the guy, his son and his dad was brilliant.
  5. One of the best episodes from the new batch.
  6. Maybe this "feud" is just to drum up interest in the new season?
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  7. I'm still watching season 10 and it just seems like they bring in Alex Baldwin when they've run out of idea's and are trying to give Karen something to do. How many times is this now?
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  8. For an ensemble comedy which is all about the relationships between the characters I actually think it has the adverse effect.
  9. My thoughts exactly.
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  10. They don’t follow each other now on Instagram. Someone who worked on the show said Debra is nice but extremely needy and nobody can stand Megan, that she is extremely nasty to everyone and like her character has a drinking problem. Others who were on the show in some capacity agreed. The only one that gets along with everyone is Eric.
  11. Calling Ryan Murphy for season 2 of Feud.
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  12. I mean...that sounds like Yellow Press bullshit though. The moment there are rumours of a tiff between co-stars, everyone on set suddenly becomes a drug-addicted unhinged maniac according to Page Six or Us Weekly or whatever.
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  13. Not that this is valid but Megan said she doesn't drink and (in my opinion) her skin proves it.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Megan Mullally is 60 and looks like this. I don't buy that she has a drinking problem.
  15. Oh God, I just had a flashback to the Karen lesbian storyline. Just awful.
  16. I do not believe this in the slightest.
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  17. I’ve heard nothing bad about Megan Mullally from anyone who has worked anywhere near her. Also never really seen anything nasty about her until this feud. I feel like the worst I’ve seen/heard is that she isn’t “how she acts” in whatever she’s in (loud, extroverted, a big character) but that’s what we call “acting”.
  18. Wow, she looks amazing. I honestly thought she was early 50's.
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  19. This entire feud seems totally fabricated. Maybe one of them decided not to renew the contract for another year and then they agreed on ending the show after this season. But that's just a speculation. I've never heard about Megan being an alcoholic, that came out of left field. And I've never liked Debra. Something about her just rubs me the wrong way.
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