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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I do also feel like the feud is fabricated.. either to garner some hype for the new season or for some plot point within the show that will be addressed. Or all above. It all just feels a bit contrived like they’re following all of the cliches from past feuds.

    It’s a shame if it is true however. Like it’s that bad they’ve gotten their best source of income cancelled (after somewhat struggling post show )
  2. Yeah, I don’t buy this idea of a feud whatsoever.

    What I do buy is Megan being one of the most beautiful women on the planet.
  3. I finished watching season 10 last night and it was a really enjoyable series, there were a few episodes where it fell a bit flat but it was balanced out with some great episodes. The finale is up there with the best Will & Grace episodes, Karen's homage to Ellen 'The Puppy Episode' was hilarious!
    I'm excited for the last series, but in a way, I've accepted there isn't much they can do story line-wise now everyone is coupled up, so I can't be disappointed it's ending again.
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  4. I agree Season 10 was patchy but some jokes were really on point. That episode of them getting high was a FUCKING serve.

    This show is slowly nursing my broken heart. I can’t seem to watch anything else with couples on it but this show being humorous, over the top and mindless about itself helps.
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  5. I call bullshit.

    About the whole thing.

  6. I mean.. things like this don’t help
  7. Sorry if this has already been asked, I did read back a few pages, but have any of the new series been shown in the UK?
  8. The 9th one (the 1st reboot) was shown on Channel 5. Both the 9th and 10th are available on DVD in the UK though even though the 10th hasn't been on TV.
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  9. Thanks, I must have missed it on Channel 5 then. Was hoping they'd be available to stream as I don't have a dvd player anymore.
  10. Megan wasn’t in the scene...

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  11. Neither do I. There was never any of this talk/gossip back when the show originally aired and they had worked together for 8 years at the time. So why now all of a sudden is this supposed backstage drama a thing despite having already worked together 2 years up to this point + having all that history working together for 8 years the last time? If things were really that terrible they wouldn't have been so eager to get back together again in the first place and done not just a reunion video but another freaking series. They were following each other on Instagram all this time & were leaving comments on one another's posts and what not so something recently went down.

    With respect to the feud being made to generate press/ratings I don't see the point. They're not going to have another season so even if it did pick up they're prepping for a final series so why bother?

    As for Debra Messing's politics, I highly doubt that's why they're apparently feuding. After all, the entire cast reunited to do a political election video and the first episode of the reboot was about being in the White House.

    Clearly this supposed feud is fresh & fairly recent. They were getting along fine at the beginning of Season 10 as evident by Debra Messing's IG stories where the two of them are posing & giggling:


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  12. Megan: “Is she still there?”

  13. so Megan is a real life version of Tammy 2? Oh ok.
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  14. I cannot stand her urgh.
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    Couldn’t they have gotten a better B list pop star? I don’t think Rita Ora has any gigs planned...
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  16. @Robsolete get ha!
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  17. Who keeps giving Demi Lovato work like honestly? WHO?!?!?!
  18. For UK fans, I think I just saw season 10 advertised briefly on Comedy Central so I assume CC will be airing 10 and 11.
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  19. That feels like a more natural home for the show anyway.
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