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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Wait, so they erased the OG final season where Grace gets pregnant only to come back for reboot and a final season where... Grace gets pregnant?!

    I’m hoping it’s a fake out because we really don’t need to go down this road again.
  2. I swear, if the finale finale ends with one of them waking up and realising the last three seasons were a dream...

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  3. The scuttlebutt started earlier this year when sharp-eyed fans noticed that Mullally and Messing stopped following each other on Instagram. And in subsequent Will & Grace-themed social media posts, the pair have rarely been pictured together. (It also appears that Mullally has stopped following her aforementioned onscreen sidekick, Sean Hayes.)

    Honestly a falling out between those two would make me even sadder than a Debra/Megan falling out.

    Eric McCormack — the only Will & Grace co-star with whom Mullally is still following on Instagram — downplayed talk of a feud earlier this fall, telling US Weekly that “people worried… entirely too much” about Instagram-gate, before adding, “The four of us get along like a house on fire, we always have.”

    OK like I know that is a phrase that people use but ... houses that catch on fire sometime burn to the ground destroying everything inside.

    The first episode back was ... not great. I agree with the comments of it being a poor choice for them going back down the kids-road again. At least Karen was wise enough to call it what it was. (Also, was there some major green screen action happening in the shots of Karen and Jack “in front of Will’s fireplace”? Sure seemed that way...)
  4. The irony in the show ending with the main four on bad terms only to reconcile on their own, then having the show be rebooted only to have the four of them not on speaking terms.
  5. Aw what a horrible note for the fans to end the show on.
  6. It's a shame because the original run seemed... so free of drama? I don't remember reading any negative gossip behind the scenes. I could be wrong and just happened to miss it. The fact that major sites like Entertainment Weekly is reporting about it is worrisome.
  7. Will and Grace original run trivia included hot gossip like "Megan Mullally broke her ankle before the live episode and needed to use crutches".
  8. Jack's scenes were hysterical. And I also laughed at Grace on the subway. That woman who's been in a LOT of things was golden with her delivery.
  9. This just tragique - especially considering they brought the show back and finally we get it on TV and it's due to this that it's being cancelled? Were the ratings plummeting? I'm not sure, maybe someone can help clarify.

    I honestly once again think this is about money. Are all four of them paid the equal amount?
  10. The stories since they came back have not been great, but the warmth and the chemistry of the cast has always been a joy to watch. This rift really does take that away - especially if it is impacting who has scenes with who. Just sad.
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  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I paid no attention to the rumours when they first started, because I (like most people I'm assuming) thought it was all fabricated and a cheap tabloid story about women fighting behind the scenes... but the fact that it's been such a major story for the past few weeks that could've easily been quashed with a selfie on Instagram has basically confirmed to me that it's all true. How upsetting.
  12. I hate the fact that we will probably be heading toward an Archie Panjabi/Juliana Margulies “scenes filmed separately and spliced together” moment between Debra and Megan...
  13. I still need that Feud season about Panjabi and Margulies. Make it happen Ryan Murphy!
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  14. I don't know if these rumours are colouring my perception of Debra but I haven't cared for Grace so far this season.
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  15. I feel a little perplexed about the timeline of this reboot. How much of the first 8 series are we supposed to pretend/imagine never happened? I understand that not everyone who watches "Will & Grace" has an almost photographic memory of every prior episode. But last week's installment really stuck in my craw--specifically, the plot about what happens if Will ends up having a straight son who likes to play basketball. Will seemed completely overwhelmed by the concept and had no idea what he would do. And I sat there in my audience of one screaming at the TV, "But weren't you the one who helped Jack come to terms with the fact that Elliott was going to be a basketball-playing straight son? And even accompanied the boy to a basketball tournament? How is this any different? And why is Jack not mentioning that either?" And then I remembered that they are not actually real people and this literally does not matter at all.
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  16. A Golden Girls continuity tea.
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