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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Sean and Megan have been posting selfies on eachother's instagrams so (it seems) their friendship is fine.
  2. I am honestly sick of those feud rumors. Is it so hard to be a pro these days?
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  3. I've had a hard time getting into Debra this entire revival to be honest. She's been the weakest out of the 4. Eric, Sean and Megan came back strong and got right back into their characters like the show never ended. Debra unfortunately has struggled. Her acting just isn't the way it used to be. She used to be more natural. Now she's mostly overacting, taking herself a bit too seriously & even breaking character sometimes trying not to laugh or smiling.

    In my opinion, she's never really gotten back into the groove of Grace entirely. There's glimmers of it here and there and Season 2/10 she definitely had her moments where I saw the EMMY winning Debra in action, but there's always a disconnect there; she always seems to be holding back.
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  4. I checked out midway last season, but no one on this show has become as guilty of overacting as Sean, who has become embarrassingly unwatchable. And he was that way towards the end of the original run. Watching him on seasons 1-4 and watching him from 5-now is like night and day. Some of that's the writing, I get that. But he just turned Jack from an over the top but actually human man into a cartoon character.
  5. Yes! But first we need Feud: Tyra Banks vs. Naomi Campbell

  6. I mean I get it, if you’re not BFFs with everyone you work with, that’s fine. But like it or not, the OGs are a quartet. And “I’ll tag everyone except Meghan” is 2019-era petty. Sean Hayes isn’t in any of the photos but he got a tag. Sad!
  7. I see they upped their product placement from google pixel to apple this season... which has been m the only interesting thing to happen tbh.
  8. Debra just comes across as immature, petty and passive aggressive. It's so off-putting as a fan to behave like a fellow cast member (one you've known for almost 20 years now) doesn't exist. These posts aren't doing her any favours. Makes her come off as super unlikable.
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  9. My phone only showed half of the picture and I thougt it was her and Megan at first dd.
  10. Pez dispensers for stem cells.
  11. I was waiting for someone else to comment in here so I wouldn't double post but I watched the episode Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day and I forgot how much I liked it. Grace being like "I wish I could you be like you and not care about how bad my life is" and then bumming the others out is classic. And then the Eurythmics song playing when they all wake up in her bed made me feel sappy. I think it's one of the only sitcom episodes besides Golden Girls and maybe Girlfriends to make me feel like that.
  12. "When you said I'm an actor-singer who jumps from one relationship to another it made me realize... you didn't say dancer" is one of my favorite lines on the show.
  13. I thought I was the only one who was put off a bit by Debra in this revival. Especially this new and last season. Her acting isn't bad per say, but it's significantly different than the original run of the show and differs from how she acted Grace the first time around. It felt more natural.
    This time it feels forced, like the scene of her finding out she's pregnant. Her face, fake crying is so cringeworthy.

    I could say the revival felt off from time to time in many episodes. But so many jokes still land really well and glad to see them again.

    Debra, stop being unpleasant. I know nothing of the drama and what really happened, but she does seem a bit self entitled and narcissistic. Who couldn't love Megan?!
    (Love her voice work as Gayle in Bob's Burgers. Voice range is incredible.)
  14. For one blissful moment, I had a vision of that episode ending and logging onto Instagram to find a pic of them together saying “this whole ‘feud’ of ours has been to illuminate how people and the media want to find drama between women where there is none to find; did you not just see how Grace and Karen are pitted against each other”? But no, I got Grace, Karen, Jack and the Grief goddamned Panda.

    It’s ok though, Beer Can Randy will help me through my sorrows.
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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The last episode was real crusty. I've managed to enjoy the reboot even with all of the obvious shortcomings, but the last few episodes have basically proven that the show needs to end now.
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  16. For me...the reboot just doesn't have the same spark the original did...EXCEPT, for the episode where Rosario dies. Megan at that scene at the end talking to her casket was beautiful!
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  17. Just watched the Panda episode. Was pretty good but it feels like Karen is so disconnected from the rest of the show at this point. She does her own thing, has no stories with Jack or Will. She just hangs by a string which is ironic when she's been the best in this entire reboot.
  18. I haven't watched any of season 11 yet. The more I read, the less I'm looking forward to it!
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  19. I've watched that episode twice and both times cried at that ending.
  20. The episode before when Will comes in to his apartment assuming Grace and Nathan had gone ahead with the engagement, to then see her sad face sitting alone at the table, this was heartbreaking for me back in the day, and Bed, Bath and Beyond really carried this emotion over so well. And yes, I adored 17 Again after discovering it in this episode.
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