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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

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  2. So sad to hear about Shelley.

    Part of me really hopes this can bring Megan and Debra back together and make them realise life is too short.
  3. This hurts my heart...I will never be able to watch the episode where Rosario dies again without being a complete mess.
  4. This is really sad, RIP. I agree the Rosario dying episode will be harder to watch now.
  5. It will but I'm so glad they decided to do that episode instead of acting like Rosario quit and moved on or something. Gives her character (and her as an actress) a beautiful send-off/tribute.

    I always thought Shelley Morrison should have gotten an Emmy or two. Surprised she wasn't even nominated.
  6. This weeks episode is the worst episode of the show... ever.

    Grace doing a big poo? Keep it.
    No Karen? Delete it fat.
  7. Im holding off till the dvd comes out. Is it an overall poor season?
  8. I've enjoyed it so far, but honestly this episode was terrible.
  9. It's all getting a bit Zombie-like now. Do either of them want a baby anymore? Surely we've had at least half a dozen episodes where Will "cuts Jack off".
  10. Can you believe this thread has been going for more than a decade??

    It just dawned on me tonight that with the reboot, they managed to undo the shitty ending of the first series (Beverly Leslie floating away? Really?), but things are still going to end in a shitty way because of Debra and Megan’s rumored falling-out. I know I shouldn’t let it influence my enjoyment of the show, but it’s like a dark cloud hanging over everything that happens or doesn’t happen.

    While I’m glad that we got to spend some more time with our fictional friends, in many ways I kinda now wish we hadn’t.
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