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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

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  2. So sad to hear about Shelley.

    Part of me really hopes this can bring Megan and Debra back together and make them realise life is too short.
  3. This hurts my heart...I will never be able to watch the episode where Rosario dies again without being a complete mess.
  4. This is really sad, RIP. I agree the Rosario dying episode will be harder to watch now.
  5. It will but I'm so glad they decided to do that episode instead of acting like Rosario quit and moved on or something. Gives her character (and her as an actress) a beautiful send-off/tribute.

    I always thought Shelley Morrison should have gotten an Emmy or two. Surprised she wasn't even nominated.
  6. This weeks episode is the worst episode of the show... ever.

    Grace doing a big poo? Keep it.
    No Karen? Delete it fat.
  7. Im holding off till the dvd comes out. Is it an overall poor season?
  8. I've enjoyed it so far, but honestly this episode was terrible.
  9. It's all getting a bit Zombie-like now. Do either of them want a baby anymore? Surely we've had at least half a dozen episodes where Will "cuts Jack off".
  10. Can you believe this thread has been going for more than a decade??

    It just dawned on me tonight that with the reboot, they managed to undo the shitty ending of the first series (Beverly Leslie floating away? Really?), but things are still going to end in a shitty way because of Debra and Megan’s rumored falling-out. I know I shouldn’t let it influence my enjoyment of the show, but it’s like a dark cloud hanging over everything that happens or doesn’t happen.

    While I’m glad that we got to spend some more time with our fictional friends, in many ways I kinda now wish we hadn’t.
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  11. In the latest episode of Megan’s podcast with her husband Nick Offerman, she discusses “a work situation” where she is being bullied by a coworker. And while she never specifically names anyone, I think we’re left to assume it is Debra she’s talking about. Megan has never yet publicly commented on the situation, right?

    She also talks about the time a director bullied her after she quit a play, which come to find out, one of the reasons she allegedly left was because she was concerned her co-actor was not equipped for the role. The actor’s name? Patton Oswalt, currently recurring on “W&G” as Stan’s brother.

    I don’t like it!!!
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  12. Yeah, I don't like Patton's character or his acting at all. But I'm glad Will and Grace entered the ethics of surrogacy debate and compared it to the sex work industry a few weeks ago! I really needed their take to get a better understanding of this issue. This is just one of those things that only Will and Grace is nuanced enough to talk about.
    Sarcasm if it wasn't clear enough. I liked the episode and Demi was funny but yeah.
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  13. I don’t understand why Will wouldn’t try to be Grace’s kid’s adoptive father. Why bring two kids into this god forsaken world? Yes I know it’s a TV show.

    Can’t remember where I read it but someone somewhere was reflecting on the recent episode that involved Grace clogging the toilet (Lucille Ball could never!) and ended up getting thrown around the apartment by the recoil of the fire extinguisher, including a fall. Um. Girl you are pregnant! You gotta go check on your baby! And seriously yes I know it is just a TV show.
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  14. So yeah... Another weird episode for me. Much like the one that Ben Platt was on a while back, I find it hard to have a Will-focused “look how far sexuality has evolved since I came out!” episode when the show “Will & Grace” (which is arguably responsible for a small chunk of that) doesn’t exist in that timeline.

    Two things redeemed it for me:
    1) Billie Lourd’s impression of her character’s grandmother Bobbi Adler aka her real life grandmother Debbie Reynolds. She is missed.
    2) I know he’s a disaster now, fighting on instagram about his sponcon trip to Saudi Arabia but the 15-18 year old me that lives forever will ALWAYS have time for Ryan Phillippe. (Although any gay man worth his weight in Hollywood minutiae knows that Ryan made out with Breckin Meyer in the original cut of 54 so I don’t know who you think you’re fooling with this “first gay love scene!!” nonsense.)
  15. As a bi guy, Will & Grace has me even more tired...

    Honestly am getting happier that it's ending...
  16. I still haven’t wrapped my brain around why they thought a plot involving Grace fingering a dolphin was at all a good idea, but they really just must want us to quit loving the show.
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  17. Anyone else super disappointed with this season and reboot?

    The acting is off (especially with Debra), the chemistry is awkward, and the writing is not good at all. The storylines recently have been absurd. I really think they should have just stopped last season. It's painful to watch.

    Their ratings are embarrassingly low (even when combining streaming) for such an iconic, legendary show. It's sadly been on for too long & has outworn its welcome and damaged relationships in the process. It's really sad that the finale is going out with a whimper compared to the OG series that ended its legendary, iconic run with a bang.
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