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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. The first 2 seasons of 2.0 were fantastic. This last season really took a dive due to the feud. So many half-assed storylines cobbled together to accomodate not having to film too many scenes together the entire way through. It was mostly a W&G arc vs a J&K arc per episode.
    Also the I Love Lucy ep was probably the worst ep in all 11 seasons for me.
  2. Yes, she's a bit of a diva in general but when she got into politics on Twitter, man she really let it get to her head. She was so aggressive, obnoxious and just hostile to anyone who doesn't agree with her opinions. I would not be surprised if that happened with Meghan.

    Debra's a great actress but I feel working with her would be such a pain in ass.
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  3. It was her continued harassment of Susan Sarandon that bothered me.
  4. Yeah, that was real nasty on her part. I unfollowed back then after that. That was the final straw. She's become extremely political and I have no doubt she was what made Will & Grace do that HORRIBLE premiere episode for the revival.

    They had so much momentum and they did that awful white house, Trump hating episode. It was so forced and cringeworthy. Alienated a lot of people and definitely hurt their ratings long-term.
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  5. RainOnFire

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    I genuinely hope that industry people take notes from both this, and the upcoming Friends reunion. This was mentioned a bunch of times in that thread, but you have to give people what they need, not what they want. What they want is a full reboot, what they need is to just see their favourite cast members together again in one spot. So hopefully in order to avoid a full mess like this in the future with other shows, we'll be seeing more unscripted reunions instead.
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  6. Reveal your leanings a bitsy.
  7. I know someone who worked on the set during it's initial run and there were stories of Debra being awful even back then. Apparently most of the crew couldn't stand her as she was incredibly demanding and rude.
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  8. Some musings from catching up on the show.

    As somebody said earlier, Grace had the worst storylines this season so it’s clear where the writers landed in the feud. That whale thing was mortifying. Plus Debra Messing had it in her contract this had to finish taping before Christmas? Wow.

    I thought the Karen and Phil arc was also dire. I loved the Lucy episode (the one I saw tape) and I found this finale far more satisfying than the first but yeah, if the feuding was affecting the quality control so much it’s better to let it rest. I really missed Grace and Karen office stories this season.

    The creators, Max and David sound thrilled it’s over, which is sad to me: https://ew.com/tv/will-grace-series-finale-interview-right-ending/

    My Will and Grace tee that I won and getting to watch Megan Mullally stomp around in grapes in the flesh will be always memories I cherish, regardless of anything. As they say in the pilot, Goodnight Gracie.
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  9. I stopped watching the last couple seasons. For those that did follow this latest season, did Grace and Karen interact much?
  10. Occasionally they did and it was as if nothing changed but the fact that we knew that they hate each other cast a shadow over those scenes, and basically the whole of the last season. It's sad and I think looking back everyone involved in the show will regret it.
  11. Just finished it with a binge of the last 2-3 eps and the 'special'. I guess everyone got what they wanted ultimately, but it still felt a bit of a lame end of season, rather than series affair. Jack was the most consistent, best element.

    Oh well. Sure they'll re-revive in 2028.
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  12. I did think this. A Golden Gays type setting would actually be amazing.
  13. I just finished watching and yikes. It wasn't even bad but I watched the last episode and I thought "this was okay, I wonder what part 2 will be like" and then it was that awkward special. It was not good for a finale. I don't even think it needed to have Grace and Demi Lovato give birth but them just deciding to move out north (when they both have city specific jobs) randomly was weird. I know it's just a show but when other characters move out of New York (ie Monica and Chandler), I can see them liking the suburbs but Will and Grace always were going to art events (or maybe I've seen the water bra episode too many times) and bars and liking different restaurants so I don't know if a rural place would be right for them. It was weird to have Mccoy back. I think the writers thought the fans would go crazy but it was underwhelming. I felt bad that Karen missed Jack's play. I didn't like that Eric was the last frame of the show and then he hosted the special as well. I was happy to see Minnie Driver back.

    I thought the reboot was okay overall. I missed the first season but I think they had enough decent episodes. This season was worse but I laughed at Grace's dolphin episode and other stupid moments compared to other notorious sitcom flops (like the Friends episode where Joey can't speak French). I was annoyed at all of the "Grace is gassy and disgusting because she's pregnant! haha" jokes in the actual series finale because it felt disrespectful. I liked that the reboot handled aging and getting older in some episodes and then they just needed to have potty humor in the last moment of the show. I don't know if a Friends or Sex and the City reboot would be able to have episodes like the letter one or Rosario one.

    I think the writers realized that on the original run, Grace was the only one getting married and having huge life changes and they tried spreading that around this time but I didn't care at all about Jack's relationship and I kept forgetting if Karen was divorced or widowed or married or what.
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