will.i.am - “Mind Your Business” (with Britney Spears) + General Discussion

So much better than I expected! Britney fits in just perfectly. Basic production etc. but it just works. Perfect club tune!
It's possible that someone asked if I was going out tonight and I turned at them and said BRING THE ACTION.

The DJ is also a friend of mine and he will be playing it. I will report back.
This is incredible, the Britishney opening is life changing, please let her next album contain these levels of vocal manipulation; unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of Britney's contribution to this. I love Will.i.am's more minimal and mid tempo productions.

Again, this is brilliant.
Someone needs to remove Will.I.Am, and Pitbull from Christina's collaboration, and put Britney & Christina together for a crazy, generic, repetitive club banger. It'd be glorious.
Do we know anything about the tracklist for this album? The ones I found all say that the Britney-song is called sexy sexy, so I doubt they are real. The date for the album is the 10th of december, hope this is going to be it this time around. I don't know why, but I have a feeling the 2NE1 song will be on his album (or is it wishful thinking?)


Yesterday I played the first minute or so and I had to turn it off because my brain was in the process of dying. This is like something one of those Eastern European one-hit-wonder pop girls would have a surprise moderate chart hit with in 2009.


Her 'oll eyes on ous' bit is brilliant but the song is so basic. I admit I would like it if the breakdown was proper mental but it just plods along.