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Will Young - 85% Proof

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. ros


    Sunday Brunch too. Across all the singles that’s not much for me compared to his other albums!
  2. New album from Will, can't wait!
  3. This is wonderful news. Echoes is what made me fall in love with him.
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  4. Whilst the idea of another album excites me (especially Echoes 2), I kind of feel like why bother? His albums as a package are generally good (85% Proof aside) but he always chooses the safest songs to showcase the albums.
  5. Echos came out when I was 23 and I’ll never forget the deluge of emotions it made me feel and how overwhelming it was relating to that album. Even without that emotional connection, it’s such a solid effort and it’ll be nice to hear his voice singing over that style once more.
  6. Brave Man was genius....with a video that was heavily written in the media and had press. That was good. But no real live performances I can remember? Thank You as a single was fairly redundant. I was disappointed with the video, went no where.Love Revolution was a decent lead single with a video that did stand out to be fair. I liked it...Joy was alright, it got a decent Strictly performance. I liked that but there were better choices out there including U Think I'm Sexy which could have had a standout choreographed video. Promise Me was a gem and should have been released instead of Thank You.

    They had 6 videos for this album all in all including Like A River and What The World Needs Now Is Love including a re-release and it still only shifted less than less than 100k. I believe last time official sales were around the 80k mark, I can't see the label had made a return on their investment.

    Will was brave leaving SonyBMG to be honest he'd never flopped with them, ever. I do think the gap between albums was too big and he therefore couldn't complete with more current artists, he was 'old news' also - what I call the Dido problem. Rather than him taking a totally different sound for the album I don't know what more they could have done...I liked the album and anything else would have sounded unauthentic anyway.
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  7. A new album? Yes please! I´m here for it!
    Echoes is one of my all time favourites.

    This might be a unpopular opinion but the latest Calvin Harris/Sam Smith song would have sounded great with Will as well. I actually really can see him doing something like that.
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  8. Well there is an unreleased track from the greatest hits era that Calvin wrote/produced for Will.
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  9. Is that leaked?
  10. I still love this unreleased gem of a track from 2 years ago:

  11. Not to my knowledge. He briefly spoke about the track saying that he had this Calvin Harris track but it was too dancey to go on The Hits so was being saved for the next album (which didn’t happen)
  12. Great to hear that again. Such a shame it was never released.

    So pleased that Will is back in the studio Echoes along with Keep On are my favourite albums.
  13. Echoes 2??? Yes Please!!!
  14. Like Janet last few albums were Control part 2, sure.
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  15. Echoes is his only album that I use, and on top of that it's one of my favorite albums of all time, so i am excited.
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  16. He just shot the album cover.

    And I dont think we had it here, a clip from studio:

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  17. Oh wow so it's coming soon then? That was very quick. Though 85% Proof was done very quickly too.
  18. Here for 15% Woof.
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  19. This actually sounds like some fappery I'm gonna like.
  20. Oh i like the sound of that. Sounds a little bit SOA
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