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Will Young - 85% Proof

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Sounds like a really good Years and Years bop. Happy days.
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  2. That sounds very good! Color me pleasantly surprised.
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  3. ros


    Confirmed today by Richard X

  4. Is he doing this independently?
  5. So excited! Echoes is one of my favorite albums of all time. I tried getting into the rest of his discography but it's not my cup of tea. I only enjoyed History,Leave Right Now and Your Game.

    His last album was ok, but not enough for me to listen t it more than few times.
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  6. ros


    No idea, nothings been said.

    There was also this Instagram last October which sounded like it was for Will:

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  7. I´m happy he already called it "Echoes 2".
  8. Richard X & Will Young = MONEY
  9. He should definitely call the album "All Bangers." Him and Richard are going in for the kill aren't they.
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  10. Do we know why his last album was "back to the roots" soundwise for him? Why didnt he kept on in die Echoes sounds, like he seems to do now?
  11. Adele
  12. He probably loves his ballads as much as his bangers. Why it has to be one or the other though I don't know. A mix of the last two albums would be perfect.
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  13. I loved both echoes and proof (although the latter took a while to grow) and a combination of both or just a sequal to echoes excites me no end. Amongst the other albums rumoured for release this year 2019 is really shaping up quite nicely
  14. This is amazing! I can't wait. Will Young is one of my all time fave solo artists, talent personified.

    Ironically i was just thinking yesterday that it's been 17 years tomorrow that i started this journey as a fan with Mr Young........and since he won Pop Idol (feel old now?).

    I am here for this. All Bangers would be a great title. Echoes 2 is welcome. Anything with Richard X is too.

    Hell this is better than nothing, when he said he didn't want to do music anymore he stunned me, i am glad he has come to his senses!
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  15. This is giving me Run Away With Me vibes
  16. I thought Richard X had disappeared off the face of the planet.
  17. That's Space Cowboy.
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  18. I assumed both had!
  19. Richard probably largely likes the chase of new artists and kooky projects. I love that about him. He could probably work with anyone he wanted and I’m sure his phone has never stopped. He’s literally the fucking best. There’s just something about his work that feels so considered. I adore his record box pop sentiments. Will is a lucky boy to get the green light for another project with him. They must like working together.
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  20. Richard worked on the new Bananarama album too, so he's around. Just selective it seems.
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