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Will Young - 85% Proof

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Can you really be described as selective if you work on a Bananarama album?
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  2. Absolutely. And this is also what I mean about his pop credentials being flawless. Love them or loathe them Bananarama were massive and pretty groundbreaking. The biggest UK girlgroup pre Spice Girls. Pop music has always spliced, art, the sublime, the naff, the gimmicky, the cool, the talent and the pastiche together. Beauty can be found in any of those. Any one element of the above can make a song a hit regardless of the other elements. That's whats so great about it.
  3. ...ok I guess.

    Nevermind I've just discovered he "worked" with them as they got Love In Stereo by MKS.
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  4. And produced it for them so stop being rude n' dismissive for the likes, like... check the thread you're in sis.
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  5. Sis don't take it so seriously. If I wanted likes I surely wouldn't post in a Will Young thread.

    Anyway I'm listening to Echoes and whew at the double punch of Jealousy and Come On.
  6. The two likes are from me, a Bananarama stan so all this is pointless.
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  7. Echoes is a masterpiece. Jealousy, Come On, Runaway, Lie Next To Me, Outsider, Losing Myself, Silent Valentine, Hearts On Fire, every track really... WHEW.
  8. No one's mad girls, being shady towards Richard X and Bananarama in a Will Young thread was the wrong venue. Like if you want to do the coroner thing go into Random Thoughts but the point was moot because of where we are!
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  9. It was a bit of a slight, teensy bit of kii to say he's selective because he worked on a 2019 self-released Bananarama album track. That's all. Selective would have been if worked on a Solange track here and a Godlfrapp track there. X, the Rams, Will, all legends.

    Anyway, we need Echoes on vinyl!
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  10. Why is this thread not page after page of impotent threats about what we will all do if he doesn't put that fucking 101 song on the new album?
  11. ...or Olly Murs/You Don't Know Love.
    They both have that throb-y/pulse-y train-on-a-track type thing going on.
  12. ros


    On the radio this week Will's said his new album is out on 31st May.
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  13. Will's just posted this on his Instagram. At first I thought it could be the new album cover, which would be interesting. He's also said that his new music video will be out in about five days.
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  14. I have to admit opening that “spoiler” was rather disappointing. Fingers crossed for an uncensored one. Looking forward to new music from him.
  15. Are those really sock braces?
  16. I have to say, this isn't the Echoes 2 aesthetic I was expecting, but let's see.
  17. I’ll allow it as a single cover (minus the pixelated bits), but that “logo” needs to go for the actual album cover. It’s better than the photoshopped airmpits from his previous effort, though.

    Still having high hopes for this record! I don’t even need “Echoes 2”, but just something of similar quality. Bring it on, Will!
  18. It seems it’s the album cover

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  19. I'm sure it's just him taking the piss.
  20. Whatever, I only want the music be great!
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