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Will Young - Crying on the Bathroom Floor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by manloveuk, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. New single, Daniel this coming Monday.

    New album Crying On The Bathroom Floor out 6th August. A covers album produced by Richard X.


    1. Daniel
    2. Crying On The Bathroom Floor
    3. Till There's Nothing Left
    4. Indestructible
    5. Strong
    6. I Follow Rivers
    7. Everything Is Embarrassing
    8. Losing You
    9. Missing
    10. Elizabeth Taylor
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  2. Oooh nice surprise. I didn't know he was working on new music.
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  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

  4. Neither did I, but new Will music is always very welcome.
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  5. That came absolutely out of nowhere!

    Do we know if this an original track or a cover of a certain classic?
  6. I was thinking it could be a cover of Elton's "Daniel" since they performed it together many years ago - although it's probably just coincidental.
  7. I secretly hope it's Bat For Lashes' 'Daniel'.
  8. I'm ready for new Will music. If it's anything like Echoes & the singles from Lexicon I'll be happy!
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  9. Surprised he didn't disappear again like the last time. Quarantine got him bored probably.
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  10. Something as epic as that would send me to heaven! So happy the man is back to music, he has always been the saviour of pop.
  11. NOOOOO your avatar skskksskskj
  12. Omg your AVATAR! I’m howling.

    I don’t listen to him a lot but I would happily take another song and video like All The Songs.
  13. Its strange to me how far he’s tumbled. I get the impression he annoyed the hell out of the general public.
  14. Sadly I get that. Even my love for him isn't as much as Albums 1-3. Yet he will always be a permanent part of my musical heart.

    I do really wish to hear his Your Game/Think It Over/This Is Who I Am vibes again!
  15. I always wondered what happened with the podcast he did with Chris Sweeney. I liked that.
  16. Lexicon was such a strong album. I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes next.
  17. To be fair, he’s had a terrible couple of years. Didn’t his twin pass away? And of course his well documented PTSD struggles. It’s great to see him back.
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  18. I listened to Who Am I the other day. What a great song!
  19. It deserved a better video.

    And a 2nd CD would have made it top 10! (The 11 position really bothers me!)
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  20. He’s released 7 albums, very few artists manage to sustain huge sales for that many albums so it’s not surprising his popularity has waned a bit.

    He’s also a gay man who has been incredibly open about his mental health issues, something that is always going to be a turn off for the Daily Mail/Telegraph readers. I was reading about his brother’s death a few weeks ago and how traumatic it was, so I’m just glad he seems to be doing okay enough to be releasing new music.
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