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Will Young - Crying on the Bathroom Floor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by manloveuk, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. The only original songs I don't know from this lot are Daniel, Elizabeth Taylor, Till There's Nothing Left and Strong. Of the other six, I don't think any of the covers improve on the originals but he sounds great and the whole album plays fantastically together.
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  2. Hate to join the pile on, but if you haven't listened to MUNA or Robyn in particular, you really are missing out. Not because Will covered them, but because, as a fellow Kate Bush fan, I'll eat my hat if you don't end up loving them.
  3. I was glad to be introduced to MUNA through this album, so definitely recommend that if there are artists you weren't aware of - or songs you liked Will's version of, by artists you knew of but hadn't listened to - to find the time to start digging into their discographies.
  4. Is this performance art?
  5. I used to go on Spice Girls and Madonna message boards when I was a kid and constantly reading about other artists on there made me want to check them out - legends like Kylie, Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys and Björk led me to newer artists like Goldfrapp and M.I.A., all of whom I continue to stan today. They expanded my musical palette and shaped my identity in a way. I can't imagine being on here and not developing even a passing curiosity for the wealth of artists we talk about everyday, especially ones that push the genre forward like Robyn and Solange
  6. All the songs are originally sung by female artists. Will’s intent with covering them is accompaniment. To willfully decide that his versions are the definitive ones... a choice.
  7. No.
  8. I’m off to see Will this evening doing his intimate acoustic show in support of the new album. Really looking forward to it since it’s my first gig since late 2019. I’ve heard him sing live in the West End when he did a short stint in Strictly Ballroom and he sounded amazing so high hopes for this evening in such a small venue with great acoustics.
  9. Daniel by Bat For Lashes is awesome. I think the only real improvement over the original is the album's title track "Crying on the bathroom floor".
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  10. Nope.
  11. I think the heck not.
  12. ok..maybe Indestructible too.
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  14. Will Young's versions are great but you really can't beat the originals.
  15. So an interesting gig last night. Considering the gigs to launch the album he only did 2 new songs (the title track and Daniel)…. I recall similar happened with Lexicon! However Will was a delight - just him and a pianist (Christian) and played most of his biggest hits and sounded in great voice. I was a little pissed off at a drunken couple behind me chatting all the way through and thinking they were hilarious (they were not) but I guess have to give a certain amount of understanding since may have been a lot of peoples first night out in forever - was just off putting to hear when in a small venue.
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  16. I'd kill to hear "Ground Running" live. Unfortunately, for those of us in the US, that feels like a pipe dream.
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  17. I was hoping for All The Songs but he paid that dust again. In fact nothing from the past 2 studio albums (non covers).
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  18. After reading Will only did 2 songs from the new album I was a bit apprehensive about seeing the gig but he didn’t disappoint his vocals were great - the Q&A was a bit messy and he didn’t really seem that interested in answering them but was cute he got people on stage and even had a proposal.
    As far as I remember he performed the below tracks from the new album
    Crying on the bathroom floor
    Till there’s nothing left (as part of a medley)
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Loosing you
    It was nice to hear his vocals and a great set up with just him and Christian.
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  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Some of you pick the weirdest hills to die on.
  20. I'd like to imagine it's actually Kacey saying this after reading this thread.
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