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Will Young - Crying on the Bathroom Floor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by manloveuk, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Much better artwork, just ordered a signed deluxe CD and LP set.
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  2. Are we likely to getting a coloured vinyl release for this album, do we reckon?
  3. I'm suspicious at the lack of a vinyl tracklist... and the single LP mockups
  4. I’m going to wait until release week when there will no doubt be a signed vinyl with a personalised message.
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  5. Comparing the tracklistings to the previous two hits albums, I think they've done really well expanding it to cover 85% Proof, Lexicon and Crying On The Bathroom Floor, as well as adding to new songs, while keeping it concise. At this point it must be tough to pick which songs ultimately need to be retired from the tracklisting.
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  6. Really nice artwork. I'll definitely be getting this!
  7. Definitely feels like they left Switch It On off just so the ballads would flow better, and I find it amusing that its single cover is still visible in that tracklist image. Also wish Joy was replaced by My Love, you can acknowledge that Lexicon was a return to form after 85% Proof Will, it's ok.
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  8. I noticed that too with Elizabeth Taylor's single cover being visible but excluded from the tracklisting. I guess the artist just ran through Will's discography on Wikipedia and put them all in!
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  9. And oddly, the single cover for 'Jealousy' used isn't the original. My eye was drawn to that right away!

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  10. The original Jealousy cover is there too, over his left shoulder.

    The live Jealousy cover, Leave Right Now, the Echoes album, and Grace are all there twice... 85% Proof is there three times!
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  11. If you’re going to leave off bops that were hits and had videos responsible for many a wee gay sexual awakening, why bother? Love Will and every song on there is lovely, but having a second disc of LIVE stuff and not other singles is bizarre to me.
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  12. Would have much preferred Disc 2 to be rarities rather than a collection of live covers, but I do like the cover.
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  13. I will buy it for those as I have everything else already anyway.. but his covers of What is Love and Running up that hill are gorgeous and have never been available before
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  14. The artwork for Your Game on the cover is slightly incorrect isn’t it? The font for his name is from the Keep On era instead of Friday’s Child. It’s the right colour and photo though.
  15. Hm, the vinyl on the official store looks like it's just one disc. Is that right?

    I'm listening to the podcast about his winning Pop Idol on BBC Sounds at the moment and it's made me revisit his back catalogue ahead of seeing him in Bath in November.

    Leave Right Now always makes me think I went through a break up at that time, when I didn't. Jealousy is still such a banger. All The Songs, All Time Love, Who Am I, Home, Brave Man, Gold, I Don't Need A Lover, Silent Valentine are in my top tier Will!
  16. Whooooo asked for that.
    (Will wait for the Echoes wonders)
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  18. I really hate this roll out - album announced months and months ago, artwork and track listing finally confirmed a few weeks ago and still no sign of the first single from the album yet. It’s really hard to feel any excitement for this project.
  19. "Why Does It Hurt" is the single, and should be out in the coming week or so.
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