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Will Young - Crying on the Bathroom Floor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by manloveuk, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Nice to hear Will revisit 'You And I' as it doesn't often get a live outing these days.

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    I've done a bit of a dive into Wills discography this week (after mentions of how he is the authentic version of Harry Styles, or something..) and whew. I never realised HOW GOOD some of his stuff is. I always hummed a couple of his singles, like I Just Want a Lover but going back and listening, so so good.
  3. The supermarket trolley song! It’s quite a feat to be able to still look cool when dancing with one.

    He does some really high falsetto vocals in that (“I desire you, your back's against the wall / You don't have to lose…”). I’ve never been able to find out what he’s singing. Most of it is audible but some of it is so high that I can’t work it out. I even joined a Will Young forum once to ask the question, but no one knew.
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  4. I really miss his Keep On vibes.
    Think It Over still remains my personal favourite of his
    This Is Who I Am I also love
    Give us more of that Will!
  5. I was so happy when this single got an extended version.
  6. upload_2022-4-12_12-4-46.png

    "Why Does It Hurt" out tomorrow.
    Written by: Jim Eliot, Mima and Will.
    Produced by: Jim Eliot.
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  8. By the same writers as Jealousy, All The Songs and All The Lovers? Massive bop incoming!
  9. All The Jealousy Song Lovers.
  10. MB


    Well, it’s no Jealousy, All The Songs or All The Lovers.
  11. His singing seems a bit… halfhearted on this. Lazy even.
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  12. Is this the left over track he mentioned from the echoes sessions?
  13. Very catchy! But somewhat repetitive. Like it though.
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  14. Not bad. Has potential.
    Sounds a bit like a demo!
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  15. Very demo-esque dd. Bop though.
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  16. Oh I actually quite liked this on first listen?Couldn’t really ask for me from a Will Young single in 2022.
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  17. I’ll probably pick up the vinyl on release week when he’s doing personalised signings, but that single isn’t giving me any motivation to preorder it otherwise.
  18. The production sounds so sharp while all his vocals here sound like he recorded them in 96kbps on purpose. I have to assume it's for stylistic purposes but it really doesn't do the track any favours, that difference in vocal quality from 2:50 to 2:56 is so jarring to me.
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