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Will Young - Crying on the Bathroom Floor

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by manloveuk, Apr 21, 2021.

  1. Was hoping this would be real 4K, since presumably it wouldn't have needed much in the way of editing from the original film, since it's all one shot? But I guess finding it is half the battle..

    Looks OK though not as good as Evergreen
  2. I don't really know how he's perceived in the UK these days, but he says at 19:00 on this podcast that he was dropped from Jo Wiley's Radio 2 show

  3. pdf


    Ok Will don't be namedropping Johan Hari, that's not gonna end well :)

  4. Breaking Free is actually a bit of a bop.
  5. Yes it is! It has such a smooth groove to it. I may have already listened to it 5 times in a row. I definitely prefer it to Why Does It Hurt.

    In regards to the tracklist, I'm a little disappointed Hopes and Fears isn't on it. There has always just been something about that song that I love. It's top 5, maybe 3 for me.
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  6. Yep there was definitely a lot of holes with the tracklist on this one-
    Anything Is Possible
    Don't Let Me Down
    Switch It On (injustice)
    Let It Go
    Hopes And Fears
    My Love (injustice)

    and a couple more.
    It was a similar situation to The Hits.
    A complete anthology would have been perfect for this campaign!
  7. MB


    There has literally been zero fan fare about this - or even any promo? That said Breaking Free is great.
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  8. I guess it’s because there’s not that much to get really excited about?
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  9. I agree! It’s silly to let these songs off, especially on streaming platforms… it puts me off listening to it and I’ll end up making my own playlist.
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  10. The fact it wasn't even the easiest to find on his Spotify page showed me how messy it is. Still, I'm enjoying Breaking Free and am looking forward to getting my physical copy.

  11. Breaking Free is really great, I love that Echoes sound that Will does so well.
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  12. I guess I'm a bit confused by the choice of radio edits here. It's nice to finally get an edited Friday's Child on a compilation, but only going with Grace and Daniel when Changes, Jealousy, Losing Myself have interesting radio cuts too. I thought at first it was to reflect the YouTube playlist version, but not all the versions line up there either.
  13. The Who Am I single version is also vastly superior to the album one.
  14. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Is the Zoe Ball version of Leave Right Now from 2019 like What Is Love?
  15. My 2CD arrived today. It's book-style and the inside pages are really cute - the kind of scrapbook/collage design you'd expect from a campaign like this which was fun to flip through. I think "Why Does It Hurt" and "Breaking Free" are excellent, and the "Jealousy" demo is great too - it has a bit of a live-in-studio feel to it.
    According to the booklet, yep!

    Leave Right Now - 2019
    What Is Love? - 2019
    Hanging On The Telephone - 2012
    All Time Love - 2017
    Hey Ya! - 2006
    Love Revolution - 2015
    Take My Breath Away - 2015
    Your Game - 2006
    Golden Slumbers - 2009
    How Will I Know - 2015
    Running Up That Hill - 2011
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    This will prove very useful with tagging every song, thanks!
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  17. Breaking Free just feels a bit yawn-fest and ‘I’ll sing over a generic beat’. Doesn’t go anywhere and doesn’t have any memorable quality, for me.
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    A grower I think.
  20. Yeah I’m not fussed on first listen. The Moto Blanco remix of Why Does It Hurt is a sad banger though.
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