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Will Young in The Vortex

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bertie, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. Is anyone going to see Will in this play? It opens on wednesday (17th Jan) at Manchester Royal Exchange...


    That's him in character as 'Nicky Lancaster'.
  2. This is him planning his back up career just incase...
  3. I thought this was a thread about Mr Young finally disappearing up his own backside.
  4. oh how amusing.

    Ah well, see these boards are as childish as ever...see ya later.
  5. He looks like Gary Wilmot in that picture.

    Will could enter my vortex any day of the week etc etc.
  6. Is there any confirmation of him replacing Adam Garcia in Wicked?

    You'll take a ticket and get in the bloody queue
  7. It was meant as a bit of a joke after all of these 'diva' headlines, sheesh!
  8. I'm going to see the play in two weeks and I agree, this site is getting worse, I don't bother much with it now as it's like a Girls Aloud forum most days.
  9. If you can think of something more interesting to discuss, why don't you make a thread about it?
  10. And in the fickle world of pop that strikes me as a very clever move. Although I suspect he has enough of a fan base to sustain his music career for a little while longer.

    Off to see him on the 27th, I could do with a bit of culture!
  11. Seeing it on Monday. It is Press Night so the theatre will no doubt be crawling with Z-List Coronation Street extras.
  12. I saw it last night - it was very entertaining and very dark towards the end, with the most powerful and moving final scene. He's a fine actor.
  13. I will attending on Monday 26th Feb and Monday 5th of March!

    They do a 'Happy Mondays' for people under 25, you can book 2 tickets at the best seats available for 4quidzzzz! Amazing if you ask me! Otherwise they are like 28squidzzz!

    I SO cannot wait to see it, I've attended every tour so far at least once or twice and I can say that he owns the stage and I'm sure he will this time also. xx
  14. You won't be disappointed. He really makes you forget it's Will Young, he totally becomes Nicky - although it's quite surreal to start with when you are so used to seeing his concerts. I'm dying to see it again!!

    Another picture from the play, released today:

  15. Oh dear. I have to disagree, Bertie. I thought he was dreadful. You could not help thinking - oh that's Will Young. And he's not very good.

    Particularly with the contrasting brilliance of Diana Hardcastle, who plays Nicky's mother, Florence, his failings were all too obvious.

    My friend works at the Royal Exchange Theatre and told me that they all went for a meal recently and my friend asked one of Will's older, fello cast-members whether Will was any good. The cast member responded "bless her, she is giving it her best!". I think that pretty much sums it up.

    The Vortex is, at any rate, not one of Coward's best plays and I thought that, apart from Hardcastle and the other woman, who played Helen (I forget her name but she was excellent), the acting was not a highlight.

    On a positive note, the set design was superb. Really inspired and beautiful. And I liked Will's trousers in his first scene. Very spiffing indeed.
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