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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Uno


    My Love is amazing! Completely reminded me why I fell in love with Will in the first place (my first introduction to him was Echoes).

  2. Oh my god, My Love is amazing! I can't describe how excited I am for this album. I know it's gonna be masterpiece. I don't use Will outside Echoes at all, but I'm more hyped for his album than Madonna's who is my #1 artist.

    I can already tell it will be my favorite album of the year (along with Tove's)

    Hopefully album does well so he keeps working with Richard X. Now that's a trilogy we need (looking at you Sophie Ellis-Bextor)
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  3. Track 9 on the album is also titled "Forever" so I'm really hoping it is the full version of the 101 song.
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  4. Fantastic, I hope so, I played that clip so many times!
  5. Ok I'm obsessed with My Love, after only few listens I already prefer it over All the Songs, and All the songs is 10/10 for me and probably my #1 song of the year so far.

    I can't wait for the album, it will be released during the most stressful time of my life, at least I'll have this album to take me to better place for an hour.
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  6. The Frankie Knuckles fan jumped out. That My Love / Your Love synth cascade nod though.
    Richard really is the one. Ugh love.
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  7. LPT


    Well this is bloody ace.
  8. I could really do with some All The Songs remixes right about now!
  9. Question is it me or is Love The One You’re With mussing the first couple of seconds on Spotify (and possibly other platforms?)
  10. Remixes would be good. Wonder if there are any coming?
  11. My Love is rather nice, maybe this will be Echoes part 2 after all?
  12. He literally said its going to be Echoes 2, already when they started to write it.
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  13. At this stage it seems doubtful we would get any for All The Songs which is such a shame considering it feels built for several poppers o’clock mixes. The Bimbo Jones remixes of Losing Myself, incidentally, are amazing.
  14. Is anyone heading to Sudeley Castle for Will and All Saints?
    If you want to adopt a solo Aussie let me know.
    Going to be amazing to see him live.
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  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Yes, it does seem to miss about a second or so. Odd.
  16. Me rushing out to buy Lexicon on release day:
  17. Well that sounds incredible! So excited for this album.
  18. Glad it sounds a lot more beefed up compared to the 101 Forever demo.
  19. LPT


    Get prepared for a very, very wet day!
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