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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

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  2. Are the writing credits on Wikipedia correct? It seems odd for him to focus on Richard X and Jim/Mima so much if they only did three songs together) I'd be much more interested to hear how he picked the rest of the songs after writing so much on all his other albums.
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  3. By the writing credits, Dreaming Big seems like the one. Here's hoping it sounds like the way Say Lou Lou's second album should have.
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  4. I’m listening to Echoes now and really looking forward to the new album.

    I think people forget what a landmark moment it was when Will came out after Pop Idol and his career went from strength to strength. There was pretty much no representation back then in music from young gay popstars. It seems mad now looking back.
  5. 2014

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    All The Songs is still such a banger - looking forward to a Will Young album in 2019 feels so weird but so right too, whew!
  6. Its so weird to think about that. Kind of a sensation it was back then that a gay dude it it big, beside of Elton John.
  7. I don't know if people know this but apart from Girls Aloud I am a HUGE Will Young fan from day one since 2002, I mean it's an insane obsessive really. I still consider him for me the best solo artist in the UK.

    I know it sounds ridiculous but I can't still forgive him for selling the BRIT awards, I get the whole they 'don't spark joy' for him but I think back to 2003 and how hard myself and some of his very dedicated fans voted and hoped he'd win a BRIT award for Best Breakthrough and I can't tell you how happy I was when he won it, the same with the 'Your Game' BRIT too. I went on and on for years how he deserved Best British Male Solo Artist for 'Friday's Child' but unfairly lost out to Daniel Bedingfield, and despite a MEGA huge year he wasn't even invited that year to perform 'Leave Right Now'. Now we have Little Mix on the bill almost every year. I think it was dismissive of his fans efforts to help get him those awards to just sell them was abit unnecessary.

    So, this gets me thinking about next week and thinking about can he score a No.1 album after so long of a break and it's unlikely with the competition from this week and Emeli Sande and Two Door Cinema Club releasing next week too, but there IS a chance I guess...I mean I thought he couldn't do it with 85% Proof and he managed it so it's not impossible. But then he'd get that No.1 plaque from the Official Charts Company and why bother if he's just gonna sell it in ten years!?

    Meanwhile....my CD/Cassette/Vinyl should arrive soon and he's my first ever LP purchase. I've just ordered a vinyl player today! Can't wait to hear this. A new Will Young album? He's never disappointed - every single record has been Outstanding. I've been listening again and I don't think he gets enough credit for 'Keep On' it's an impeccable piece of work. Can't wait, bring on 'Lexicon'!
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  8. Is this out anywhere yet?
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    Amazon dispatched my vinyl!
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  10. People expecting this to be Echoes 2 based on the two singles will be disappointed...
  11. Ohh, have you heard it?
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    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Do continue
  13. I'm almost finished with my first listen.

    The tracklisting is front-loaded by very soft and delicate sounding ballads that sound similar to one another which made it quite a monotonous listen to begin with once the singles are out of the way. There are some electronic flourishes and a subtle Echoes vibe in these but it's very slight to me and not quite as impactful as Echoes was when I first heard it. They mostly come across as your usual piano ballads with some really uninspired and predictable production.

    Forever and Freedom in the second half are my standouts - although his vocal is particularly nasal and unpleasant on the chorus of Freedom - and Faithless Love is the most exciting in terms of production to me.

    I wish I was more positive about it, because I was excited about the Echoes comparisons. Perhaps I'll feel differently once the expectations are adjusted and I've listened more.
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  14. Has anyone’s bundles from the official store shipped yet?
  15. Yeah, sometimes when you expect an album to sound a certain way, and it doesn't, it can be off-putting at first. It may be a grower!
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  16. Yes it is, and it's excellent! Might be a slight sense of "demo-itus" depending on what you like about the 101 version as the album version feels a lot more polished.
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  17. Oh fuck. I wanted a wall to wall electro influenced songs just like he created back in the day for Echoes. I'm still on the face about getting the orange vinyl.
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  18. I haven't even really listened to the singles so I'll be going into this blindly on Friday and hoping it grabs me as I don't really have much in the way of expectations.
  19. Well if the ballads are anything like gold or silent valentine at least - ill be happy

    I was really excited for this
  20. Come on, I need this to be the album of the year.
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