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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Echoes had a fair few ballads too
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  2. Just to expand on this from my previous post, not "exciting" because it's some kind of electronic explosion (I don't want people to think that then be disappointed, haha), but it was most exciting to me because it felt like an immediate classic - like it could be a lost song from an earlier decade (particularly the first verse), after the chorus the music feels like it's driving the song forward constantly and there are some good tricks to keep it interesting - like when the drum beat kicks in and immediately cuts to silence, and the subtle synth bubbling away gently in the background towards the end - which some of the other ballady songs don't quite achieve.
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  3. I have suitably readjusted my expectations!

    Based on All The Songs I was expecting and hoping for an album of wall to wall synthpop bangers...
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  5. It’s actually a decent album with a fair mix. Nothing as in your face as All The Songs and My Love but he should have worked with @biff stannard and Pascal Gabriel
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  6. Currently a fan of everything apart from I Bet You Call, Forever, and Say Anything. It's a solid collection and I hope it does well for him.
  7. Based off the previews this seems like it will be decent and I hope it does well for him.
  8. I'm on my first listen (Freedom currently), and yeah, album is not exactly what I expected. I don't mind most of the songs being slow, but they are not that remarkable.
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  9. Dreaming Big = Silent Valentine v2 and it's breaking my big gay heart.
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  10. I know this was billed as Echoes 2 but I was hoping it wouldn't be. I wanted more oomph like the first two singles... However, going off the previews it all sounds rather pleasant despite that.
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  11. Faithless Love should be the next single then Ground Running with I Bet You Call or The Way We Were somewhere in the mix too.

    However I feel that Get Me Dancing and Scars could be the final singles.

    Anyone else disappointed that he only has 4 co-writes on this album, considering the amount of input he normal has in his albums?

    A deluxe edition with 3 more Young co-writes (Uptempo preferably) and an acoustic version of All The Songs would have rounded this album off nicely.
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  12. 'Ground Running' is currently on loop, I love the chorus so much!
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  13. Oh, dear. I had very high hopes and this is just now what I was hoping to read.
  14. Not sure about the rest of it, but "Forever" satisfies me and was worth the (years-long) wait.
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  15. This is a solid album. It’s not all bangers but you could hear all the electro and 80’s flourishes all throughout.

    Your “bangers” or fast midtempos apart from the two singles are Forever, Ground Running (a livelier version of Losing Myself) and Say Anything.

    The ballads are not dragging. Freedom, Scars, Dreaming Big and Get Me Dancing all have a very modern feel. All melodies are stronger as well.

    Give this one a fair spin before dismissing it. It is miles better than 85% Proof.
  16. This is a pretty good album. I wouldn't call it "Echoes Part II", but it's good. I could use a few more dancier tracks. Was "Dreaming Big" thrown in the bin by Say Lou Lou or was it written for this occasion? It's a bit bland for a Howe-Robinson collaboration.
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  17. ros


    Only half way through and it's brilliant! Forever is just wow!
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  18. This album is dreamy, but I actually loved 85% Proof.
    Though I love his Echoes-esque songs, he really does nail these softly sang ballads perfectly.

    He has such a recognisable and nostalgic voice.
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  19. I remember when 85% Proof was announced as his new album. I mistakenly thought the album was called 85% Poof ddd...
  20. I love scars and freedom. Thankfully quite good overall. Couple of the songs are a little forgettable but Im only on first couple of listens so they may stick yet.

    Edit - scars is actually my early favourite - its so uplifting.
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