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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. 100000% this. I still hold out hope for All The Songs remixes.
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  2. How did those get missed? It’s more of a “banger” than My Love.
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  3. #2 is still good but maybe we all need to start putting artists at #1 in supermarkets, that's obviously where we were let down x
  4. Is it where we were let down though? I always assumed it was streaming. Will was number one last week in physical copies sold, no?
  5. Yeah but if he'd sold more physical copies he'd have been #1 too. It was quite a low sale. He's definitely capable of selling more.
  6. ros


  7. What a beautiful album this is! Everything about it is so elegant, his voice, the lyrics, the production... well everything

    I get the Echoes comparisons and since that album is possibly, probably, my favourite album of this decade, of course I just love Lexicon too.
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  8. He was put at number 16 in the Asda near me last week. Number 16!
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    Pah! Who would buy Will from Asda anyway?!
  10. Today I'm having a moment with I Bet You Call. He really can't make a bad song.
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  11. He made Love Revolution so...
  12. I think we pretend 85% Proof never happened.
  13. I still don't think that song is technically bad. I actually really like that album even though it's not his best.
  14. I still get my life to Thank You occasionally. Reminds me of being sat in the office at my first mundane proofreading job after university and Tracey, a coworker of mine, would say 'I can't believe this is Will Young!' whenever it came on Radio 2.
  15. Anyone here feel that the first half is stronger than the second half...

    The last four songs mesh in to one song for me..

    Still a brilliant album.
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    They don’t for me. I love every single track and despite many, many plays it sounds fresh each time which is the sign of a very good album to me.
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  17. Nope.
  19. Can’t stop listening to Dreaming Big.
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