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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. ros


    He’s just been singing live on Radio 2 this morning, confirmed Ground Running as the next single. Sang acoustic versions of Who Am I, Ground Running, and Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours, sounding great as usual.
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  2. Listening to Lexicon on vinyl now and it really is an incredible album. I hope I will be able to see him on tour in October.
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  3. Im sure it was great but there is so much richer material in Her back cat to bring forth for cover that isn’t so tried and tested already than the three obvious songs. Especially true colours
  4. Unfortunately album is not getting better for me with each listen, there are too many slow songs that are quite the same and go nowhere. They are not explosive or exciting like on Echoes. All the Songs and My Love are among my favorite songs of the year tho.
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  5. Lyric video for the new single
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  6. Are there any differences in single mix?
  7. I doubt that...i'm surprised the label have even been able to give him a lyric video! He's probably sold about 20k-40k albums at most, so i wonder what they can afford to give him. I didn't like the 'All The Songs' video it was basically just a photoshoot, but 'My Love' was perfect.

    I want a proper video btw too. But perfect single choice, just perfect.

    Uplifting.Catchy. A tune. Fab.
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  8. So the tour started last night...and All The Songs is not on the setlist. Help.
  9. What a strange decision to exclude the lead song from the campaign..... set looks very light on the new album overall.
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  11. WHAT?
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  12. Evergreen? As the encore? Did not expect that!
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  14. You're bang on - it's sold just under 32k.

    It's not actually awful by today's standards. Probably a weird comparison, but Mabel's album has done just shy of 33k.
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  15. Jam


    I was at the Plymouth show last night, yes in all very good as would be expected but I was left disappointed at the lack of Lexicon, particularly as My Love went off so well. At least it was Echoes that got the lions share.
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  16. Mess and mess.

    Of course Mabel had the mixtape so she shot herself in the footsie.
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  17. The setlist is terrible.
  18. I'm off to see him in Manchester for the first time.

    I am NOT excited about 'Light My Fire' or 'Evergreen'.

    I do like a large chunk of the songs but agree, sad to see so little light shone on Lexicon.

    'All The songs' is a bop. Me no understand Senior Will.
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  19. The middle part of the show is awful and should have much more Lexicon inclusion. Missing the lead single and scars out is bonkers. Im not really a fan of Will pre-Echoes but at least losing myself is in there
  20. I would have loved to see him perform more songs from Lexicon. Such a strange choice to include only two songs from the new album and not the lead single.
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