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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Eww what’s that setlist. Really not bothered at all about seeing this now. I don’t think I could stomach being in the while he does Evergreen and other random covers. Lexicon is great he should be doing 5 songs at the very least.
  2. ros


    The show was great at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall last night.

    There’s nothing wrong with the setlist, loads of songs, the two from Lexicon - Ground Running and My Love fit well and got a good reaction from the audience.

    Gorgeous renditions of Golden Slumbers and Running up That Hill too.
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  3. Genuinely don’t know why you’d release an album and not want to promote and bring these songs to life on tour. ‘All The Songs’ ‘I Bet You Call’ and ‘Forever’ would all go off if performed live.
  4. LP


    I Bet You Call is a must
  5. Delete Evergreen and replace with Forever and that's a brill setlist.
    If you're using Will for the first time.
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  6. all the songs is one of his greatest songs and he didn't include it - what kind of hot mess is this
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  7. ros


    He’s never performed the album version yet, only an acoustic one which wouldn’t work at a show. All his show music is live, there’s no track so I feel there must be something about reproducing it live that is a problem as it is such a great song.

    There have been songs he’s dropped from set lists for that reason before - Safe From Harm comes to mind which he sang once on tour then dropped it as he said it took too much of a toll on his voice live when doing a full show.
  8. You can’t make this up. Just out of the Southend show and he added in Grace and Switch It On. What did he cut you ask? Your Game and JEALOUSY.

    I give up.
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  9. ros


    He said in interviews he could switch things around. I like the idea of hearing different ones since I’m going to a few shows.
  10. My interest in going next Friday is beginning to waiver.

    Watch him replace 'I just want a lover' with 'The Long & Winding Road'.
  11. That set list is fucking mess. If he swaps out Losing Myself or Jealousy at the Nottingham date, I’ll fucking riot.
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  12. If anyone wants 2 stalls tickets for the Bournemouth date on Saturday, let me know... (not able to go rather than a setlist tantrum!)
  13. It’ll be my first Will show so I don’t want to know setlist but interesting reviews of it so far. LordT.
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  14. I was so excited for this but not doing All The Songs is such a swizz. I pretty much bought tickets to see that live! The setlist fills me with trepidation too as I thought he would be focusing on the new album but as long as he doesn't swap out Losing Myself or Jealousy at my show I will live...
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  15. ros


    The Hammersmith show on Friday night was off the scale fantastic. The energy levels were astounding, and the crowd was so loud, they loved him. He said he was singing more songs this tour than any other.
  16. Glad you had a good time! I'm going next week - any sign of All The Songs on the setlist yet?

    Please tell me he sang both Jealousy and Losing Myself!
  17. Losing Myself is his best song. Definitely.
  18. I've always thought so. If he cuts that from my date I won't be responsible for my actions!
  19. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Oh, I'm very glad other people think so too!

    It was my highlight of the gig on Friday (good purple lighting and seguing straight into the Kate Bush cover).

    And yes @idratherjack Jealousy was back on the setlist too.
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