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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Just as perplexing as turning up to the 'Lexicon' tour and only hearing 2 songs from the album!
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  2. You would feel totally cheated.
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  3. They're still promoting this album? I got the impression he wasn't that fussed on it what with the tour fuckery and the Christmas song being completely different style wise.
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  4. Kinda came outta nowhere and with minor fanfare, but I can see this doing well with the public like History with Groove Armada did.
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  5. I like how there was some effort put into this edit. It actually sounds decent and not like half the song is missing. Also the alterations in the last chorus are a nice touch!
  6. Thank god for the radio edit.
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  7. I like that Will's put out a few singles with great radio edits like Jealousy and Losing Myself. And as I look that up I can't believe it's been 7-8 years since the Echoes era.
  8. If I'd gone to see his gig and he didn't perform All the Songs I'd have been raging! It makes no sense, even if he'd only performed 2 songs from the album, you'd expect ATS to be one of them!
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  9. I told him I loved the album at Emma's RAH gig and he seemed genuinely surprised people knew about it. I was either going to go with that or 'Echoes was my messy f*g cry album* but decided to go with the new stuff / lighter chat.
  10. Where's Echoes on vinyl?
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  11. ros


    To be fair all the advertising of the tour was ‘an evening with Will Young’ so I never expected any emphasis to be on Lexicon, particularly when in previous interviews he’d said he felt he need new one song to be able to tour. The surprise in getting to the first venue was to see a focus on Lexicon at the merch desk, e.g. the programme and even a Freedom sweatshirt! I did still think he’d sing All The Songs, but he focussed on My Love as the most recent release instead. Not very joined up.

    But he did tell people at the meet and greets he’d be doing summer shows and would be singing stuff off the album then.
  12. Throwback: I just listened to Echoes in one sitting and fucking hell what an incredible album. That is all.
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  13. This is a relaxing watch if you have 4 hours to spare. The portrait is wonderful too.

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