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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. You lucky lot all getting to hear this in the UK...and it feeeeeeeeeeels like jealousy.
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  2. Oh my god. This is amazing!!!

    (Can he put up a vinyl for Echoes as well while he’s at it)
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  3. He even announced the album as "Echoes 2".
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  4. Brilliant. Welcome back!
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  5. This is even better than "Jealousy" to me, I didn't think it was possible.

    There needs to be a Will Young rate after the new album drops, his discography is full of so many gems.
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  6. I wonder how many songs will be written in pop music that are called My Love, Scars, Forever, & Freedom.

    The song is nice but I'm not blown away. Still, he's on the right track. Perched for more Echoes!
  7. Yes!!!! Great song, so Will!
  8. And here’s the video
  9. Wow the video is 10x sexier than I imagined. Zad! I'm a bit shook. Song is gorgey slice of synthy wash pop. If it's really Richard X-produced, Annie sound suing but ok.
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  10. Welcome back Will!
  11. I love it so much. Both the song and the vid are incredible!
  12. It felt a bit weird living in an era where Olly, MNEK and Troye are so present without the OG gay bopper, so yeah this is all so good.
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  13. I really like this song. I also like the nudity (but make it art) in the video.
  14. MB


    Love the song and the video - surely they'll be a "PG" version. Maybe they should just show it in schools? Do we know what the actual tour dates are?
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  15. feel one's oats. (idiomatic) To feel energetic or frisky; to behave in a vigorous or bold manner.
  16. An Evening with Will Young UK tour dates:

    Tue 1 Oct – Princess Theatre, Torquay
    Wed 2 Oct – Plymouth Pavillion
    Fri 4 Oct – Birmingham Symphony Hall
    Sat 5 Oct – Ipswich Regent Theatre
    Sun 6 Oct – Southend Cliffs Pavillion
    Tue 8 Oct – St Davids Hall, Cardiff
    Wed 9 Oct – Brighton Centre
    Fri 11 Oct – Eventim Apollo
    Sat 12 Oct – Pavilion Theatre,
    Mon 14 Oct – Oxford New Theatre
    Tue 15 Oct – Guildhall. Portsmouth
    Thu 17 Oct – Liverpool Philharmonic
    Fri 18 Oct – Manchester Apollo
    Sun 20 Oct – York Barbican
    Mon 21 Oct – Bonus Arena, Hull
    Tue 22 Oct – Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
    Thu 24 Oct – Sheffield City Hall
    Fri 25 Oct – SEC Armadillo, Glasgow
    Sat 26 Oct – Usher Hall, Edinburgh
    Mon 28 Oct – Newcastle City Hall
    Tue 29 Oct – Blackpool Opera House

    Tickets for Will Young's 2019 UK tour go on sale at 9am on Fri 29 Mar.
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  17. Wow - the song is amazing! Didn't expect something quite so good from him after the last album was limp.

    The video could have been a bit cringe but he turned it!
  18. Great song, sounds like it is picking up exactly where 'Echoes' left off. That was a seminal 2010s pop album for me and by far Will's finest moment, so I am very excited. The video feels fresh for him but still with the controlled storytelling through the aesthetic choices which have always defined his work. I couldn't ask for a better start to this campaign.

  19. He’s really going down the Golden route with those bundles.
  20. now THAT is a video.
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