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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Its everything I've ever wanted from a Will Young video but didnt know I needed

    Giving the gays everything they've every wanted
  2. A really good comeback song, after so long. The video, definitely feeling himself and he looks good.

    Pre ordered the signed CD, yay.
  3. He's hot and it's a bop. Wig? Nowhere in sight
  4. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Great song, but then I also like Olly Murs’ “You Don’t Know Love”. This isn’t shade.
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  5. 'All the Songs' is pretty ace.
  6. ros


    The video is off the scale!
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  7. Whatta bop and whatta man!

    I haven't been this into a song of his since the Echoes era.
  8. Not a fan of the video, but the song is just effortless perfection. His voice is still so gorgeous.
  9. This is truly the..er...whole package. I couldn't love this more.
  10. I love the video as well! Rankin did a great job!
  11. love this - quite happy for the tour to be echoes 1+2 - maybe tag Friday's child and switch it on for the encore
  12. The video works, surprisingly.
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  13. God this is great and the vid (albeit a touch Robbie Williams in parts) is actually pretty sexy in places. So glad that mediocre last album is not his last. I made a playlist of all the great music I love from the last year. The amount of amazing LGBTQI music on there (almostly exclusive) + allies, is pretty remarkable. What a time to be alive.
  14. This is the second coming of Jealousy I’ve been needing from him.
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  15. OK...my verdict

    Album cover/font - love it, so trendy and cool....really works
    New website - brilliant design and images throughout, decent signed bundles too
    The song - really like it, Very Jealousy and Echoes - very effective/catchy, even better than i expected 8/10
    The video - don't like it. Basically just a photoshoot vid with no context whatsoever. I get what he's trying to do with it but not for me i'm afraid. I had a really modern idea with an army of dancers, slick chereography and lights in my head but oh well.......
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  16. The video should have been like Robyn's Dancing On My Own.

    But, I really like the video and with the budget he probably had, did well to work with it.
  17. No it doesn't.

    I like that he's kind of gone back to the subtle dance-pop sound of Jealousy but there's something a bit disjointed or slightly lacking about this song. Its various parts don't quite hang together.
  18. You can tell he loved making that. Brilliant return, hope it does well for him.
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  20. Why is this new project WILL YOUNG caps on Apple Music??? I couldn’t find it???

    Anyway I’ve found it. It’s great!
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