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Will Young - Lexicon (7th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ToySoldier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Thank you for the tip. It was seriously bugging me that it was not there yet
  2. I really like this, maybe there's a bit too much falsetto going on but the production saves it. He probably knows he won't have a hit song again so good for him for making a video that will never be shown on tv dddd.
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  3. Who's still watching music videos on TV? Good on him for chasing that YouTube pink money.
  4. Moms, his biggest audience. (I'm half joking, I have no idea how songs/album will sell/be streamed).
  5. Good spot... I really hope this is this. It goes OFF!
  6. Whew the midlife crisis Robbie jumped out!

    I kind of want the limited orange vinyl but I don’t have much use for a signed print, not sure if it’s limited enough to justify the steep overseas shipping cost. Hmm.

    Most importantly: Will he finally tour the US now that he’s on an indie?
  7. Wait at this being amazing, song and video!

    Slutty sailor Will is my favourite.
  8. Well that made my Friday! Love!
  9. I watched the video and wasn’t mad about the song, but then I found myself humming it 30 seconds later! It deserves to be huge.

    The video’s oddly charming. I think it’s the combination of sexuality and vulnerability?
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  10. Great song, hot video.
  11. Screaming. I recently purchased Forever Butt as a present for the (in)significant other.
  12. Song is amazing. It's exactly what I wanted.

    Back in early 2012 I downloaded Echoes because I liked the cover, it ended up being one of my favorite albums of all time, I decided to check the rest of his discography but I didn't like anything else beside History, and maybe Your Game and Leave Right Now. His last album wasn't something I was interested in playing after first few listens, but it wasn't that bad.

    So I thought he would be just a fluke for me, but just hearing this new song feels like coming home - if that makes sense. I needed Echoes II so much!

    Video is... a choice.
  13. I'm gonna need an Alias Radio edit of this. The Jealousy mix was IT!
  14. pdf


    nice arse tho, eh? it's... real
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  15. Wow the song knocks and the video is great. I love how much he is feeling himself after what seemed like a pretty dark period in his life. Perched for the album!
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  16. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    I'm not really a fan of his other stuff outside 'Echoes' either - partially because I'm not really familiar with it I have to admit - but this song and the involvement of Richard X again definitely has caught my attention. I streamed his last album once in 2015 and it did nothing for me, unfortunately.

    'Echoes' really was and still is that perfectly A&Red synth pop album. I mean... Richard X, Jim Eliot, Pascal Gabriel, Stefan Storm, Dan Carey, Fred Falke, Andy Cato, Richard Stannard... Whew. The budget really jumped out. All of those are responsible for a lot of my favourite pop music and some of my faves' best work ever.

    This sole Andy Cato-produced track on the album has always been my favourite. It sounds magical.
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  17. W2K


    Does anyone know the name of the font Will's using this era please?
  18. I mean the video is doing it's job cause my gay American ass had never heard of Will Young and after one watch I gotta go check out this man's... discography...
  19. You need to check out these two, the closest in sound to All The Songs

    Echoes is so good.
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