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Will Young's Tour.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by bertie, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Hi guys.....

    Some of you may have been to see Will Young on one of his 'Keep On' dates which is touring at the moment.

    You may not be aware that Sony BMG have decided not to release a DVD of the show which is actually the best show he has done to date.

    Anyway if you'd like to sign a petition to show your displeasure at this, please feel free -

  2. I'm seeing it tomorrow night. Strange decision by Sony, when every two-bit act these days gets a DVD release. Music DVDs are big moneyspinners, aren't they?
  3. I've seen every tour he's done and I agree this is the best. I was watching it trying to take in every moment as I was thinking "I bet this won't come out on DVD". Perhaps he doesn't need to be milked like a lot of acts out there?
  4. Signed.

    How many sigs u got??

    It won't tell me...
  5. There are 554 sigs so far!!! Thanks guys.

    I know what you mean, but as you say it is the best he's done, so it should be recorded for the future - yes so we can all watch it again and again, but also because it's creatively so brilliant. The dancing alone is amazing and when you're there watching it in an arena your heads spinning around trying to take it all in!!
  6. I agree with you all. The tour is superb - the music, the dancing, the costumes and above all the man himself Mr William Young! He is outstanding and it would be a travesty to lose this stunning show. Hopefully the petition will make a difference.

    Will and the rest of the performers all want a DVD.

    I believe there are well over 300 signatures so far - every little helps.
  7. Myma and Pa are going to see him in dublin tonight.

    its is the only time i have ever wanted to wrestle them both to the ground and steal from them.

  8. Of course stealing from your parents is a terrible thing....... but in this case I think it would be understandable ;)

    It is a bloody amazing show, I'm going to the Brighton shows at the weekend and I'm literally gagging to see it again.
  9. I signed it aswell. I really hope it'll make a change, even though I doubt it will. Can't wait to see him this Sunday in Wembley!
  10. Over 770 signatures now. And that is only since yesterday when it was put on the Internet.
  11. Why isn't there going to be DVD? I went to see him at MEN and he was superb, it's the best tour he's ever done, I reckon BMG are only happy if you're prepared to flog yourself to death all over the world and because Will doesn't seem to want to do this, (which I fully respect him for) I don't think he's being backed by the company as much as he was. I know Keep On hasn't sold as well as Friday's Child did, but it's still cleared 900K+ and he's still selling out most of his 14 arena dates, like Will sings, "it's all about the money". I feel very sorry for Will and the band,  the lovely dancers in the show and all the thousands of Will fans who'll be gutted about this, I hope Will tells BMG to stuff it.

    I've just signed the petition and clicked on signatures and it's 853 now, that's great.
  12. I agree with all you've said slug.

    Tell you what, the drinks will be on me the day he tells them to stuff it. I don't think that will be yet - but I bet the day will come.
  13. 960+ signatures on there now. Can't believe this decision to be honest. It's a fabulous show and would transfer so well to DVD. The choreograpy is incredible, it's such a stunning visual show. Not to mention Will's vocals, which are sublime, best I've ever heard him actually and that's saying something.

    I wonder if Will and BMG have had a fall out!! Hoping he can make the break away from them to be honest, it's a faceless machine and I really don't think the artists they work with matter a damn to them. Any idea when his contract is due to end with them?
  14. maybe it's too expensive to put together a filming of what sounds like a pretty complex show. it kind of annoys me that he's getting a Dublin gig when his fanbase/presence here is pretty small. I don't think his dublin show was a big seller here either (though I could be wrong)
  15. Why would it annoy you? Not being argumentative just don't understand why it would bother you if he plays Dublin or not.
  16. Apparently the Dublin gig was great and he went down a storm! Not sure how full it was but the whole audience were up for it and the comments from people going out were excellent.
  17. i was at the Dublin gig last night. It certainly looked pretty full to me. Only the odd free seat dotted about. I reckon it was at least 95% sold out.

    As for the gig itself, I enjoyed it, but it was pretty obvious he(or his production team) was trying to do a bit of a Madonna. Thing is, it ended up much more ITV Variety show than a Madonna show. He doesn't have anywhere near what it takes to pull off that kind of show. His voice was flawless, but for me, most of his songs don't really work in a big arena type setting. They're too loungy and intimate. Also, he sang at least 3 songs I'd never even heard before(and judging by audience reaction, neither had they). I found huge chunks of it incredibly boring to be honest. Still, he definitely seemed to go down very well, and his banter with the audience was very amusing. Some of the routines were very good, but overall I'd give the show a C+.
  18. As I mentioned earlier, my parentals attendedl ast night concert in Dublin and they said it was excellent. The old dear was giddy with excitement (and Blue Nun) when i spoke to her after.

    I got the impression that he had quite a big fanbase in Ireland. He is well known.
  19. Yeah, I took my mum to see it for her birthday. She was a bit giddy too. Amusing.
  20. Glad your mums were giddy :)
    I was more hot than giddy after I saw it.   Anyway.....just to remind everyone, the petition closes tomorrow, cheers guys.
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