WILLOW - Empathogen

1. home (feat. Jon Batiste)
2. ancient girl
3. symptom of life
4. the fear is not real
5. false self
6. pain for fun (feat. St Vincent)
7. no words 1 & 2
8. down
9. run!
10. between i & she
11. "I know that face."
12. b i g f e e l i n g s


Album is called Empathogen.
This is jaw dropping.

It's been easy to not pay attention because of the exhausting nepo background but this is really, really good.
I can’t decide if I like this song or not. There are a bunch of elements that I really enjoy, but the constant ‘I’ve got such big feelings’ repetition gets grating.
That's gotta be one of the best Tiny Desks yet. She's such a prodigy. And hearing her talk about the music is super inspiring. Everything feels really intentional.