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WINNER REVEALED: Imagine It Was A Jessie Ware Rate: Jessie Ware Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by 2014, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Oh well, I must say that now I would have scored "What You Won't" a little bit higher but anyway. Everything is going really well.
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  2. Saw her live last night. I'm still having a bit of a hard time understanding that it was probably the best concert I've ever been to. It was incredible - the slower tracks like Sam and Til The End were so intimate it felt like we were invited to her living room, and the bops went off. Her charisma, on-stage banter, the voice... I'm honestly not sure we're worthy of her.

    Lemme tattoo some of her lyrics on my body.
  3. I felt the same when I saw her 2 year ago. She's simply divine with those vocals live.
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  4. My date isn't for another month and a half, but this just got me so excited. She's so phenomenal live!
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  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    We will find out the last track to leave before the top 40 later on this evening, any guesses?
  6. Something something Slow Me Down or Say You Bore Me?
  7. The Disclosure song please.
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  8. You mean Disclosure? I gave that one a 10. And it was a contender for my 11.
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  9. Yes, that. I got it mixed up with Rudimental because of another rate... I blame @Oleander

    It would have been a bit better if Jessie sang the whole thing but those other vocals are awful.
  10. Oh my god, not someone else mixing up Disclosure and Rudimental as well.
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  11. I'd love to see "Thinking About You" go but worry it may outlast some better cuts from Glasshouse since its the second song. I'm not opposed to losing the Disclosure song early since they royally fucked it up by not letting Jessie just belt the chorus. Also have no real attachment to the Nicki song...

    Just don't touch Tough Love...
  12. Weren't you the one who suggested Rudimental in the other rate?
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  13. Yes but you were the one who suggested we rate the character we're assigning that song to.
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  14. Well, sorry for trying to be an innovator and game-changer.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I'm here!

    You said it's like I'm never satisfied

    But we can have it all tonight


    Slow Me Down


    Average = 6.42
    Highest Score = 10 x 2 @Euphoria @tylerc904
    Lowest Score = 3 x 1 @BeingBoring
    My Score = 7

    Glasshouse loses its second track in a row and was produced by Fred Ball (who has worked with everyone from Rihanna and Little Mix to All Saints and Toni Braxton!) It was also co-written with the lovely Nina Nesbitt, but this song definitely got an overscore from me. It's just...there, and being right in the middle of an album right after Hearts - the slog is real!

    What did y'all say;

    @Trouble in Paradise = I am very thankful for this rate cause it reintroduced this song to me. When I first listened, it was doomed by it’s glacial tempo and placement after the abysmal “Hearts.” When I actually slowed down (sorry) and listened to the song, I heard all the beauty and truth in it. This song rings so true to my own experience being in a long term relationship and you can feel just how much Jessie connects to it. It doesn’t need any big bombastic moment or hipster cool production choices, she simply feels the song and sells every line.
    @Veeis = Boring and bland.
    @mokitsu = A slow cute ballad. Reminds me of sex by the fire
    @ThighHighs = It’s just… SO slow. The chorus sounds nice, but the rest of this just isn’t very memorable. The chorus is also a bit underwritten, as it really seems to just repeat over and over. Even still, I can’t totally trash it.
    @Runawaywithme = Something about her delivery on this one just gets to me, I'm probably being a little too generous with the scores but i just can't help but fall in love with this song due her delivery that somehow manages to sounds like she's singing exactly to you.

    Normal service resumes Thursday!! xoxo​
  16. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Our first 10 losses;

    41. Slow Me Down 6.42
    42. Sam 6.32
    43. What You Won't Do For Love 6.28
    44. No To Love 6.26
    45. Valentine (with Sampha) 6.12
    46. Never Knew Love Like This Before 6.08
    47. Till The End 6.06
    48. Meet Me In The Middle 5.94
    49. Hearts 5.76
    50. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes 5.22

    forever in our hearts xx
  17. Sad about Til The End, Sam, & especially Slow Me Down (y'all suck - get into the death waltz), but... bring on the Top 40.
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  18. I love, love, love Slow Me Down.
  19. Slow Me Down and What You Won't Do For Love are both gorgeous and gone too soon in my view. But there are so many songs to root for in this rate, I can't get that mad about it.
  20. Forgot to share this interview with Jessie breaking down Glasshouse track by track. It definitely helped me understand the album better. Love the write up about "Slow Me Down." Link

    "'Slow Me Down' is a song that really was an offering to my husband. It's a song that was inspired by something that my friend said to his husband at their wedding in his speech. Chris is a good friend to mine, and he said to Will, his husband, "You slow me down.' Chris is a music video director, his husband's a lawyer and when he said that, it totally made sense. He's going a thousand miles per hour, and Will makes him feel calm. I think that's exactly the same as my husband.

    I had this title, and I kept on bringing in out in sessions, and some people are like, 'Hmmmmm.' Nobody really got it. I knew this had a song in it and so I just kept on plugging this song title as a starting point. I wrote this with Fred Ball, who did 'Love On The Brain' with Rhianna, and Preston, and Nina Nesbitt, who are amazing. They liked it, and they got it, and we wrote this really intimate song, and I love how intimate it is. It's really lots of Feist inspirations in there."​
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