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WINNER REVEALED: Imagine It Was A Jessie Ware Rate: Jessie Ware Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by 2014, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. This should get more interesting when we will finally enter top40. I believe Say You Love Me and Disclosure song will be one of the first to go.
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    I may or may not steal this to bulk up my write-ups xoxo
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  3. I think we'll see 'The Way We Are', 'First Time' and 'All On You' get knocked out in the next few.
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    And I know I try to forget all those nights

    You know I've tried


    Strangest Feeling


    Average = 6.66
    Highest Score = 8.5 x 3 @BlackoutZone @ThighHighs @Trouble in Paradise
    Lowest Score = 4 x 2 @Jam @mokitsu
    My Score = 5

    We return to the Devotion era extras now, and easily the weakest for me packs it's bags! Strangest Feeling is kind of just...there, and as reflected in the scores (no 9s or 10s and nothing lower than 4s) meant most of us weren't really overly bothered by this one either way. I do like the darker lyrics and what the idea of the song is, but it just isn't interesting enough and really brings Devotion down a bit with its inclusion. Sorry about it!

    What were your feelings about this one?

    @Trouble in Paradise = I had never heard this song until this rate and I’m really into it. It has a definite Ceremonials vibe with the thundering production and all the lyrical references to the ocean and death. I love her delivery in the second verse, it’s very hip hop/RnB for her. I like the idea of this being the sister song to “Taking in Water,” but the more fatalistic view of a relationship going down.
    @Veeis = I like how neutral her vocals are in the chorus and how nicely the structure and instrumental evolves throughout.
    @Runawaywithme = A beautifully strange beast of a song. It’s a little more experimental than most of Jessie’s other work, but that once again adds to its charm.
    @Remorque = Doesn't quite sound finished and there's not a whole lot to grab onto here. Those verses seem to want the song to actually go somewhere, when in fact it doesn't... It just kind of meanders along until it ends.
    @ThighHighs = A very different, almost grimy sound from her? I love it, but it’s such a different vibe from a lot of her standard tracks. I think this is best as a bonus track, but what a bonus!

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    Why did you want me, why'd you stay so close

    You're still not leaving?


    Still Love Me


    Average = 6.68
    Highest Score = 8.5 x 3 @evilsin @ThighHighs @Trouble in Paradise
    Lowest Score = 3 x 1 @Veeis
    My Score = 6.5

    Ok we can leave Devotion alone now for a while ok thanks bye x

    No seriously, this is the weakest song left from her debut but it deserved to stay over quite a few other tracks in her discography, but as it is written it shall be done (or something). I really do like her voice on this mixed with the production, how it continuously builds too. My score for it just suffered because there are so, so many other highs on the album, and I think that's why it suffered in general with all our votes.

    Let's see!

    @Remorque = I love the quirkiness here, while it actually still sounds very Jessie-ish. She sounds kinda cocky in her delivery too. Like she's not really asking, but more stating fact.
    @ThighHighs = This song is so sexy! Those down-pitched backing vocals are so incredible, and she just oozes sensuality with every word.
    @Veeis = Not my cup of tea, it jut goes nowhere.
    @Trouble in Paradise = Love how off-kilter this song is. Jessie’s voice is so smooth and she’s got such a refined, effortless coolness to her whole style and persona that it feels so rewarding when she does something more left of centre.
    @mokitsu = Very weird and distorted production but not much else going on unfortunately.
    @Runawaywithme = A bit of an odd structure for a song, but that really adds to its charm in the long run. Not a favorite but still a highly enjoyable listen.

  6. Thought 'Still Love Me' would be a top 25-er. Can see why it's been relatively low scored however - it is almost a continuation of 'No To Love'
  7. Nooooo! I really like Still Love Me. It’s like a wonky production showcase, with this likeable, smooth ‘80s pop song mixed into it. Very odd but very sweet at the same time. Kind of Jessie Ware gone Jessy Lanza.
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  8. I just realised even though she's only released 3 albums so far she already has 8 songs with "Love" in the title:


    Romantic queen ❤️
  9. Ouch, I wouldn't think that Strangest Feeling would be out so early, I should have given it a little bit higher score. It's really nice continuation to Taking In Water actually.

    But no tears for Still Love Me, this one can go.
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    Tell me what you want me to do

    Exchange the information


    Share It All


    Average = 7.06
    Highest Score = 9.5 x 1 @Veeis
    Lowest Score = 4 x 1 @spike3271
    My Score = 5.5

    We're already over the 7.00 average as Tough Love loses its first track. Share It All was 1 of 4 of the deluxe version bonus tracks and I'd say it is probably the weakest, it doesn't really leave a lasting impression like the others, but it is a nice enough bonus. Produced by Julio Bashmore and co-written with The XX front woman Romy, it's another one that should have been better considering the talent involved. But hey, Jessie can't always have 10/10 songs can she!

    Please share it all with us, commentators!

    @ThighHighs = Simple and sweet. It’s just lovely.
    @mokitsu = The darker, sexier production is gorgeous - very The XX
    @Remorque = This is enjoyable when listening in a 'bonus track kinda way', but I genuinely had to relisten today after forgetting to comment on it yesterday... Telling.
    @Veeis = One of the best songs, I adore that pre-chorus and I love how steamy and smooth that song is.
    @Trouble in Paradise = I’m so happy this song didn’t end up on the standard edition of Tough Love. It’s beautiful and the lyrics are particularly striking, but it is also overly languid to the point of veering into listless. I enjoy the xx style guitar that sneaks in, but overall the production feels more faceless than the typical Jessie Ware song. Unlike a lot of Jessie’s material that could easily fall into pleasant background music, that’s exactly what “Share It All” feels like.
    @Runawaywithme = I just love this song, it’s so hypnotic and entrancing. It’s like the soundtrack of a really lush yet strange, slightly confusing day-dream that i never want to wake up from.

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    You cast your spell, with stories told

    Promises, will they unfold?


    Swan Song


    Average = 7.08
    Highest Score = 9 x 1 @soratami
    Lowest Score = 4 x 1 @spike3271
    My Song = 8

    I'm sad about this one! Devotion faces another loss and it's this rather beautiful, melodramatic ballad that really shows off Jessie's voice. Being between 2 of the key tracks from the debut (Night Light and Sweet Talk) may have hindered its scores here, but it really was one of our first glimpses of just how amazing she sounded, as the production definitely plays second fiddle here to her vocals, compared to other tracks from her debut record.

    Will this loss hurt anyone?

    @Runawaywithme = Once again i love the darker, more moody, mysterious vibe of this song. She feels somewhat distant in the mix of the song, but i think that adds to it’s magic, she sounds like some beautiful, magical, far away being trying to communicate with us. We are not worthy.
    @Veeis = Haunting smoothy vocals and nice instrumental, good album track.
    @Remorque = Don't get me wrong, I do like the production on this one, but I can't help but feel like it's the first real dud on a fantastic album...
    @Trouble in Paradise = The production here is almost more of a highlight than Jessie’s vocals. The song has a languid feel that doesn’t quite gel with the lyrics.
    @ThighHighs = It plods along a bit, but the production and her vocals keep it interesting enough to still be quite good.

  12. Okay... Those hurt... Quite a lot.
  13. Oh I didn't know Romy had a hand in "Share It All!" If we're losing a Tough Love track I guess that ones okay but it still hurts. We're definitely getting to a point where every cut is gonna sting (except for a few Glasshouse tracks that are hanging around).

    Also thinking about "Say You Love Me" and looking at these most recent eliminations and I wonder how many 10's it conjured. Those could definitely keep it in the game a little longer than more standard Jessie fare like these two.
  14. I'm surprised to see Swan Song already out and me being the only person to rate it 9+. I thought it was more popular than that.
  15. Share It All out already is a blasphemy and a hate crime. Out before Disclosure song and Say You Love Me?
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  16. I'm still not over "Still Love Me" going out so soon.
  17. I ain't mad about these two exiting so soon. Kiii.
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    More results incoming!!1
  19. 2014

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    These 2 hurt

    All I want from you is devotion

    Tired of going through these emotions


    First Time


    Average = 7.10
    Highest Score = 10 x 2 @klow @tylerc904
    Lowest Score = 5 x 5 @Euphoria @HarryEzra @Hurricane Drunk @OspreyQueen @spike3271
    My Score = 8

    Glasshouse loses another song now and its the sublime First Time. I love how it's so reminiscent of her Devotion era and it's definitely grown to be one of my standouts from the album; her vocals are always her key asset, but here in particular they just glide over the production, and with no score less than a 5 at least no one hated it! I just think it suffered from being in the middle of a middling album, which is a shame!

    Co-writers for this include James Newman and Finlay Dow-Smith (aka Starsmith) who helped a lot with Ellie Goulding's debut album Lights, as well as doing songs for Kylie and Cheryl, and more recently being partly responsible for Crybaby by Paloma and working with Jess Glynne and Rae Morris. Nice!

    Let's view our commentary!

    @Runawaywithme = That spine-tingling intro is worth 10 points alone, however, the way it sort of runs out is of steam loses it two points, she also once again sounds wonderful and the harmonies she does with herself are just heavenly, she once again pretty much manages to save a kinda boring song with her voice.
    @Veeis = This is so great, melody of the chorus just sticks in my head immediately. I love how vocals are evolving from light-hearted to more and more dramatic and powerful with every chorus.
    @Trouble in Paradise = Another classic trope from the “Happily Married Album” Playbook: missing the passion of the early years. I normally adore these types of songs (“Heat” says hi!) but this overall lacks the yearning and undercurrent of lust that makes these types of songs work. “Don’t hold me like you already know me” is the best line and delivery in the whole song. It holds that paradox of wanting the lust and passion of early romance even if it means giving up the intimacy and deeper understanding that comes with time together.
    @mokitsu = Kinda filler-ish, but still bops
    @ThighHighs = A bit of a drag, but even Jessie’s objectively middling songs are still gorgeous.

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