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WINNER REVEALED: Imagine It Was A Jessie Ware Rate: Jessie Ware Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by 2014, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Don't leave me in the dark

    Don't leave me this way




    Average = 7.86
    Highest Score = 10 x 2 @Runawaywithme @soratami
    Lowest Score = 5 x 1 @spike3271
    My Score = 7

    We return with Ware's debut losing not 1 but 2 tracks tonight, the first being the lush self-titled. It introduces us perfectly to the Mercury nominated album with its loving simplicity. While it's not the memorable track from the debut, when I do listen to it I really enjoy it and I really don't think she could have started the album any other way; maybe top 20 is too much for it but it received a lot of 9s so it must have made some sort of impression!


    @OspreyQueen = THIS is how you open an album.
    @ThighHighs = If this isn’t a gorgeous album opener, my god. The twinkling introduction, the plinky harp(?) bits throughout the choruses, and the deep bass combine to give this song so much… texture? It’s so silky and smooth, like really rich fudge. This is, of course, all serves only to compliment the sublime vocals.
    @Veeis = It's a smooth and silky track but I never play it by myself, only when I'm listening to the full album. It feels good as an opener and introduction.
    @Remorque = Okay, this sets up the soundscape quite nicely for the rest of the album, but as nice as it sounds, it peaks at 1:30 and kinda floats along until it ends...
    @Trouble in Paradise = I once got v. drunk and ended up yelling in the streets about how devoted I was to my boyfriend. This gorgeous opener always bring me back there, challenging a chain link fence over who’s more devoted.
    @mokitsu = Very sleek opener. Could've been stronger imo.
    @Runawaywithme = When i first heard the intro to this when i bought the devotion CD on a whim back in 2012, i knew i would fall head over heels in love with this album, which i did. There is really a life-affirming, almost transcendent quality to this song. “Don't leave me in the dark” is a true moment, where everything outside of the song feels like it doesn't really exist because i get so lost in the song, another thing i love about this song (and most of the album) is that almost 6 years (!!!) later i keep finding little bits hidden in the song that i have never heard before, so it’s still a fresh listen, flaw-free intro to a flaw-free album.

  2. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Don't keep me with the kisses

    There's never any doubts when I need you


    Sweet Talk


    Average = 7.90
    Highest Score = 10 x 3 @2014 @CaliDevotion @klow
    Lowest Score = 5 x 1 @Jam
    My Score = 10

    Another 10 of mine has to depart with this bop! Sweet Talk served as the 5th single released from Devotion and it was accompanied with a v. cute music video, featuring a young Jessie finding her feet with a foray into singing, whilst also featuring actual Jessie as young Jessie's mum which is bizarre but cute. One of 2 Julio Bashmore productions on the album, it is also co-written with Laura Dockrill who she met at the Brits school, where both women also befriended Kate Nash and someone called Adele (little factoid to tie 2 of my rates together, as I hosted the Adele one, but Ms. Dockrill inspired her song My Same after they had a falling out. How coincidental!)

    I'm surprised this didn't fare better in the rate, it's one of my Jessie faves and definitely a standout for me on the album, I really really enjoy it.

    Now for y'all to sweet talk in our commentary;

    @Trouble in Paradise = Love Jessie’s vocals in this and the lyrics are decent but the production sounds almost video gamey/ muzak.
    @mokitsu = The production and the lyrics and the vocals ahhh one of my favourites in this record.
    @Runawaywithme = Her voice on this song is magical. The production makes it feel like a lost classic 80’s prom song, with a bit of an electronic soul and early 00’s british R&B twist, which is pretty much heaven to these ears. The way the bridge builds up with her harmonies, and the kettle noise before fading into that guitar solo is genius, i also live for her Mariah moment near the end, and the ending guitar lick
    @Veeis = Good song, it stick in your head for a little bit.
    @Remorque = Kinda coasts along quite nicely, but that's about it for me... Still can't give it an outright bad score though, as I do enjoy this when it comes on. I just never actively seek it out...
    @ThighHighs = A jazzy swingy good time. The production is perfectly throw-backian with enough little blips to make it sound current. The chorus is just pure bliss, and probably one of her sweetest and cheeriest songs.

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  3. I didn't know "Sweet Talk" was a single.
  4. Devotion is so gentle and sublime while Sweet Talk bring in a bit of light and bubbliness.
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  5. I’ve never been all that impressed by both Devotion and Sweet Talk, but I’m actually impressed both broke the top 20...
  6. Devotion shouldn't crack top20, but Sweet Talk is really lovely but it's the right time for it to leave now.
  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Sorry, no eliminations this weekend - have a great Easter, I'll be back tomorrow!
  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I don't need somebody else to call my name

    No, I don't want somebody else to make me stay




    Average = 7.94
    Highest Score = 10 x 4 @Euphoria @HarryEzra @KamikazeHeart @soratami
    Lowest Score = 5 x 1 @Bangers&Bops
    My Score = 9

    Glasshouse now faces 2 severe cuts in these latter stages, with its 3rd official single Alone bidding farewell. This really has grown on me since its premiere (on my birthday last year, 13th September), it was a bit of a non-event when I first heard it but now I really love it, much more than Midnight in all honesty. The music video for it was filmed at Eltham Palace in London and directed by Charlie Robbins. The song was also co-written with Kid Harpoon and Sarah Aarons, but overall it definitely is a nice listen but its probably the best time for it to go now.

    What do the people say?!

    @mokitsu = Such a flawless single. The anthemic production, her vocals ugh. Everything works.
    @Veeis = At first I was negative about the song, it felt like Jessie Ware evolved into adult contemporary artist and this is her new sounds on autopilot. But I needed a little more time to appreciate it in full potential.
    @Runawaywithme = Again a little on the filler side, but her charming voice and the moement when the chorus kicks in manage to save it. a nice song for winter nights and gazing longingly out of windows too while drinking wine.
    @Trouble in Paradise = Yes, it’s a total retread of “Say You Love Me” but my cheesy romantic self loves it. Her vocals are great and she’s enough of a sanger to pull the big choral feel of the chorus. Also, it’s melodically so much better than “Say You Love Me” to my humble ears.
    @ThighHighs = That pre-chorus before the second chorus is so great. It’s a bit more predictable than some of her stuff, but it’s still got that Jessie Ware touch to make it more than worthwhile.
    @KamikazeHeart = I remember Jessie looking right at me during her concert and singing the “ooooh-oooh-oh”-parts in unison with me, and I remember feeling so utterly exposed and weak in my legs I had to look away. It was like when you make eye contact with a crush and it’s so intense you have to run away from it.

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  9. 2014

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    Straight through the mist, would you want to walk with me

    Now that we're here I promise I will never leave


    Last Of The True Believers (feat. Paul Buchanan)


    Average = 7.96
    Highest Score = 10 x 4 @BeingBoring @BlackoutZone @Runawaywithme @Trouble in Paradise
    Lowest Score = 5 x 1 @HarryEzra
    My Score = 7.5

    Yes this lush duet falls now and I have to say it fared a lot better than I had thought! I....wish I had scored it higher now as its beauty is so subtle and it is really one of the hidden gems of the album, but as we know with Jessie her discography is so top notch I think 7.5 is still a great score. I also love how most of our lowest scores don't go any harsher than 5s - Queen of consistency!

    Last Of The True Believers features Paul Buchanan from The Blue Nile and is a great addition to the track, his voice working wonders alongside Ware's. Co-written with Liam Howe (who has worked with Lana and Marina), it's a track that probably isn't appealing on paper, but it has a lovely result. With this being out, Glasshouse is now only down to three tracks - Midnight, Your Domino and Love To Love. Can any of these make it to the top 10???

    Over to y'all;

    @Trouble in Paradise = God what a mood this song creates. Similar to “Stay Awake, Wait for Me” this song impresses just with its title alone. The lyrics of the chorus are absolutely breathtaking and conjure such vivid and surreal imagery. Jessie uses her voice perfectly, going strong and soft at just the right moments. I only wish we had a version without Paul Buchanan, I’m really not a fan of his voice and it definitely doesn’t hold up to Jessie’s sublime vocals. But even with him, this is a clear 10.
    @Veeis = When I heard the live version I thought that it's a pretty "meh" track, but the studio version done the justice. Gorgeous track, great melodies.
    @mokitsu = Very Jessie Ware
    @ThighHighs = This is SO beautiful. I remember her performing an early version of this when I saw her in 2013 and being stunned by it, so I’m so glad it has made its way onto an album, because it deserves it.
    @Runawaywithme = Utterly gorgeous, a highlight of her career. The imagery in the lyrics makes me so nostalgic and just transports me back to car-rides in the city as a kid, the way her imagination seams to take over really reminds me of that pure joy of riding a car at night time. This song never fails to make my day seem a little brighter and put a smile on my face, it's almost like a comforting embrace, in a way. Everything about it is pretty much perfect, a huge contender for my 11.

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  10. "Last of the True Believers" is such a gorgeous song! Aside from Paul's presence, that high-octave piano is a lovely Blue Nile signature that lends the song that extra bit of gravitas.

    My feeling is that "Your Domino" will be the highest scoring Glasshouse cut but even that might do well to break into the top 10.
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  11. Uno


    So glad Midnight Caller is hanging on for so long! Would've been my 11.
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  12. I'm happy Love To Love made it this far. We love a good bop.
  13. These two are absolutely brilliant, but still not a top10 material so they are leaving in a good time.
  14. I should have given True Believers a higher score, it's just lush.
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  15. 2014

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    Apologies about being a bit slack this week! Results won't resume until Thursday, then after that I'm away for the weekend! Hang in there! xxx
  16. Last of The Robbed Beliver's.
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    Now what's this spell that you've been under

    I thought by now you'd have my number


    Midnight Caller


    Average = 7.96
    Highest Score = 11 x 2 @BlackoutZone @Veeis & 10 x 1 @ThighHighs
    Lowest Score = 3 x 1 @Euphoria
    My Score = 7.5

    The last of the Tough Love bonus tracks now and the last song below an 8 average to fall, Midnight Caller gets hung up by us. I think this fared pretty great in the rate, with 2 11s and only 1 3 and a 5 to bring it down, this is the song that could! I love this naughty side to Jessie, it's her at her sultry best and it works wonders and is easily the best from the Tough Love bonus songs. Co-written and produced by James Ford, a member of dance group Simian Mobile Disco, this is just another example of how the experimental and daring Jessie is, it really brings the best out of her.

    @Remorque = Leave it to Jessie to make a song about a booty call sound totally classy.
    @ThighHighs = I stan the production on this. I love Jessie most when she’s blending her jazzier songs with synth production, and this is a perfect example. The post-chorus on this is sublime.
    @Trouble in Paradise = I love the story Jessie tells in this story. She’s telling her booty call to stop responding to her 12 am “wyd” texts. She knows that she’s no good for him and will just keep using him. I particularly love how throughout the song Jessie’s not worried about her feelings, she knows exactly what she’s doing and getting exactly what she wants. She just knows it's not exactly the nicest thing to do.
    @Runawaywithme = A true bop. Jessie sound’s so empowered and mysterious and dark and sexy and sultry and the minimal production really adds to this vibe, it makes me think of being outside a dark, smokey, jazz bar somewhere kinda sketchy and bumping into Jessie in a big red dress, dressed to kill and me falling to ground to worship her for the goddess she truly is. It’s such a jam and the perfect closer to “Tough Love”.
    @Veeis = Tough Love album was the first album that I heard from Jessie and it was the song that I was instantly hooked on. I loved how mysterious and dramatical the whole song is. I adored the vocal delivery and the tricks tht she used here. I was amazed by the lyrics and how smooth the instrumental is. It just feels like a natural move that this song is my 11.

    Just 1 today folks - I'll post a top 15 round-up then I'll see you in 3 or 4 days. Bye!

  18. 2014

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    FINAL 15








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  19. "Aaliyah" needs to leave.
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  20. Aaliyah is a bop and deserves its place in the top 15. Slightly surprised to see Kind Of Sometimes Maybe didn't stick around for longer but overall s very solid 15.
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