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WINNER REVEALED: Imagine It Was A Jessie Ware Rate: Jessie Ware Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by 2014, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. I thought that maybe Midnight Caller would find his way onto top15 but it's still a really good placement. Proud of it to be my 11.
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  2. Nice to see Devotion sIaying, just as it should xx
  3. Why is Taking In Water still here?!?! Get it owt!
  4. 2014

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    I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW, promise xxx
  5. 2014

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    I'm a giver but I give up

    You're giving me too much, but I only want to be with you tonight


    Love To Love


    Average = 8.06
    Highest Score = 10 x 5 @BeingBoring @klow @OspreyQueen @soratami @tylerc904
    Lowest Score = 4 x 1 @spike3271
    My Score = 7

    We're back again with the first of 3 eliminations for y'all today! Love To Love was included on the deluxe version of Glasshouse and it looks like most of you wished it was on the standard version. It's a bit bopper than most other songs on offer, but I don't think it really deserved #15 in a best of Jessie rate, but that's my opinion! The track has the same writing team as 'Stay Awake, Wait For Me' (Ajay Battacharya, Danny Parker and A.S. Govere) who have also worked exclusively with PJ royalty Carly Rae Jepsen and Zara Larsson. It seems Jessie is happy with the Radio 2 demographic as this could have really taken off as a lead single in another universe, but it wasn't meant to be!

    I love to love your commentary, let's get to it now!

    @OspreyQueen = Of course the best and most interesting song on the entire album is the last (proper) song on the deluxe edition.
    @ThighHighs = This deserved a spot on the album. A mid-tempo bopper, which is my favorite kind of bopper tbh. I love the little melodic bit at the very end of the pre-chorus so much.
    @Veeis = It's like Midnight Caller 2.0 and I'm always here for it. Seems like a glimpse of old Jessie coming back.
    @Runawaywithme = I'm still mildly salty this didn't make the album as its beautiful. The lyrics are simple yet effective and the way the guitar seams to drive the song is really nice as our the subtle electronic flourishes, “say a little prayer for me” is a lovely moment.
    @soratami = How is this bop a bonus track only?
    @Trouble in Paradise = Firstly, my gay heart loves any song that’s about a love that feels wrong but can’t be denied. Then make it this smooth and add in Jessie’s sensuous voice. Putting it over the edge are all the genius little callouts to other songs (Kiss it better, Say a little prayer, Sweetest nothing). Why was this put on the deluxe edition? It adds such a pop of life to an album in desperate need of it!

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    I feel his magic is never gonna fade

    I ain't got nothing to say




    Average = 8.08
    Highest Score = 10 x 4 @Aester @Jam @Oleander @soratami
    Lowest Score = 4 x 1 @Hurricane Drunk
    My Score = 6

    Poor Glasshouse! With its lead single falling, only Your Domino remains - can that survive at least until the top 10??? Released in July 2017, Midnight was, as Jessie describes, 'the song I've always wanted to be able to sing but perhaps didn't have the confidence [to] until now.' It was premiered as Annie Mac's hottest record in the world and while her voice is amazing as always on it, and live performances have warmed me to it a little bit, compared with her other singles it just feels a bit too much of a non-event, explaining my 6 for it. Pop Wansel is one of the co-writers for the track, who has worked extensively with Nicki Minaj. It peaked at #89 in the UK Singles Chart and #69 in Scotland.

    What did y'all have to say about it?

    @Trouble in Paradise = I love how Jessie is striaght SANGIN’ on this song like never before. The opening is so sensuous and mysterious, but the “Benny and the Jets” kick keeps it from reaching a perfect 10.
    @Remorque = I was quite underwhelmed when I first heard this, but since then it's opened up to me quite a bit. I love it when Jessie goes all out on the vocal front.
    @mokitsu = Kind of a safe choice for a lead single, but it works really well. You can hear Jessie's desire and she can sell it pretty well.
    @ThighHighs = Such a stunning album opener. Those breathy vocals in the beginning pulling you in before the chorus just EXPLODES out of nowhere. She is on her Sade shit and it’s everything.
    @Veeis = It was meant to be a really good song, with that haunting great instrumental that we hear in verses. But it all falls very flat with that awful, numbered chorus.
    @Jam = Love the intro
    @Runawaywithme = I just love the intro to this song, those sinister synths sound like there pulled from a horror film, then that chorus hits and my wig is blown of into our outer space and the second verse is a moment with Jessie’s high rage sounding seductive yet vunlarbale at the same time… I Don't think we've ever heard her this raw and unfiltered before, a perfect introduction, when the middle eight in the album mix comes in and breaks down then builds back up, i descend into the heavens. The haunting backing vocals and adlibs towards the final chorus are golden.

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    Holding on forever to keep you

    If you want to escape you don't need to


    Taking In Water


    Average = 8.18
    Highest Score = 11 x 1 @Runawaywithme & 10 x 6 @Bangers&Bops @evilsin @Oleander @soratami @Trouble in Paradise @Veeis
    Lowest Score = 5.5 x 1 @Hurricane Drunk
    My Score = 8

    We return to Devotion now with our last elimination of the day, but the first Jessie Ware song I ever heard - remember when iTunes did the free singles of the week? (shoutout to @Jam yas) Well, one random week Taking In Water was the free song, so I downloaded it and I was instantly struck by the vocals, the lyrics, everything about it and that's when I started obsessing over Ms. Ware. While it was bettered by a number of tracks on the debut album, Taking In Water has remained special to me and I'm so happy to see how it soared here. Co-written with Tom Hull who has 2 more co-writes still remaining in the countdown (Wildest Moments & Night Light), it's probably the biggest ballad on the debut but it is so, so good!

    Commentary again!

    @Oleander = Such a powerful moment on the album which is appropriate given the subject matter of the song. I hope this does well.
    @Veeis = Another monumental song of the album. I just LOVE these tiny space'y instrumental bits in the background (especially last 30 seconds and ending bit), vocals are amazing and it just all flows so well.
    @Trouble in Paradise = I love when Jessie does big, powerful ballads like this. I’m also a sucker for any water/ocean imagery so this song is in my sweet spot. (It also explains why I’m such a huge Florence and the Machine fan). I love the passion in her voice and the cool burn of yearning especially in the chorus.
    @ThighHighs = A true belter. It’s maybe a bit overly dramatic, but I’ll eat that shit up. She sounds incredible, the concept of the song (being about her brother) is gorgeous, and the production makes the whole thing work by being just a little bit more understated so as to let her vocals do the heavy lifting. I’ve cried to this song.
    @Remorque = A beautiful ballad. I actually never realised this was released as a promo single?
    @Jam = one of the first songs I remember hearing (as a free iTunes track) I hadn’t been paying attention to Jessie beforehand, but the during the buzz of release week I ordered the CD album and had this track to tide me over

    @Runawaywithme = This may seem a strange choice for an 11, but i just couldn't give it to anything else. This song just does something to me that very few pieces of music can, it just punches me somewhere with a huge wave of nostalgia. It instantly makes me feel peaceful and calm, and reminds me of some very very happy times, it always makes me feel a bit better after listening to it, which has become a very cathartic experience for me. I have suffered quite a lot mentally over the last few years, but this song has always been kind of like a comfort blanket for me (along with more on this record) so i had to give it my 11 due to the personal connection i have with it.

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  8. Running was the first Jessie song I heard but this is still really relatable:

    Glad it went this far!
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  9. So happy this got as far as it did! It's one of my favorites from Jessie and makes me want her to duet with Florence so bad!!
  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Oh my Gosh what a dream collab!
  11. Yeah, those three songs were destined to place somewhere in top20. Also, Taking In Water it's such a beautiful song, I actually thought about making it my 11 too.
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  12. So happy for 'Love to Love' making it that far. It's gorgeous and I couldn't stop listening to it on the chilly Autumn/Winter evenings - that post-chorus instrumental gives me warming butterflies.
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    I know you hear me

    but can you reach me


    If You're Never Gonna Move (110%)


    Average = 8.24
    Highest Score = 10 x 8 @2014 @BeingBoring @CaliDevotion @evilsin @HarryEzra @Runawaywithme @spike3271 @ThighHighs
    Lowest Score = 4 x 2 @Jam @RainOnFire
    My Score = 10

    Jessie's very first single now leaves us at #12 and what a bop it is. I was addicted to this way back in 2012, I loved everything about it and it just sounded so different from anything else. Perhaps the closest our gal's been to controversy, this song was originally titled 110% but had to be changed to If You're Never Gonna Move as the main sample used in the track (from the Big Pun song "The Dream Shatterer") wasn't granted clearance. I honestly can't really tell the difference between the two versions because I love both, but it must have been a little annoying for her! Jessie looks incredible in the accompanying music video, directed by Kate Moross. This was also produced by long-time collaborator Julio Bashmore and it really set the ball rolling for her career - it just missed out on a top 40 placing in the UK peaking at #41, but she was so incredibly exciting - I can't believe it was 6 years ago!!!!

    If you're never gonna commentate here, how in the hell are you gonna commentate anywhere else? Can I get an amen?!

    @Runawaywithme = This song has such a transformative power, it just makes me think of sun and warmth and feeling free, whenever or wherever i listen to it. I can’t really describe how much i love it. The bridge just is compeley life changing and i just melt away into the moment whenever i hear it. The song just reminds me of happy light times and i’m very very glad it exists as it has helped me on many a dark, awful, night.
    @Remorque = I seriously thought I was about to 10 this, but after relistening I feel like it hasn't really stood the test of time. Still, those lyrics are definitely the highlight here!
    @Trouble in Paradise = I love the skittering beat and the way it pairs with the story the lyrics paint. The gauzy synth line above the whole song feels like the man standing against the wall while Jessie’s dancing her heart out. I can’t quite describe it but she perfectly marries the production, lyrics, and vocals for such a united statement.
    @Veeis = It's really light track but I was never a big fan of it.
    @ThighHighs = What kind of fizzy lifting drink in sonic form? Sometimes her music is hard to describe in words because it’s just so subtle, but so perfect. The simple production works perfectly with the syncopated lyrics, and those harmonies on the end are just… *gif of lawnmower flying away*

  14. I specifically remember discovering this song and Jessie through the YouTube ad for Devotion. I wasn't interested at first, but I kept finding the brief snippet of the song more and more compelling until I bought the album pretty much on impulse while it was on sale.
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    As the beat rolls on I watch from afar

    And watch you sing along


    Aaliyah (with Katy B)


    Average = 8.40
    Highest Score = 10 x 10 @2014 @BeingBoring @BlackoutZone @evilsin @HarryEzra @Jam @klow @Remorque @soratami @ThighHighs
    Lowest Score = 3.5 x 1 @mokitsu
    My Score = 10

    And just missing out on a space in our illustrious top 10 is our last of the extras, a complete and utter banger in the shape of Aaliyah. Katy and Jessie work so perfectly together and this is just a dream collab, right? It first appeared on Katy's Danger EP but then found its rightful place on her 2nd album, Little Red. The song is just too brilliant for words and I expected it to do well here, but just missing out on the top 10 is no mean feat, especially for an extra. Also where is Katy at? We need her back. This was written by the girls and produced by Geeneus, who helped Katy a lot with her first 2 albums. Katy and Jessie both have a lot in common - their debut albums were both shortlisted for the Mercury Album prize, they're both London girls and their careers are very dance orientated - they should do a whole album together!

    Last commentary before THE TOP 10!!!

    @soratami = I stan both Jessie and Katy so this was a match made in heaven for me. Their voices go extremely well together and obviously this is a huge bop.
    @Jam = I love Katy B so this is a perfect collaboration for me. It was nice for Katy to give her Jolene the chance to answer back.
    @Runawaywithme = Firstly, any kind of homage to the original queen of dark R&B is something i am 100% here for, secondly when the song is this much of a complete and utter bop it makes it even better. Jessie sounds absolutely stunning and adds a really special ethereal vibe to the song.
    @mokitsu = These lyrics are ............ a choice. Production is ok, a little cheap sounding, but Jessie delivers.
    @Trouble in Paradise = Love this modern take on “Jolene” but honestly wish we had more Jessie in the song. Her verse is easily the highlight of the song. I love her taking on this almost villainesque role within the song, she sounds good being bad.
    @ThighHighs = When I first heard this on the Katy B EP, I was STUNNED. Two of my very favorites combining forces? It doesn’t get better than this! The bridge where they do a sort of call and response is just dizzyingly amazing.

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    FINAL 10






  17. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Top 10 predictions anyone??
  18. Your Domino should be the first one out.
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  19. Oh my god, I stopped getting notification from the thread for some reason even when I was tagged! My 10s are falling so fast, 110% was the first song I heard of Jessie's and I still love it for introducing me to her. Taking In Water is about her brother, I believe, and it's so devastatingly beautiful. I was awe struck when she performed it live, so freaking powerful. And Aaliyah is such so sublime and perfect to a tea.
    4. YOU & I (FOREVER)

    6. RUNNING

    9. CRUEL
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