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WINNER REVEALED: Imagine It Was A Jessie Ware Rate: Jessie Ware Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by 2014, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. "Aaliyah" frankly left too early - it's one of Jessie's greatest vocal performances. I feel like the duality in the song is really striking - it's Aaliyah hagiography, immortalising her as this unimpeachable goddess, but I think the "Aaliyah" figure is also presented like just some girl at the bar like "my friend Olivia" from Katy's "Easy Please Me". Either way she has both Jessie and Katy "transfixed", but at the same time she's cruel, and provoking jealousy. The whole thing is an exercise in suspense - "Aaliyah" came out at a time when wordless choruses were becoming the norm in British chartpop, and I sort of like the fact that the drop never arrives, and you're just suspended in endless, UK-funky space.

    A banger!
  2. A Potential Top 10
    1. Wildest Moments
    2. Cruel
    3. Want Your Feeling
    4. Imagine It Was Us​
    5. Tough Love
    6. Your Domino
    7. Champagne Kisses
    8. Running
    9. Night Light
    10. You & I (Forever)

    I tried to balance my own ideas and faves with what I think others would like (and the love for bops). "Imagine It Was Us" is probably way to high but I could also see that happening...​
  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Like a ghost I cannot see

    You're the shadow behind me


    Night Light


    Average = 8.42
    Highest Score = 11 x 1 @Jam & 10 x 5 @Oleander @OspreyQueen @Remorque @spike3271 @Veeis
    Lowest Score = 5 x 1 @mokitsu
    My Score = 9

    So we enter the Top 10 and our first casualty is this mega-sultry effort, Night Light. I love this and it really stands out on Devotion; it's so big in everyday, in sound, message and vocals once again. It was the 4th single from her debut and managed to peak at #95 in the UK Singles Chart. Co-written with Kid Harpoon and Dave Okumu, it could be a great Bond theme. She's also serving in the black and white visual, which is easily her best music video (in my opinion) - she just oozes star quality and sex appeal. Night Light found much more sucess in Belgium, reaching #7 in their charts! European Queen! It just didn't quite get a 10 from me because I find there are much higher highs on Devotion but I do love it and seeing it in the top 10 is great!

    Bring on the commentary!

    @Remorque = Fucking hell, I love everything about this song. Her clear as crisp delivery, the stringy production, complimented by that air-y guitar... A bit fat YATH.
    @Trouble in Paradise = I definitely have to be in the mood for this song, but when I am, it rips me in half. The overarching sense of dread in the production countered by the hope and power in Jessie’s vocals are such a perfect take on the lyrics. However, when I’m not feeling it, it just seems like Jessie’s yelling “NIGHT! LIGHT!” at me.
    @Runawaywithme = I just love the darker vibe of this song, the verses feel so cinematic and beautiful, the middle-eight is really nice, the production is once again pretty much flawless and the way it quietly goes off in the chorus. This kind-of feels like her power-ballad moment, which i’m very much here for.
    @Veeis = This is one of the finest moments of debut album. Great melodies and I always get snatched by these vocals.
    @OspreyQueen = This is one of those songs I forget about for a year or so and come back to on a whim and get my wig re-snatched.
    @ThighHighs = This is so beautiful. Her performance in the second verse is so perfect. One of the best things about Jessie is the way she phrases her lyrics to get the absolute MOST emotional impact, and it fucking WORKS for me. I’ve cried to this song.

    @Jam = big, dramatic, an instant favourite and one that still hasn’t been replaced as ‘the one’ for me.

  4. I feel like If You're Never Gonna Move is the only song from top20 that I would love to be out earlier. I just can't get into it. Leaving Aaliyah just before top10 feels right, I adore it and it's one of the finest collabs ever but it doesn't belong to Jessie's top10.

    Night Light leaving at #10 feels great, it's one of her best songs. It's just oozes with sultriness and drama and I love it from the very first listen. One of my contenders for 11.
  5. Night Light is decent enough but it’s the Joe Goddard (of Hot Chip) remix that’s a true A-Grade bop.

  6. I've never gotten into this song, so this is pretty much how it always sounds to me. I was surprised it made the top ten, but I didn't know it was a single. Now it makes a little more sense...
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  7. Uno


    Just catching up with this - Midnight Caller and Aaliyah should've been in the Top 10!
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  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    So you wanna be a man about it

    do you have to?


    Tough Love


    Average = 8.62
    Highest Score = 10 x 8 @Bangers&Bops @BeingBoring @BlackoutZone @HarryEzra @klow @Runawaywithme @soratami @Trouble in Paradise
    Lowest Score = 6.5 x 2 @Hurricane Drunk @Veeis
    My Score = 9.5

    A surprise, perhaps? Jessie's last remaining lead single, the title track from her second studio album, falls now and I thought it could've gone a little further, but it just shows how strong her highs really are as that top 8 is still bulletproof! Released in April 2014, it peaked at #34 in the UK singles chart, becoming her first top 40 hit, and was included on Pitchfork's list of the 100 best songs of 2014. Critical and commercial success, whew! Another black and white music video was serviced for it, looking mysterious and beautiful at the same time. I love the song and love how it's quite eery in a way. I think it really kicks the album off really well - it's co-written with Benny Blanco and Benjamin Ash (BenZel) and it really proved our Jessie was not going to crumble under the weight of the sophomore release.

    I hate giving songs 9.5 because I feel like 'why not just give it a 10?' But her 10s are so good and Tough Love, while I love it, I just wouldn't put in Jessie's top, top tier. And that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Did y'all give this some Tough Love or not?

    @Trouble in Paradise = I debated whether or not this was a perfect 10 or not cause it didn’t feel as obvious as the other songs I was giving 10’s to. However, the more I thought about it the harder it was to find a fault in. It’s the perfect opener to its titular album. The production feels both immense and cavernous as well as soft and intimate at the same time. Jessie’s voice plays a similar game, hovering high and delicate yet exuding an inner strength. Add in lyrics that speak directly to my soul and my life and I’m sold.
    @Veeis = Again a nice opener but also a song that I never play by myself. Feels like I'm just not a fan of her title tracks ddd
    @Runawaywithme = One of the most beautiful songs in her discography, there are so many beautiful, perfect, musical moments hidden in this song (which also features some of her best vocals) and years later listening to it is still an electrifying, life-affirming experience. This was yet another contender for my 11, it’s just so lush and always find myself replaying it because i never want it too end. Another flawfree title-track.
    @mokitsu = I think the hook is super weak but the rest of the song is pretty cool. Not a very strong opener though.
    @ThighHighs = Stunning and atmospheric. Her breathy vocals in the verses are so pretty, and the chorus is beautiful. I’ve cried to this song.
    @Remorque = I remember being quite underwhelmed at the time of release, because this was the first song I heard off the album, but it's really re-established itself as a favourite in my mind. It has this tropical house (don't @ me) feel to it too...

  9. Not a big fan, I would rather have it somewhere in the top20 rather than in top10.
  10. I only have one song that's less than a 10 left (and it's a 9). Night Light was my last """"low"""" score (a 7). This is going flawlessly.
  11. Tough Love is stunningly beautiful and the Cyril Hayn remix is just as incredible.
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  12. Tough Love is a great opener, it took me a minute to appreciate it though, so I only gave it an 8.5.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Could you take all of my secrets

    Would you hear, would you believe it?


    Want Your Feeling


    Average = 8.78
    Highest Score = 11 x 1 @OspreyQueen & 10 x 8 @2014 @CaliDevotion @Jam @KamikazeHeart @soratami @ThighHighs @Trouble in Paradise @Veeis
    Lowest Score = 6.5 x 1 @Remorque
    My Score = 10

    Bop alert! Want Your Feeling is yet another loss for Tough Love and what a bop it is. I love the Fleetwood Mac similarities to it, and it has easily remained one of my favourites from the album - it's so addictive and still hasn't lost any of its shine from when I first heard it. Co-written with the fabulous Dev Hynes (of Blood Orange fame), this is such a dreamy effort from our gal, I'm ecstatic with its result here, though it could have gone a little higher! It was one of the few teaser tracks premiered before the album's official release, and it was great to hear that Jessie was still proving to be a versatile artist, with it perfectly contrasting from lead single (and just eliminated) Tough Love, as well as being a nice little sister song to Kind Of Sometimes...Maybe.

    Want your feelings on this now - commentary time!

    @Veeis = Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. It's so straight in your face and you get instantly hooked into that melody. I also adore that cold haunting vocal delivery in some parts.
    @mokitsu = A nice bop. I love the 'light shining in the room' hook.
    @ThighHighs = Without a doubt one of my absolute favorites. The chorus is perfect and the layers in the last minute of the song are practically Fleetwood Mac-esque. So amazing.
    @Runawaywithme = Jessie and Dev need to work together again, this is magical.
    @Remorque = Blends in nicely on the album, but is nowhere near a standout...
    @Trouble in Paradise = The second this song comes on, I am immediately feeling it. The pulsing sense of movement throughout is electric, I can feel it up and down my body. A little after the thirty second mark when the beat fully kicks in with the first “Lights still shining in the room,” I am fully swept into the song. She wields her voice here expertly exuding a cool confidence while asserting her desire in an almost aggressive forthrightness. The song continually builds on itself, the sense of anticipation building until it’s finally released in a glorious declaration of desire. Just missed getting my 11.
    @OspreyQueen = Just completely stunning.

  14. Oh come on, that's the second 11 I've lost today.
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  15. Popjustice, it's one of her best songs overall. it was also my contender for 11. I'm so glad it placed in top10!
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  16. Glad it made it to the Top 10 but would've loved to see it in the Top 5!
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  17. Contrarian alert, but I've always felt that "Want Your Feeling", despite still being decent enough, never quite comes together the way it should. The way the chorus goes "Lights still shining in the room / You left me in / ______________" has always annoyed me - it's like they forgot to end the line, or thought that space would suffice when really a bit more oomph or run-on could've made it really spectacular. It's probably one of the lesser Dev Hynes co-writes in my opinion.

    Anyway, enough negative nancying. Fingers are still crossed for an "Imagine It Was Us" / "Champagne Kisses" top 2!
  18. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    All I wanna know is it mutual

    Then I never want to leave




    Average = 8.86
    Highest Score = 11 x 2 @Hurricane Drunk @soratami & 10 x 6 @2014 @BeingBoring @BlackoutZone @Oleander @Remorque @ThighHighs
    Lowest Score = 6 x 1 @mokitsu
    My Score = 10

    What a song. I adore this in its entirety, from her vocals to the beyond heavenly production (the guitar makes me melt every time) - what a triumph. An easy 10 from me and quite possibly the 2nd choice for my 11. Released way back in February 2012 (how is that 6 years ago already I mean seriously), it's supported by a glorious music video which sees Jessie posing and pouting in her best Sade way, set in what looks like a theatre of some sort, or maybe just a really posh room? Running was based on the iconic Prince's song "The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker" and is another brilliant reminder of how Jessie burst onto the scene as this mysterious performer with a penchant for dance. The song was remixed and made even more popular by Disclosure, and it is a bop and a half but nothing can touch the original for me.

    Did this leave you running for me, or running away??

    @ThighHighs = This is the signature Jessie Ware sound for me, and as much as I do love her more recent work, I miss the more overt electronic influences in her music. The way this song builds is how all music should be. The guitar in this song is PERFECT. It adds little tricks and flourishes here and there, but it’s all about the last minute and a half. The climax of this song is one of the highlights of her career..
    @mokitsu = Not very memorable tbh.
    @Trouble in Paradise = Based on the title and lyrics, I always expect this to be a stone cold bop, but love that it turns out to be a glorious, Sade-esque sensual jam. Her vocals on the bridge are sublime.
    @Veeis = I always liked that track, instrumental is very nice and I love that middle-8 vocals.
    @Remorque = I actually first heard this (quite a lot) on the radio in its Disclosure remix, but when I then heard the original I was fucking sold. The 80s-ness of the production is delicious, while also sounding current. I fucking LOVE that guitar solo and the good sis definitely delivered during that middle 8.
    @Bangers&Bops = I love the beat but lyrically it’s a little too repetitive
    @soratami = Everything about this is absolutely excellent. The song that made me a fan.

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  19. Who were the low scorers though? I need names.
  20. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Oh whoops! I'll edit them in tomorrow, sorry!
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