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WINNER REVEALED: Imagine It Was A Jessie Ware Rate: Jessie Ware Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by 2014, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Once I was lost and now I'm found

    Then you turned my world around


    Never Knew Love Like This Before


    Average = 6.08
    Highest Score = 8.5 x 1 @Aester
    Lowest Score = 2 x 1 @BlackoutZone
    My Score = 5

    Another day, another soundtrack extra departs us! This...shouldn't have outlasted the previous 2 in my opinion, but here we are! The film is I Give It A Year and...yeah, I don't remember it either, but it does star Queens Rose Byrne, Anna Faris, Minnie Driver and Olivia Colman! The soundtrack also includes Corinne Bailey Rae, Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal aka bops galore! Jessie's song is fine enough I guess but it definitely was never going to go much further.

    I never knew comments like this before, so let's get cracking!

    @Trouble in Paradise = This song screeeeams 80’s prom scene in a movie! Jessie of course sells it well and actually fits quite nicely in this soundscape. However, the cheese factor is just a smidge too high for me to unironically love this.
    @ThighHighs = This is sweet, but it definitely sounds like it was made for a movie soundtrack. Kinda snoozy.

    (scream and that's it!)

  2. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I wish you'd just hold me open

    just to see your vision clear




    Average = 6.12
    Highest Score = 10 x 2 @spike3271 @Trouble in Paradise
    Lowest Score = 2 x 2 @Oleander @RainOnFire
    My Score = 6

    Devotion faces her first loss now with this bonus cut. Featuring the beautifully smooth vocals of Sampha, this isn't as good as a collaboration with the pair should've been, but it is romantic and a nice added extra! Released way back in 2011, both had been working and touring with dance act SBTRKT and decided to work together. Both have gone on to bigger and better things since, but it's nice that this is where they were at right at their very beginnings.


    @Runawaywithme = I don't really know how to describe this, but i really love it. Her and Sampha’s voices complement each other really well and the production is beautiful.
    @Veeis = They both can do a lot better.
    @Remorque = Although I'm here for both Jessie and Sampha and both of their discographies, this does absolutely nothing for me. Nothing.
    @ThighHighs = The video for this makes me very uncomfortable, but I love Sampha’s voice and the mix with Jessie’s voice is something special.
    @Oleander = Please let this be the first song out. This is the closest I’ve ever been to despising one of Jessie’s songs.
    @Trouble in Paradise = This was one of the first Jessie Ware songs I ever heard and it has quite the powerful meaning to me (I nearly made it my 11). One of my best friends killed himself in 2011 and me and a friend got to go through his room afterwards in one of the surrealist moments of my life. I found a bunch of his mixed cd’s and this was on one. It was one of the first Jessie Ware songs I ever heard and the first time I had ever heard Sampha’s voice. The pain of the song is more than just that memory though. I had a huge crush on this friend (I can’t overstate how infatuated I was). The opening lines of “So, will you never be my lover or my valentine? Never be a friend of mine. Never see my better side.” were words I truly wish I could say to him. I still wish I could.

  3. I cannot believe 'Valentine' is out before boring old 'Slow Me Down'
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  4. A 7 and a 6. I'm okay with those going.
  5. Thanks! I was definitely feeling myself throughout writing my commentary and maybe overshared a bit but I knew some people would do "Valentine" wrong and wanted to defend my love of it
  6. @t
    I wanted to say how touched i was by your commentary, and also sorry that you had to experience that.

    Its amazing how even a minor lyric or a minor beat we are able to associate with a memory, good or bad.

    Its a beautiful song to me too. I gave it a ten. Theres something whimsical about there voices together, paired with that lullaby like instrumental.

    I actually first heard it during the credits of Orange is the new black and shazammed it !
  7. Valentine is absurdly low! I’m corny AF but I listen to it every February 14. So floaty and delicate.
  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Just one today...





    No To Love


    Average = 6.26
    Highest Score = 9 x 3 @CaliDevotion @Remorque @soratami
    Lowest Score = 2 x 1 @Veeis
    My Score = 7.5

    Devotion faces its first proper cut now with us literally saying No to No To Love. While I get it is a bit repetitive, I really like it; the production, her voice and the rap all make this stand out, and nothing from the standard album of Devotion should be out at this point so this is frankly absurd to me!! But I do see where some of the low scores did come from. The rap is performed by the album's main producer Dave Okumu and really helps to make it fresh and exciting, adding more layers to the song that help Jessie not sound boring!

    So why did our commentators say no to love, then?

    @Remorque = Okay, I know this is an overlong interlude, but my fucking God it's gorgeous. Jessie's vocal performance in general has me gagging and hell, even Dave Okumu's presence gives me the feels.
    @Runawaywithme = Feels a bit like filler on Devotion, but that says more about the strength of the album than this song, which is still a very interesting, slightly darker take on her sound, something i wouldn’t mind her exploring more.
    @Trouble in Paradise = I’ve never been into this song. It feels inauthentic to Jessie in a way few of her songs do. The attitude is so put on and I’m not feeling the male vocalist.
    @Veeis = I hate it from the first listen, it's a hot repetitive mess for me. I feel like there are only "who says no to love" lyrics and that shitty rap by uncredited rapper.
    @soratami = The best part about this is the guy to be honest
    @mokitsu = Super repetitive and boring. A hard skip.
    @ThighHighs = The only real misstep on her debut. Jessie has a lot of nothing really to do, and the rap section isn’t as compelling as her voice is. It’s not bad, it’s just not as good as it should be.

    See you tomorrow! xx

  9. Yeah, it fine, but not thrilling enough, although that's not what I seek in Jessie's music.
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  10. As @ThighHighs said in his commentary, this is the only one misstep from Devotion and I would cut that track in the speed of light from being on the tracklist.
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  11. Wasn't expecting it to go that soon, but it is a funny one. Not a bad song per se, but it forms a kind of unimaginative slump in the album with Still Love Me.
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  12. Thank you! I genuinely cringed after reading my commentary posted publicly, it was... a lot. But I'm glad everyone was so kind and understanding. This rate felt so special cause so many of Jessie's songs hold those special memories for me!

    In unrelated news, I'm thankful we collectively disliked "No to Love" since it's one of the few Jessie songs I skip more often than I listen to it.
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  13. I'm not a fan of "No To Love" so I'm not surprised to see it go this early.

    I've always thought having "Still Love Me" and "No To Love" next to each other on the album was an odd choice because they're both repetitive, although I do really like "Still Love Me". Maybe if "No To Love" was somewhere else on the track list I might enjoy it more?
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  14. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Boy I gotta let you know

    Jessie got a thing for you


    What You Won't Do For Love


    Average = 6.28
    Highest Score = 9.5 x 1 @Aester
    Lowest Score = 3 x 1 @RainOnFire
    My Score = 5.5

    Devotion can't catch a break at the moment as another one of it's deluxe edition tracks leaves the rate. This is nice but forgettable and is probably the only song from her debut era that I could easily mistake for being on one of her later albums. I do like the subtle nods to various R&B princesses scattered through it though (the Aaliyah sample, Tatyana Ali & Monica also spring to mind). It's produced by Sampha and is a rework of Bobby Caldwell's original song of the same name. It was released as one of the iTunes deluxe edition bonus tracks.

    What won't you lot do for love?

    @Trouble in Paradise = I love the match between the more avant production and Jessie’s classic vocals. Sampha’s backing vocals are always welcomed (he also produced this!).
    @Veeis = It just does nothing for me, bland.
    @ThighHighs = I remember being SLEIGHED by this live. I didn’t have the bonus tracks from her album at first, so this cover when I saw her live was a revelation. She pulls it off perfectly.
    @Remorque = A little boring for my taste, but the lyrics are kinda relatable, seaux...
    @Bangers&Bops = Can’t hold a candle to the original.
    @Runawaywithme = This feels like it’s been picked from a really nice dream, it has Jessie’s stamp all over it and the production also really shines. It’s a bit of re-discovery for me.

  15. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    For many years, the lights would blind me

    but now I find they only want to lead me home




    Average = 6.32
    Highest Score = 10 x 2 @Runawaywithme @soratami
    Lowest Score = 2 x 1 @spike3271
    My Score = 5

    We return to her latest record now as Glasshouse suffers another hit with standard album version closer Sam going. I admit it's grown on me a little since scoring, but more for it's emotional punch - it is just kinda boring otherwise. The song is about her life with husband Sam Burrows (aka hottie o'clock) and their recent new-born, which is cute but just a bit tepid for it to be a real Jessie classic. It is also an Ed Sheeran co-write so that was unlikely to work in its favour! But nonetheless, it is cute.

    Commentary time!

    @ThighHighs = Pretty, but “songs about motherhood” never was a genre that did much for me.
    @OspreyQueen = It’s kinda sweet, but not sweet enough that I’d happily listen to more than a minute of it.
    @Veeis = Quite bland, but I adore the outro.
    @mokitsu = A very gorgeous ballad and amazing closer.
    @soratami = I won't be happy if y'all heartless binches tank this. But I do expect it since an accoustic number about her husband and child is basically PJ kryptonite. Anyway I really love how personal and heartfelt it is.
    @Oleander = Such a touching little song that will no doubt be done wrong. What makes that inevitable result funny is that some of those haters would be praising their man to the high heavens like Jessie is if they could even get a man in the first place, that is.
    @Trouble in Paradise = Adele must have screamed when she heard this song. In much of Glasshouse you can hear Adele and 25’s blueprint for better or worse. Unlike some of the other songs that suffer from an imposter feeling, this song feels deeply personal and vulnerable even if it’s a bit cliche. In a weird way, the song is so deeply personal that it feels wrong for all of us to be listening to it. I imagine Jessie playing it for her family and friends in her living room to rapt silent attention and then a tear filled group hug once the lovely outro is over.
    @Runawaywithme = I hate ed sheeran as much as the next homosexual on here, but this is lovely. Her voice sounds so close, and vulnerable, like it never really has before. The little jazzy background touches to the guitar is such a subtle touch that really adds to the way she tells the story, the outro is also one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard in a long time and makes me feel like I'm floating on a cloud, flying really high, about to touch the sky, it reminds me of some of the songs on Florence's masterpiece How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful that have similar touches, but this one definitely has Jessie's unique stamp all over it.

  16. A 6 and a 5. This is going really well.
  17. I think i might have been a bit too generous oops.
  18. I actually really like Sam. One of the most bearable “songs about motherhood” for me.
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  19. Well, I knew that wouldn't last... at least it's good to see from the commentaries several people also like it a lot.
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