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WINNER REVEALED! Why Are You So Obsessed With PJ00s 4?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by happiestgirl, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. It’s about time Margaret won something.

    Cool Me Down was better than half the Eurovision entries that year.

    This song, however...
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  2. I've picked my song for the next round already.

    I've decided from now on I'm going to pick songs I love but don't have any real emotional connection to, to save myself the worry of wanting to kill people when their votes are revealed and they didn't give me any points.
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  3. Been a blast catching up. Thx for the points. I knew I could count on @Iggypig and @Jeffo!
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  4. I have as well.

    But I'm ready to get vetoed.
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  5. I haven't entertained this idea!
  6. Excellent top few songs! Amazing round.

    And was anybody surprised I tried to make Josie and the Pussycats happen again? I even chose a character other than Josie in case @Mina wanted to join in.
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  7. Nope, not at all!

    Aww, you should have told me (and @TRAVVV) so we could have coordinated!
  8. I call Dido
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  9. I hope it's not literally a horror theme because all those horror movie posters/gifs this round were bad enough.
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  10. Same. If that's it, I might decline to pick something again.

    To be honest, I'm getting tired of side themes that involve us picking something to represent us/our ballot. Let's be more original, folks!
  11. Well, I can be rather flexible: one of my last PJSC entries was a friggin Miss A song...
  12. So while we wait for round 5 hosted by @Hudweiser to start, maybe we can use the gap time to dole out The Tiny Awards.

    Poor @saviodxl wins The Tiny Crown with 14 points for his entry, Lunik's Through Your Eyes. Of note, this is the highest amount of points earned by a Tiny Crown winner thus far.


    Our other objective award is the Tiny Boot - the participant who was vetoed the most number of times by The Plastics the veto panel. This time, unless someone points out facts to the contrary, this award belongs to @londonrain with four consecutive vetoes before passing with Anggun.


    Maybe y'all can toss out some nominations for our other regular awards? These include:
    • The Tiny Violin - aka the honorary @Ray "I can't even lose properly" award - a dubious honor bestowed upon the participant who has whined the most this round
    • The Tiny Fist - awarded to the participant whose entry was (allegedly) stolen by someone else, and who complained the loudest and longest about that fact
    • The Tiny Vinyl Record - a distinct honor given to the most indie entry
    • The Tiny Poptart - a prestigious award given to the most poptastic entry of the round
    • The Tiny Claw - a coveted prize given to the angstiest entry of the round
    And any other Tiny Awards you can think of! Maybe with the upsurge of R&B and dance entries as of late, there can also be a Tiny Award for each of them? I'm blanking on creative/punny names for them at the moment.
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  13. I think I get the tiny vinyl considering my entry included vocaloid, Gregorian chanting, harps, dreamlike lyrics and a multitude of layers! Susumu deserves something, damn it!

    Also I got most of the points from 3 12s and 1 10 - that is in round of three gold medals and one silver for an entry that didn't even make the top twenty! When will your faves??
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  14. Winning this award is quite the honor and means so much. I'd like to thank Imogen and Guy, first off, for deciding to create Frou Frou and allowing Let Go to be featured on the Garden State Soundtrack. I'd also like to thank them for deciding to get the band back together and tour in 2018 in conjunction with Imogen's solo tour. Lastly, I'd like to thank the fans for their constant support and inspiration they have given me. Thank you.

  15. I claim the Tiny Violin award for the amount I complained about being on zero points during the reveals. The Tiny Fist is probably between @Hudweiser (for losing Boyz ‘n’ Girlz United to @Iggypig) and me for losing Gia Farrell to you, but I think @Hudweiser definitely complained more!

    The Tiny Poptart is tough. I think it’s between @tylerc904 (Linnea), @iheartpoptarts (Mikaila) and you (Gia) but I’d nominate you as I think Gia put the “tastic” into “poptastic”.

    The Tiny Sax goes to our winner’s 12 - who was that this time?
  16. I don't complain. I threaten.
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  17. No, no awards for @Hudweiser, second place is award enough! Poor old Boyz 'N' Girlz came 23rd! That's only 61 places better than they're original UK charting position!

    We've suffered enough.

    I'm not bitter.....not one bit.
  18. Oh, in that case, I definitely claim the Tiny Fist award for being deprived of a top ten finish in favour of... squeaking into the top forty.

    I wish I'd managed 23rd place.
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  19. Teaser artwork for next time

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  20. Ray


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