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Withdrawn Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Manny, May 6, 2010.

  1. Hello!

    I'm after as many songs as possible that were chosen to be singles but then magically withdrawn - and the potential reasons for this decision. Any will do but especially those that got to the pressing stage.

    Cheers :)
  2. OK, with a slight emphasis on the 80s...

    Act (ex-Propaganda) - Chance
    Associates - Country Boy
    Beloved - Deliver Me
    Stephen Duffy - Baby Impossible
    Frazier Chorus - Heaven
    Howard Jones - Two Souls
    Kate Bush - Eat The Music
    KLF - Turn Up The Strobe (labels were pressed - I've even got one!)
    Michael Jackson - Smile
    Michael Jackson - Someone In The Dark (I think this was only going to be issued is the US anyway - but it was pressed)
    The Smiths - Meat Is Murder EP
    Sarah Cracknell - Goldie
    Thompson Twins - Roll Over

    Most of the above seem to have been cancelled due to either the artists/record companies simpply changing their minds or the record companies pulling them as the preceeding singles or albums had underperformed.

    There are literally thousands more!
  3. ^ Whay he said! Gosh there are/were so many.

    Seeing the Smiths mentioned there, I wasn't sure if Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before got to the pressing stage or not, when the Hungerford massacre happened.

  4. Explain the connection to me. I'm not really that familiar with The Smiths and I'm too young to remember Hungerford in any great detail.

    For some reason I cant think of any withdrawn singles - ones that made it past the pressing stage - I can only think of withdrawn formats (Kylie's Where is the Feeling"" CD2) or single release plans that were changed after promos or acetates were sent out (Dannii "It Won't Work Out")
  5. There's a line about comitting mass murder.

  6. I'm not aware of Stop me... getting to the pressing stage, but you never know. Such is the nature of the collectors scene, that it's not impossible that one could emerge at some point. Reel Around The Fountain got to the test pressing stage too.

    Also, I missed a couple:

    Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea
    Steps - Baby Don't Dance

    And if memory serves me correctly didn't Noel Gallagher object to a slight change in the lyrics for Urban Cookie Collective's cover of Champagne Supernova resulting in the CDs getting pulped?
  7. This acquired mythical status for me, since I was a huge TT nut at that time and the thought of a single-that-never-quite-was fascinated me. I so wanted to hear it! Eventually, I did on an import CD issue of Here's To Future Days about 10 years later, and oh the anti-climax haha.

    Tom Bailey said there were 250,000 copies of this, all pressed and ready to go before he collapsed and the whole album campaign was shelved.

  8. I managed to wangle a promo the very week it was supposed to have been released and have loved it ever since. I'd go as far as to say it's actually one of my three favourite Thompson Twins tracks.

    I've also spent the last five years trying to track down the 7" and 12" with very little luck. I spoke to someone connected with Arista not long after the proposed release and he told me that out of the pressing, around 40-50 of each format were saved and most headed off to the US where they still had a fan base at the time. Easily my most wanted record - there's not a lot I wouldn't do to get my hands on one!
  9. It was very much a track which the US would like more than here, I can't see how it would have done that well in the UK (it almost sounds more at home with the Close To The Bone era-material, which totally stiffed here). Ah, that reminds me, wasn't Bush Baby another pulled single of theirs?

  10. At the risk of completely taking this thread over (sorry MG123!)...

    Bush Baby was, as far as I know, not considered for release in the UK. However, there was a 7" released in Australia, albeit as a very limited pressing. It was also promoed in the US, but I don't honestly think it was ever seriously considered as a single release. By that point their career was pretty much in freefall on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Do we need a Thompson Twins thread? Oh yes!
  11. Yeah, apologies for taking the thread down a Thompson Twins road!

    I often come across withdrawn singles in the Great Rock Discography.

  12. Over You by Girlicious!
    Was released digitally in Canada then was dropped as the lead single and video was scrapped due to the worldwide release of Maniac!!!!!!
  13. S Club (7): Show Me Your Colours, Stronger and (I think) Dance.
    Spice Girls - Never Give Up On The Good Times: was going to be a double A-side with Viva Forever. It was scrapped because of Geri's departure (she had a few solo lines on this song).
  14. Mistake Number 3 - Culture Club.

    Don't think it got pressed but am sure there was a video as this single was the only possibility of saving the disastrous 'Waking Up With The House On Fire' campaign, it got released in US but pulled at the last minute here when, if I remember correctly, the whole band fell out and George flounced off to New York to do loads of drugs.
  15. ^ Was there a video compilation for This Time? Maybe it was on that....I'm curious now!


    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I guess we could put Mini Viva's One Touch in here now, since the physical obviously isn't coming out.
  17. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    You can find the (gorgeous but odd) video on the Greatest Hits DVD.
  18. Saint Etienne - Lose That Girl & Don't Back Down.

    The latter was cancelled when the Hybrid mix of Boy Is Crying popped up I think. I don't think it was ever pressed. The former got closer to being a single, with actual remixes etc. I'm not sure why it was cancelled. Maybe because The Bad Photographer only just scraped the top 30? Anyway, it's a shame neither were released as they're both favourites of mine from their respective albums.
  19. The video is heinous. Everything was going to shit at this point and clearly Virgin thought that throwing money at it might rescue the project which failed spectacularly. By this point George was looking like Danny La Rue.

    Has such an ugly video ever been made for such a great song???

  20. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I think it's pretty, I like George's makeup and costumes.
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