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WJ RATE? ♡ the WJSN discography rate。.:*☆ AND THE WINNER IS...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Not this See Saw slander…
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  2. Dhfjskdkdk you stupid bitch!!
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  3. dhsjhfs I meant a hypothetical Gowon b-side, not that one in particular! Which I also dislike but that's beside the point!

    I forgot this even existed, glad it's gone, they're verging on out of tune for like 75% of it nn. And doo-doo, doo-doo-doo? A career nadir!
  4. [​IMG]

    Cosmic Babes: 10x1 (@nikkysan) 9.75x1 (@codecat) 8.5x1 (@ysev)
    Earth Dwellers: 4.5x1 (@enjoy) 5x1 (@Vixen) 5.5x1 (@Attis)
    @junglefish: 8
    @ysev: 8.5
    5 Voters: 34
    10 Voters: 45
    15 Voters: 53
    20 Voters: 53
    24 Voters: 55

    @Vixen, your wish has finally been granted. We now say goodbye to Follow Me.

    Ouch, from a respectable #34 at the start of the voting period to being eliminated at #55. I'm pretty sure this is biggest drop we've had so far! Is it deserved? I'm not sure tbh.

    Follow Me is track 7 on 'Happy Moment', the group's first and only full length album. Composed and written by Coach & Sendo and Shim Eunji (a very prolific lady who has worked with Wonder Girls, 2PM, INFINITE, TWICE, ITZY, f(x), miss A, IU and many others), it's an upbeat song that's definitely... unique! My favorite part is for sure the frantic pre-chorus, which is so fun and catchy I've caught myself randomly singing it several times while preparing this rate. The pop-rockish middle-8 (? I don’t know music terminology lol) is another highlight of the track and a nice change of pace from the rest of the track.

    Surprisingly, this time around the weakest elements of the song are definitely the vocals of the girls. I've always thought they sounded bad on this. I'm not sure if the mixing is at fault but it gets really grating after a while and takes away from the great instrumental underneath the mess.

    Still, I feel like it could have stayed a little bit longer as there are definitely worse tracks left on the album, like its title track for example.

    @Attis (5.5) : Uninspired filler.

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  5. They definitely do sound bad here... which again is baffling, but anyway...

    It kind of reminds me of an earlier Twice b-side... but it might just be a "time" thing where that sound was just popular during that era.
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  6. Fucking bitches…

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  8. Emergency!

    We're losing our first title track....

    and it's not a subunit track!

    Cosmic Babes
    : 10x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 8.5x1 (@Hurricane Drunk) 8.25x1 (@KimLippington)
    Earth Dwellers: 4x1 (@Wills) 5x1 (@nikkysan) 6x2 (@Vixen, @Attis)
    @junglefish: 7.75
    @ysev: 7.5
    5 Voters: 69
    10 Voters: 62
    15 Voters: 63
    20 Voters: 59
    24 Voters: 54

    The official Cosmic Girls debut song is leaving the rate. Do we care? Not really. Why? Because we collectively decided that 'Secret' is their debut. Good. Let's go:

    MoMoMo was released on February 26th, 2016 as part of the group's debut EP 'Would You Like?'. We would not but thanks for asking. Just kidding! (Or am I?) It's written by Kim Ina and sexy Exy and composed by Seo Yongbae. It was part of a double title track affair with 'Catch Me'.

    Starship introduced the group as a 12-piece without future maknae, songstress extraordinaire and 3D personality Yoo Yeonjung, who by the way still remains one of the most popular members! Deservedly so.

    MoMoMo starts out promising with an 80s synth intro that sounds super spacey and cosmonaughty. It reminds of the theme of 'Stranger Things'. Never watched it and don't plan to, but the opening slaps. As the song progresses it just falls apart. There's not really a vision and it doesn't really stick to your brain either. The chorus is cute but ultimately quite bland. Especially bland for a title track. Super very especially bland for a debut song. It doesn't incept the group's future identity at all. It fails on all fronts. But you know what? There was only room for improvement from this point onwards.
    And wow, what an improvement was about to follow after this!

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (10) : I’ve always liked that song and I miss Exy-centric tracks

    @ultraviolet (8) : This would’ve got a 7 but I feel some sort of nostalgia about it and happy memories appear when I listen to it. They’ve come so far

    @Cotton Park (7.5) : I don't hate this any more. Not that I love it or anything.

    @vague (7.75) : this chorus is... not good, i'm so sorry. cute verses, tho!

    @codecat (7) : The less we talk about the PRE-DEBUT era the better!

    @Attis (6) : Sounds like song from cheap Chinese toys (ysev: loooooooool)

    @Wills (4) : The verses sound like they’re gearing up for a serve but clearly no one knew what the fuck they were doing with that chorus. Ruins the whole thing!

  9. The correct first title track elimination. Thankfully their run of title tracks going forward was pretty much bulletproof.
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  10. Anyways.....

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  11. He


  12. I’m on a lil bday trip so we’re slowing down the elims til Saturday <3
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  13. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes
    : 10x1 (@Slice of Life) 9x1 (@RUNAWAY) 8.75x1 (@vague)
    Earth Dwellers: 4x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 6x2 (@nikkysan, @Cotton Park) 6.5x1 (@Serg.)
    @junglefish: 7
    @ysev: 7
    5 Voters: 59
    10 Voters: 57
    15 Voters: 58
    20 Voters: 55
    24 Voters: 53

    Well the weather has been horrible all day, so you're getting an elim!

    Once again, a song from 'Would You Like?' is leaving us. Damn, this poor mini really took a beating. Do I think it deserves the lashings?... Yeah. Yeah.

    Take My Breath is another track from their debut that's not offensively bad, but not very good either. Though I have to say, I was relieved when the girls started singing and I realized it wouldn't be the girl crush crap I dreaded after those first notes.

    Composed by Vincenzo, Kwon Seon-ik, Any Masingga and Nam Gi-sang, Take My Breath gives me old school K-Pop vibes, which is not that surprising considering the good sis Gi-sang has worked with veteran girl group Jewelry. It also sounds like a nugu group trying to replicate SISTAR's summer sound, especially Loving U. It's a filler track through and through but still one of the best offerings from the mini.

    Lyrically, I don't think I need to tell you guys what the track is about. Yes, it's L O V E once again.

    @vague (8.75) : much better than either of the title tracks on this album tbh.

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  14. Hmmm it really does sound like a pissweak Sistar summer bop, doesn't it? I'd never made that connection. No great loss!
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  15. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes
    : 9.5x1 (@ysev) 9x2 (@Vixen, @codecat) 8.75x2 (@Love Deluxe, @BEST FICTION)
    Earth Dwellers: 4x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 5.5x2 (@Attis, @Serg.) 6x2 (@eliminathan, @Hurricane Drunk)
    @junglefish: 6.75
    @ysev: 9.5
    5 Voters: 51
    10 Voters: 51
    15 Voters: 50
    20 Voters: 51
    24 Voters: 52

    No time to bullshit. I am mad. This deserved a top 40 placement and the gag of the century is that '12 O'Clock' never managed to go beyond rank 50. A Travesty.

    '12 O'Clock' is a b-side off of WJSN's 6th mini album 'WJ Stay?'. A lot of people worked on this track. Some wrote it, some composed and some did whatever. Let me just list them: Kriz, BrotherSu, Dart, P!Bee, Exy, dress, glowingdog, Yenevara and Kim Yeonseo. Ok? A bit excessive for a k-pop song but it makes sense considering how eclectic the song is. Sorta.

    Let me get one thing out of the way: I hate carnival, cabaret, circus, 40s jazz influenced pop with a burning passion. So why the hell do I love this song? The chorus. The chorus! The song starts of very weak in my extremely humble opinion, wink wink. Kinda similar to 'Hurry Up'.
    I remember the first time I listened to the 'WJ Stay?' EP I skipped it after 10 seconds. The first time I let it play in full I was absolutely shocked though. Gobsmacked. Downright flabbergasted!

    Around the 40 second mark the song just opens up. It sounds like someone pulled the crusty earwax from yesteryear out of your ears and you can finally hear clearly again. Screw that... you can finally hear God! The song completely transforms from a cabaret pastiche to this otherworldly synth-heavy pop concoction. It pulsates, it floats, it sounds like you're up in the sky. And the vocals? Some of the groups most ethereal takes. A pure delicacy. The bridge is a feast for cosmic lovers too. It pulls back and let's you breathe before hitting you again with the chorus at the end. The 'catch me noooooow, hwanhi binnaaaaaaa oh-oh' bit is just... fff it makes me lose my goddamn mind.

    So why a 9.5 and not a 10? Because reality hits you like a ton of bricks after the first chorus and the song reverts to the sound it opened with. And one of the girls even quotes the ahjumma from Cinderella during her rap. Bibidi babidi boo! Abysmal.
    But I can't make the chrous not hit as hard as it does. It's truly one of their best and despite being probably only half the song, it forces me to stan. Relentlessly.

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (4) : No circus tent, please.

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  16. Exactly!!!! Exactly...which makes me think...how many of these crusty girls skipped the song at 00:30 and never listened to the best part of the song aka the mega chorus? Let's hear those confessions!

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  17. I mean the chorus is good but everything else is literally poo poo caca. It’s clown music! Good riddance.
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  18. Yknow, I've been wondering when Love O'Clock is. Glad to see it's sometime after 12! Sorry @ysev!
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  19. I just realized what song Love O'Clock reminds me of.

    Makes me wonder if there would be a potential for a electroswing / retro / circus influenced K-Pop rate, but I fear that might be a little bit too cursed.
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  20. We need to get to a new page so here is Yeonjung stealing camera time from the lessers:
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