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WJ RATE? ♡ the WJSN discography rate。.:*☆ AND THE WINNER IS...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes: 10x2 (@codecat, @Slice of Life) 9x4 (@Crisp X, @Attis, @KimLippington, @Wills) 8.75x2 (@thommyh, @vague)
    Earth Dwellers: 3x1 (@Hurricane Drunk) 6x2 (@enjoy, @eliminathan) 6.75x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois)
    @junglefish: 7.25
    @ysev: 7
    5 Voters: 37
    10 Voters: 42
    15 Voters: 39
    20 Voters: 43
    24 Voters: 45

    'Dream Your Dream' loses its second song and it's time for Love O'clock to leave us!

    The song starts and ends with an interpolation of Tchaïkovsky's seminal classical piece 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy', well known for featuring in the movie 'Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale'. Interestingly, this piece of music was also used in some of the EP's teasers. But anyway, it's not very representative of the rest of the track so lemme stop talking about it, just know that I've always loved it, so thank you Starship for supporting indie talents like the good sis Tchaïky.

    Composed by AVGS (Rainbow's Whoo, APRIL's Yes Sir, 9MUSES' Pastry...), the song then devolves into a pretty frantic upbeat song, with a hook that – as per Love O'clock's official description – is supposed to be reminiscent of Indian festivals. Awright! I can see what they mean, I guess. There's definitely an interesting mix of influences here, but I'm not sure it's successful. Overall, it's not unpleasant but it's doesn't amount to much more than a filler track in my opinion. I feel like I'm saying the same thing in every post I write, but Exy's rap is once again one of the best parts of the song. That and Seola and Yeonjung's beautiful and soothing bridge.

    By the way, if you wanted to know, Love O'clock is 12am according to the lyrics, so put the melatonin gummies back in the medicine cabinet, girls.

    @Attis (9) : Racket southern gals bop !

    @KimLippington (9) : This song is bonkers lmaooo

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  2. Not to be that person, but you've overlooked Barbie in the Nutcracker, which came out in 2001 – a full six years before Tam and Terry reheated and rehashed the Sugar Plum Smash.


    Credit where it's due, please!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Okay another great 'o'clock song' is this masterpiece:

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  4. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes: 10x2 (@codecat, @RUNAWAY) 9x3 (@He, @vague, @Slice of Life) 8.5x1 (@KimLippington)
    Earth Dwellers: 6x2 (@Attis, @ultraviolet) 6.5x1 (@Serg.) 7x1 (@enjoy)
    @junglefish: 8.25
    @ysev: 7.75
    5 Voters: 47
    10 Voters: 50
    15 Voters: 45
    20 Voters: 44
    24 Voters: 44

    The next song to leave us is 'Baby Come To Me' off of 'From. WJSN'. It's written and composed by SEION and Long Candy, whereas Tenzo & Tesco arranged the song. Exy once again wrote her own rap. SEION worked with cute concept powerhouses like Apink, Lovelyz and April and most famously co-wrote Apink's 'Mr. Chu'.

    'Baby Come To Me' starts off with a very familiar saccharine piano riff that unsurprisingly reminds me of groups like Apink, Gfriend or DIA. When the song properly starts and the percussions and synths kick in it retains that pure and innocent vibe. A win for the cute girls!

    I'm surprised I only gave it a 7.75 since I actually like this type of sound a lot, especially when done right. And in my opinion this is quite amazing. What I appreciate is that Exy's rap is contained to the first half of the bridge. No shade to Exy Shakur, as I absolutely respect her pen, but with cute songs a lot of rap sections can feel a bit shoehorned in and forced. In 'Baby To Me' it doesn't overstay its welcome though and for that I am thankful. I would probably give the song a 9 now.

    @Attis (6) : poor recreation of Gfriend / Apink sound, the beat sounds too soft (ysev: trust, you will be dealt with!)

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  5. @codecat is the only true pure-concept unnie on this forum and the rest of us are fakes.
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  6. Yes...the rumors are true. In a world full of dusty, crusty tricks such as @Attis, the Korean Producers of Bros Planet 69 have chosen me, @codecat sunbaenim, to be the center of their new refreshing concept group! I will work hard, so please show me lots of love!

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  7. Sorry I only work with high-quality pure stuff, not some nugu-tier shit !

    Also we been knew the sole reason of you being picked as center is due to this widespread sexual content you purposely done !

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  8. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes: 10x4 (@codecat, @Crisp X, @junglefish, @Slice of Life) 9.5x2 (@nikkysan, @ysev) 9x3 (@thommyh, @Wills, @Serg.)
    Earth Dwellers: 3x1 (@enjoy) 4.5x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 5.5x1 (@Cotton Park)
    @junglefish: 10
    @ysev: 9.5
    5 Voters: 20
    10 Voters: 26
    15 Voters: 37
    20 Voters: 37
    24 Voters: 43

    Don't shoot the messenger @codecat, but 'Happy Moment' loses another song. Yeah. And this time I'm mad because I gave it a 10! Actually, four of us gave it a 10! Despite this, B.B.B.Boo couldn't get into the top 40. Earth Dwellers, trust, you will be dealt with.

    B.B.B.Boo is track 8 on the group's only full length album. It was composed by the absolutely iconic producing duo E-TRIBE, responsible for classics such as miss A's Hush, T-ara's yayaya and of course SNSD's Gee. The absolute disrespect to eliminate this song so early. You guys will not see heaven. Nobody else could have produced this song, which is very representative of their work. Just like Gee and LOONA's love4eva (another song produced by E-TRIBE), there's a certain franticness to the track, in a very good way.

    Sure, the verses may not live up to that incredible chorus, but I actually like the 'calm before the storm' effect it gives B.B.B.Boo, they reel you in before unleashing that beast of a chorus and it's so infectious and fun. A pure serotonin boost. The production on the track is insane but my favorite thing about it is the way they've used the vocoder or whatever, I don't know why but it pushes the song from a 9 to a 10 for me.

    I'm not gonna spend time talking about the lyrics because it's getting a bit repetitive fff. Once again it's about liking a guy yada yada yada you get the picture!

    @Crisp X (10) : This was an instant favorite if only for the way it makes me nostalgic for my teenage self who would break some cheap wired earbuds once in a while, making every song sound blown out like this.

    @Wills (9) : Sounds a bit like my car engine (junglefish: bestie might I interest you in a new car?)

    @Attis (8) : I love the manic head-banging bass instrumental but nothing from the melody stuck in my head

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (4.5) : Are those whale sounds?

    The more observant of you may have noticed that we jumped from 44 to 42... Yep, we have another tie! Any idea what is leaving next?
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  9. Not this leaving already, tasteless!
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  10. B.B.B.Boo wishes it was this:

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  11. I didn't even realize B.B.B.Boo was still in... Good riddance x
  12. When I asked you whores to post in the thread that's not what I wanted!
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  13. B.B.Boo is insanely good, this is a terrible elimination! As much as I want Hola gone, I almost don't want B.B.Boo having to share a spot with that monstrosity.


    ...actually never mind, fuck Hola. Get her out of here!
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  14. Cheng Xiao, finish them

    I'm manifesting As You Wish as the second part of the tie pleek

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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Why is Hola still here…
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  17. Not this latinexyphobia... Hola is a 10!
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  18. I didn't have the chance to vote but I'm hoping for a Prince win.
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  19. Well...


    Some people are gonna be happy about this next elimination.

    Not you two though!

    Cosmic Babes: 10x3 (@thommyh, @Wills, @Attis) 9.75x1 (@codecat) 9x3 (@nikkysan, @ysev, @Slice of Life)
    Earth Dwellers: 5x1 (@Serg.) 6.5x3 (@KimLippington, @enjoy, @Charles Vingt-†rois) 6.75x1 (@Vixen)
    @junglefish: 7.5
    @ysev: 9
    5 Voters: 22
    10 Voters: 32
    15 Voters: 36
    20 Voters: 42
    24 Voters: 42

    Sorry! It's time to say goodbye to Prince. Vive la révolution!

    Prince, composed by e.one, is the fourth track on what we all consider WJSN's true debut EP, 'The Secret'.
    I admit I may have underscored this and for that, I'm sorry. Listening to it right now, I really love the 8bit-like production at some points in the song and those little acapella parts are great. The rap, once again, ties the whole thing together. What I love about WJSN is that even in a cutesy song like Prince, EXY's rap parts never feel tacked on and are essential to the song. Yeonjung also had something to prove that day and shows us why she joined the group: to hit those high notes baayyyybay.

    I do think a little something is missing to make it an essential WJSN b-side, especially when the group has so many excellent tracks in their discography. As it is, it's a very nice Super Mario Galaxy bop that I won't skip the next time I listen to 'The Secret', but not one I'm going to seek out. Two of our high-scorers obviously adore it though, and had some really nice things to say about it, so let's jump to their comments!

    @Attis (10) : The real star in this EP tbh, perfect balance of WJSN early manic production and singable melody

    @Wills (10) : As a group, they’ve tended to dance atop a groove rather than fully sinking into it. That approach has worked brilliantly, but it also makes moments like this – where their vocals slot perfectly into the instrumental’s machinery – a little extra special. In a world where I-Yah didn’t exist, this would’ve been my 11!

    Apologies for the (even) short(er than usual) write-up, it's been a long day!
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  20. [​IMG]
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