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WJ RATE? ♡ the WJSN discography rate。.:*☆ AND THE WINNER IS...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Hello!
    I woke up this morning and realized that I indeed do exist! Subsequently a domino effect of realizations ensued, one of them being that I haven't done an elimination post in... you tell me! So here, let me be productive :)

    This is me being productive:
    Cosmic Babes: 10x3 (@thommyh, @Slice of Life, @enjoy) 9.5x3 (@KimLippington, @Hurricane Drunk, @eliminathan) 9.25x2 (@junglefish, @He)
    Earth Dwellers: 6.5x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 7x2 (@Wills, @ysev) 7.75x1 (@RUNAWAY)
    @junglefish: 9.25
    @ysev: 7
    5 Voters: 35
    10 Voters: 37
    15 Voters: 35
    20 Voters: 28
    24 Voters: 27

    'Badaboom' is track numero FIVE on the 'As You Wish' mini-album, released on November 19th, 2019. Nithonius, B.O. and KZ worked on the song, while Exy once again wrote her rap verse herself.

    First off, I haven't heard the entire EP from start to finish since probably 2020 and I just did now! I never noticed but songs like 'WW', 'Don't Touch' and 'Badaboom' definitely feel like early album cuts when compared to the title track and 'Lickitty-cat'? I guess what I'm trying to say is that these types of songs are not necessarily something I would've expected WJSN to release post "Dreams Come True".

    That being said, 'Badaboom' is a very hyper and loud uptempo tune that makes you wanna shake your hip. Your...ethnic hip, if you will *wink wink*. While the song clearly has a lot of spices and flavor to it, it sounds more like Heather going to belly dancing classes at her local mall in Minneapolis rather than fully fledged Aya (Agrabah Version). And I like that vibe! It's giving carefree! Also, Dawon and Seola lead the team on 'Badaboom' and have the exact same amount of lines, sharing the number one spot! Ahhh this kills the SeolWon stan!

    Lyrically, I think the girls are on an acid trip and might be a bit paranoid? There are also a good deal of logical inconsistencies like "You just follow, as you lead". How am I supposed to do that? But then again, this is the same group that told me to go on and kiss my lips! So... lemme follow that advice right now xx

    @KimLippington (9.5) : The Seola-Dawon pre-chorus is a 13/10. (ysev: a moment for the history books!)

    @Attis (8) : The chorus starts strong but quickly hampered wtf

    @Wills (7) : Supremely faceless, parts of this are actually pretty great, but it doesn’t do enough to earn its place in their discography

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (6.5) : I appreciate the effort (ysev: I don't appreciate you not liking my POSTS, like them...NOW :gunemoji:)

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  2. Since I'm in the mood:
    the next elimination is gonna make some of you really mad!

    [x x]
  3. It's a faceless mess, but it's a faceless mess I actually can enjoy from time to time ddddd.

    That pre-chorus though? Woow!

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  4. Hellooo ladies and germs, today we are eliminating a single! But what will it be?

    Let's just say for some of you it won't be an...


    pill to swallow.

    Cosmic Babes: 10x7 (@Crisp X, @He, @Cotton Park, @vague, @Love Deluxe, @RUNAWAY, @Vixen) 9.75x1 (@eliminathan) 9.5x2 (@Ana Raquel, @Slice of Life)
    Earth Dwellers: 6x2 (@codecat, @ysev) 6.5x1 (@Serg.) 7x1 (@enjoy)
    @junglefish: 7.5
    @ysev: 6
    5 Voters: 29
    10 Voters: 38
    15 Voters: 31
    20 Voters: 25
    24 Voters: 26

    Coming off the spectacular 'Unnatural' EP, expectations for WJSN's comeback were understandably sky high, so when it was announced that bombshells Seola, Bona, Exy and Eunseo would form a new subunit called WJSN THE BLACK, people were, for the most part, excited. And how could you not? The teasers were gorgeous, with the girls looking like chic mobsters, promising something mature, sophisticated and sexy. I mean... Those pictures in the suits? Phew. The whole thing seemed like the perfect answer to Chocome's zany *sticks out tongue* and goofy *holds up spork* concept.

    And then we got the song.

    Now, I'm not going to lie and say that Easy is terrible. It's not. It's a decent song and fits the concept of the single. The problem is that it's simply not enough, especially when you know what WJSN are capable of. Unnatural, both the song and the mini, showed us that the group is capable of delivering high quality mature concepts, so you'd think a subunit like WJSN THE BLACK would too. Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

    Composed by Ryan S. Jhun, Georgia Buchanan, Micky Blue and Gil Lewis and written by Brothersu and Exy, Easy is described as a "dark disco song with a fascinating tone and funky drums." I mean, sure, why not. Lyrically, the song is all about the girls showing us their attitude and taking charge. They know what they like, they know what they want and they know how to get it. A nice change from most of the group's lyrics!

    For a song that received seven 10s (!), it didn't get a lot of commentary:

    @vague (10) : an 11 contender. what a glorious song, christ.

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (7.5) : While I can enjoy the song, it needed more of everything.

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  5. Oh btw, we're cutting another single next.
    Any guess?
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  6. Wait, Hmph! is still here??


    Good thing we know a single's going next — bye!
  7. I suggest we stage a coup d'état and redo this rate!!

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  8. Hola and Badaboom are just their own genre... Tired of us unnies who enjoy being shouted at relentlessly in a chorus being persecuted like this.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I kinda love that the b-side outlasted the single. That's talent luv.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes: 10x4 (@ultraviolet, @vague, @RUNAWAY, @Serg.) 9.75x1 (@thommyh) 9.5x2 (@Attis, @Slice of Life)
    Earth Dwellers: 6.5x1 (@Hurricane Drunk) 7x2 (@Vixen, @enjoy) 7.5x1 (@Cotton Park)
    @junglefish: 9.25
    @ysev: 7.75
    5 Voters: 25
    10 Voters: 25
    15 Voters: 25
    20 Voters: 26
    24 Voters: 25

    Sorry @ultraviolet, not only do we lose another 'Neverland' song today, we also lose its title track! Kinda wild that it stayed at #25 during almost the entire voting period!

    Butterfly, written and composed by TEAM GALAKTIKA is a bright, uplifting song about a girl becoming an adult. In an interview with Billboard, Yeoreum said that the song compares the wishes of said girl —who dreams of feeling free— to the wings of a butterfly. While not the most original comparison, it works well at delivering the self-empowering message of the song! In that same interview, Bona declared that her two favorite lines from the song are 'Even if I'm not beautiful and showy, I'll be free' and 'It's okay to get hurt a little — I'll fly higher.'

    It took me a little while for Butterfly to grow on me. At first, I was disappointed: I thought it sounded too shouty and a bit... basic? Sure, it was fun and kept some of the whimsy WJSN are known for, but something was missing. I also gotta say, I remember Starship teasing 'Neverland' for what seemed like 12 years and when came release day, I was feeling a bit burned out. Over the years, my opinion on the song has definitely changed! While I don't think it's their strongest single, not even close, there is a lot to love here. What I love the most in Butterfly is that part in the chorus that almost feel like it's using traditional instruments? I have no idea which ones, but it's working for me and it gives the track some allure. Finally, the chorus and hook, while shouty are absolutely anthemic and therefore perfect companions to Butterfly's self-empowering lyrics.

    With Butterfly leaving, we've got two 'Neverland' tracks left in the rate! Do you think they'll make top 20? What about top 10?...

    @ultraviolet (10) : Definitely my favorite title track from them

    @vague (10) : one of their best tbh.

    @RUNAWAY (10) : this is seriously one of their top 5 songs for me. I don’t know what everyone was saying about this being a disappointment or a bad single choice. It’s fucking EVERYTHING.

    @Attis (9.5) : I usually cringe at self-empowering song, but this one is pretty good and isnt' too preachy

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (9.25) : Really good, just not their best. I’m quite on the fence about the line distribution, it feels like it weakens the song but at the same time it was cute see all the girls have their moment on a title track.

    @KimLippington (7.75) : I appreciate them mixing it up with the line distribution but there is something off about their vocals on this. Like they’re almost chanting instead of singing.

    @Cotton Park (7.5) : I was disappointed by this comeback. A little.

    Last edited: Jan 24, 2022
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  11. Love my cosmic girls but their Butterfly is umetamorphosed, cocoon in shambles next to the Koda Kumi classic oof I am EMBARAZZED for them! Giving best song of all time performed and written by a lepidopterist...butterfly tramp stamps were never the same after that.
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  12. All of a sudden I want one.
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  13. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes: 10x6 (@codecat, @ysev, @junglefish, @Attis, @Love Deluxe, @Vixen) 9.5x4 (@nikkysan, @thommyh, @Wills, @RUNAWAY) 9.25x1 (@BEST FICTION)
    Earth Dwellers: 5.5x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 6x1 (@Serg.) 6.5x1 (@Cotton Park)
    @junglefish: 10
    @ysev: 10
    5 Voters: 18
    10 Voters: 13
    15 Voters: 19
    20 Voters: 20
    24 Voters: 24

    Oof. This elimination.

    I'm sorry guys but if we, as a society, couldn't get this song into the top 20, then I think all hope is lost for us! I welcome our alien overlords or that megacomet from Don't Look Up. You low scorers especially do not deserve WJSN or e.one.

    Okay. I took a big breath so let's continue. From the 'Dream Your Dream' EP, Renaissance was composed by e.one with the help of AVGS. As per the track's official description, it's a dance song that 'expresses the subtle sensibility and restrained power of WJSN.' And you know what? Tea! You did such a good job of expressing yourself @Starship_Ent_Copywriter. That description is spot on!

    What I love about Renaissance is that it unashamedly harks back to some of the group's best moments. It immediately brings to mind some of WJSN's other e.one's compositions, like Secret and Miracle. I don't think it does it in a lazy way though, as it's different enough from those other songs to not be a simple retread. It's more like... some sort of sequel, continuing to tell us the story of WJSN through music. I adore the funky guitar you can hear throughout the track and how abrupt the transition between the rap and the vocals in the second verse is. The bridge and final chorus are incredible, giving some real anime ending theme vibes.

    Anyway, it's a travesty that this didn't go further but it's fine! It's fine! I'll get over it. At least my beloved co-host gave it a perfect 10, so that's something I guess.

    @Attis (10) : A rehash of Secret / Miracle formula is still good

    @vague (8.25) : the verses n suff are fatastic, but the chorus melody is... idk? just not very catchy to me.

    @KimLippington (8) : The weakest of the Secret/e.one trilogy but still really solid.

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  14. Hmm well while we're on the subject:


    Madonna and Mirwais.
    Gaga and RedOne.
    WJSN and e.one.
    (Brave Sound... and BESTie)
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  15. [​IMG]

    issuing a fatwa calling for a boycott of earth dwellers ˣ‿ˣ


    Cosmic Babes: 10x3 (@thommyh, @ysev, @RUNAWAY) 9.75x2 (@codecat, @vague) 9.5x5 (@Slice of Life, @BEST FICTION, @Hurricane Drunk, @Love Deluxe, @Cotton Park)
    Earth Dwellers: 5x1 (@nikkysan) 6.75x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 7x1 (@Attis)
    @junglefish: 9
    @ysev: 10
    5 Voters: 39
    10 Voters: 31
    15 Voters: 30
    20 Voters: 22
    24 Voters: 23

    Firstable HELLOOO.... I am back and better than ever. I know you guys missed me!
    So yeah... 'Kiss Your Lips'... it's SO funny to me. Many people called for ha elimination. And I know a good portion of y'all were shook to the core that it obliterated 'Easy' but you know, when it's right it's right. Seethe infidels HAHAHAHHAHHA

    So, 'Kirth Yöür Lipth' is the sole b-side off of WJSN the Black's single album 'My Attitude'. It's written by Lovey and Exy, composed by Goo Ji Eun and Al Swettenham and arranged by Geek Boy. According to @Starship_Ent this is what KYL (omg I hope this abbreviation is not problematic) does:
    "Under a secret atmosphere, this song more boldly stimulates the dizzying imagination, and expresses a dreamy and secret feeling with a melody to stand out a mature atmosphere. It is a dance song of the Mumbaton genre that is impressive with 808 bass and an addictive synth drop of the chorus.
    The moving climax that unfolds like a movie makes listeners admire."

    'Kiss Your Lips' is a dance tune. It's a trop bop, but most importantly it has a near eastern coating. Is it Beirut? Is it Bahrain? Let's settle with Dubai! It's a bit Inna, a bit Haifa Whebe and a whole lot of ESC entry with some extra seasoning.
    And wow, it really is everything you would never except from WJSN! It's slightly trashy but in the best way possible. Imagine this: your favorite influencer goes on a sheikh sponsored trip to Abu Dhabi, parties with her hottie friends on a yacht and documents all of that while plugging in some skinny detox diarrhea tea on her instagram story. 'Kiss Your Lips' soundtracks it!

    The best part though? COME ON AND KISS YOUR LIPS. The lyrics are so... I mean I mentioned them a gazillion times at this point. What I've never considered though: they never clarify which lips! Meaning that depending on your flexibility, you may be able to keith your lisp! Mwahhhh xx

    @Wills (7.5) : Going from “Would You Kiss Me?” to “Kiss Me” only to be ignored each time, “come on and kiss YOUR lips” might as well be “go fuck yourself” (ysev: watch your lips, young man!)

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  16. I am not sure if anyone noticed... but we haven't lost a single 11 so far!
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  18. Hmmm the next 330 words call this into question


    More expressive than ever, I'll give you that!
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  19. And I won't be losing mine, cause it's gonna win.

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