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WJ RATE? ♡ the WJSN discography rate。.:*☆ AND THE WINNER IS...

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by junglefish, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. We're losing our first sub-unit song....

    The Black vs Chocome....

    Title track or b-side?

    Cosmic Babes: 10x1 (@Attis) 9x1 (@Love Deluxe) 8.5x1 (@RUNAWAY)
    Earth Dwellers: 3x1 (@Hurricane Drunk) 5x2 (@Cotton Park, @ysev) 5.5x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois)
    @junglefish: 8
    @ysev: 5
    5 Voters: 62
    10 Voters: 60
    15 Voters: 59
    20 Voters: 61
    24 Voters: 62
    It's time to say bye bye bye 2 'Ya Ya Ya'.

    WJSN Chocome debuted as a sub-unit consisting of members Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum and Dayoung on October 7th 2020 with their single album 'Hmph!'. 'Ya Ya Ya' is the sole b-side on it. It's a cover of first generation girl group Baby V.O.X's eponymous track.

    Baby V.O.X's original is a tad bit calmer and a minute longer. Chocome's version however makes use of faster and punchier percussions, giving it a euphoric vibe on top of the already tropical concotion of the original.
    It perfectly complements the title track 'Hmph!' by acting as a happy and playful encore. The girls do a great job of showing their funky personalities through spoken bits by Yeoreum and Dayoung and giving some little belts and adlibs here and there by main vocalist Soobin. Luda does a great job of looking breathtaking too! A literal doll.

    Chocome stans can look forward to the unit's upcoming comeback!

    @Attis (10) : Bubblegum banger, the chorus sounds very 2nd gen K-pop. Is it a cover ? (ysev: yes!)

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  2. It's hard to be mad that a song - I barely gave a 7 - just left... but there was definitely worse than that left.

    Well... As long as 'Hmph!' goes top 15. x
  3. Kiss Your Lips not being the first subunit song to leave is a travesty.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    So true bestie!
  5. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes: 9.5x1 (@He) 8.5x1 (@codecat) 8.25x1 (@eliminathan)
    Earth Dwellers: 3x1 (@Attis) 4.75x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 5x1 (@ultraviolet)
    @junglefish: 8
    @ysev: 8
    5 Voters: 60
    10 Voters: 63
    15 Voters: 66
    20 Voters: 62
    24 Voters: 61

    Today we bid Adieu to Say Yes, from the EP 'From. WJSN'.

    I'm gonna be very honest, I'm not sure why I gave this song an 8. It's not bad, it's just not very memorable and sounds a lot like a coffee shop-friendly drama OST. Maybe the fact that it's so inoffensive worked in its favour, because Say Yes didn't get one or two 8s. It got eight 8s! Good for her!

    Composed by Yanggang, who also worked on the EP's title track I Wish, Say Yes is a guitar and piano-driven midtempo. It's a very easy and pleasant listen and sounds pretty much like a lazy early spring afternoon. The track was chosen to be performed on music shows alongside From. WJSN's title track.

    Okay so this is a very short writeup ff but I don't know what else to say about this song. It's nice! It's sweet and the lyrics are about love and wanting your SO to tell you you're theirs and you want to live in their arms all day, yadda yadda. Now, let's see what you girls had to say.

    @Wills (5.5) : Great organs (junglefish: omg lol thank you)

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (4.75) : I was so annoyed that this is the song they chose to perform on music shows. The awkwardness of some girls having to sit there for the whole song on a stool with zero lines.

    @Attis (3) : boring coffee shop fodder

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  7. I know I kept you waiting...

    but here I am


    Cosmic Babes: 9x1 (@codecat) 8.5x1 (@Wills) 8.25x3 (@vague, @Love Deluxe, @thommyh)
    Earth Dwellers: 4x1 (@KimLippington) 4.5x1 (@Cotton Park) 5.5x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois)
    @junglefish: 7.25
    @ysev: 8
    5 Voters: 55
    10 Voters: 56
    15 Voters: 62
    20 Voters: 60
    24 Voters: 60

    Our first song to leave us in the top 60 is 'Robot' off of 'The Secret'. Written, composed and arranged by none other than South Korean rapper Giriboy. His biggest accomplishment? Featuring on Successica Jung's 2019 hit single 'Call Me Before You Sleep'. And no, I was not paid by @Vixen for this shameless plug.
    Or... was I...? (・o・)

    The song starts with a super dirty bass line that is quite reminiscent of 'Catch Me', their counterpart title track to 'MoMoMo'. It becomes quite apparent that in the beginning Starship had a double concept in mind and 'Robot' absolutely falls into the girl crush/flirty category of said dichotomy. It's also a sound that got discarded after this EP. It certainly sounds like a song of its time, so it's understandable, but oh wow what a time it was *fart*!

    The lyrics... well. Let me say that they were not in their feminist bag for this one ff. The chorus translates to "I'm your robot, put your battery now. Wanna love me, touch me, hug me, hurry up!"
    Actually let me revise my comment! They were playing! This is meant to be a post-ironic egalitarian critique on societal gender norms. Hell yes it is. In my world at least!
    The whole robot theme matches the pulsating bass-y electro soundscape to a T though, so I can't be too mad. All things considered, this is an early discography highlight and I am glad that at least some of you agree.

    @Wills (8.5) : Gosh this mini slaps, truly a thinking gay’s girlgroup

    @Attis (7.5) : Love the chill vibes

  8. Good riddance, it was kinda shit. x

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Yas the Successica promo!! And for her BEST song too?! We LOVE to see it~
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  10. [​IMG]

    Cosmic Babes: 9x3 (@thommyh, @RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life) 8.75x1 (@nikkysan) 8.5x1 (@vague)
    Earth Dwellers: 4x1 (@enjoy) 4.5x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 5x2 (@Attis, @Serg.)
    @junglefish: 6.5
    @ysev: 7
    5 Voters: 42
    10 Voters: 55
    15 Voters: 54
    20 Voters: 56
    24 Voters: 59

    'Happy Moment' loses another track and like T-Ara, we are now Sugar free. Y'all I'm gonna be honest... I don't care for this song. I'm actually gagged it almost made the top 40 at the very beginning of the rate! But out of respect for the high voters, I'm just gonna get on with the facts for now.

    Written and composed by MonoTree member GDLO, Sugar is a sweet uptempo song about falling hard for someone who doesn't really care for you. The lyrics are actually super cute and fun, especially pretty rapstar's verse Exy, which equates feeling sick after eating too much sugar to loving someone so much it makes your stomach ache. We also get those lyrics which I'll present to you with no further comment:

    It's not a bad song and listening to it while writing this writeup, I can understand why people find it charming. It's just not one I go back to or even want to play if it comes on shuffle. Once again though, Yeonjung and Dawon's vocals shine and make it a pleasant listen. I also appreciate that they tried a lot of different things on this album and did not stick to the Cosmic/Magical girl formula even if it did not necessarily land, as we've seen with the two previous Happy Moment's eliminations.

    @Wills (6.5) : Good setup, not much of a payoff

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (4.5) : It just sounds like they got lost on someone else’s album.

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  11. how is "Baby Come To Me" still here, I don't mind Mo Mo Mo leaving early, but "Baby Come To Me" needs to leave first
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  12. Because it’s a good song.
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  13. We're losing our first single...


    Cosmic Babes: 10x2 (@Love Deluxe, @RUNAWAY) 9x1 (@vague) 8.5x1 (@Ana Raquel)
    Earth Dwellers: 4.25x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 5x1 (@enjoy) 6x2 (@KimLippington, @ysev)
    @junglefish: 6.5
    @ysev: 6
    5 Voters: 57
    10 Voters: 61
    15 Voters: 56
    20 Voters: 54
    24 Voters: 58

    Sike! I said single, not title track!
    'Kiss Me' is a promotional single that was released on July 14, 2017 as a collaboration with the makeup brand KissMe. It was composed by Shin Hyuk, Jordan Kyle and Luket. It's also the first song to receive more than one ten. Two to be exact. Congratulations or my condolences, whichever works for

    'Kiss Me' is a light-hearted, fun and spritzy summer song that doesn't leave much of an impact on me personally, hence the mediocre score of six. It sounds a lot like a late 00s/early 10s Disney power pop song that could've easily been the soundtrack to movies like 'High School Musical' or 'Camp Rock'. So unsurprisingly this one was quite popular with a lot of you lovely home of seggsual people.

    It's not necessarily a sound that you would expect from WJSN at that point in their career, but as we've seen Starship loves to deviate from the group's usual whimsy cosmic sound during summertime. And in that regard, this one simply cannot compete with the likes of summer smash hits 'Happy', 'Boogie Up' or 'Butterfly'.
    And luckily, the majority agrees! xx

    This one received quite a bit of commentary. YES!
    Let's dive in:

    @RUNAWAY (10) : this is actually a ton better coming back to it a couple years later.

    @Love Deluxe (10) : That serotonin boost of a pre-chorus is so beautiful, deserved to be an earth-shattering summer smash

    @vague (9) : wait this fleets tf.

    @Wills (7) : As a Golcha stan, this power pop sound is catnip to me, but they don’t quite do enough with it here

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (4.25) : I didn’t remember that the instrumental was like a royalty-free karaoke instrumental of 2007 Avril Lavigne

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  14. Their little 'Avril Lavigne' serve with 'Kiss Me' dddd. The definition of a 7-scorer, don't care much for it. Same for 'Sugar', although I thought it was even less memorable ddd.

    No big losses. x

    Also, 'Baby Come To Me' is great and it's way too soon for it to leave.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Cosmic Babes: 10x3 (@junglefish, @Vixen, @eliminathan) 9.5x1 (@Wills) 9x1 (@ysev)
    Earth Dwellers: 2x1 (@Hurricane Drunk) 3x1 (@Ana Raquel) 5x2 (@enjoy, @Charles Vingt-†rois)
    @junglefish: 10
    @ysev: 9
    5 Voters: 68
    10 Voters: 58
    15 Voters: 55
    20 Voters: 58
    24 Voters: 57

    Now you whores gals... Eliminating Star wasn't enough, you had to get rid of Rewind too. That's right, 'Unnatural' loses its first song and it's none other than the stunning Rewind, or as @codecat likes to call it, Ballad.

    I understand not liking ballads, but this did NOT deserve a 2 and a 3. I take comfort in knowing that it got three 10s, but still. The drama, the vocals, those high notes, the piano... EXY'S SPOKEN PART. Mama it was camp. I honestly don't get what's not to like?

    Anyway. Rewind, also known by its literal translation Don't Forget (My Universe), was composed by KZ, Jeong Su-min, Kim Hye-gwang and KZ, the latter being responsible for none other than cignature's Arisong dfjdhfsdk good to know he can actually make music and not only create weapons of mass destruction!

    Lyrically, it's your typical love song and being the melodramatic bitch that I am, I'm eating it up.
    Like this is the kind of shit that makes me want to break up with my boyfriend just so I can have a good therapeutic crying session!

    @Wills (9.5) : Not sure why they kept making their ballads so lowkey, the drama clearly suits them best

    @ysev (9) :

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (5) : sigh… (junglefish: use your vocabulary writer girl!)

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  16. This elimination is grounds for cyberbullying.

  17. Ya'll kicking their best ballad at #57.....yeah...no....


    I'm asking for a recount!!
  18. Rewind being eliminated while that Summer album remains completely unscathed... what's happening here?
  19. that's what you get for eliminating Kiss Me so soon!!!
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  20. [​IMG]

    Cosmic Babes: 9.5x1 (@Serg.) 8.75x2 (@RUNAWAY, @eliminathan) 8.5x3 (@codecat, @Crisp X, @ysev)
    Earth Dwellers: 4x2 (@Wills, @Hurricane Drunk) 4.75x1 (@Charles Vingt-†rois) 5x1 (@BEST FICTION)
    @junglefish: 8
    @ysev: 8.5
    5 Voters: 52
    10 Voters: 52
    15 Voters: 57
    20 Voters: 57
    24 Voters: 56

    The time has come. 'Dream Your Dream' loses its first song and it's winter anthem 'Thawing'. The song is written and composed by VINCENZO, Any Masingga, Fuxxy and Exy. What I want the world to know about Exy sunbaenim is when you hear Exy sunbaenim spit, Exy sunbaenim wrote it.

    Just like the title suggests the song sounds very wintery and surprisingly forgoes any christmassy vibes. That's very hard to do, but they did it. And I think that's what I like most about the song. It perfectly captures the essence of winter (not the one with the black bob) without the religious/capitalistic holiday baggage that we so often get.

    'Thawing' does a great job at painting a vivid landscape. I can literally see ice skaters and Elsa while listening. I'm so sorry for people who live in climate zones without winter.
    Sorry y'all!

    @KimLippington (7.5) : I looked up line distribution videos for this just to see if any unhinged Ujung with too much time on their hands had assigned that sneeze to someone but no luck :( I have decided that it’s Exy.

    @Attis (7) : The jazz breakdown is the highlight

    @Charles Vingt-†rois (4.75) : The pile of random sounds at the beginning wanted me to believe this was gonna be fun or experimental.

    @Wills (4) : Laughably bad, it kinda serves Gowon solo b-side in parts. And those are the best bits!

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