Woke Up With This Song In My Head: The Thread

If you wake up with a song in your head, do you HAVE to play it to properly exorcise the earworm?

  • Yuh, most definitely

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  • Nah, don't need to

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  • Sometimes, it depends on how crazy it's driving me

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Couldn't find a similar thread, but maybe I missed it.

Basically, I've woken up with a song in my head almost every morning since I was very young. I have repeat offenders, but the song can also just be entirely random. I've thought about keeping a journal to chronicle these, but that's never happened.

Anyways, I'm sure this happens to my fellow pop kin here in the PJ forums. Thought it might be fun for others to log their's here. Usually the song will not leave my head until I just play it!

Today's was:

Ok, I got this thread moved to more sensible category now, so I'll start over. :D

Some songs I wake up with stuck in my head make sense... as it's something from an album I'm currently obsessed with, etc.

You know, like the one I woke up with in my head today.

Exorcising these songs from my brain is easier, because I was likely going to play it today anyway.
Great idea for a topic! This often happens to me, and the odd thing is sometimes it's with songs I haven't actually heard in years.

I can't any think of any specific ones right now, but I'll probably share mine tomorrow.
I was listening to a lot of Oh Land yesterday, so this wormed its way back into my head. Woke up humming the : 'can we try just a little bit harder' part of the chorus.

This classic:

Probably because I saw the video for their latest single the other day and it got me thinking how it's impressive how some of these bands, like Paramore and Panic! at the Disco, manage to mantain their success for so many years.
Music is weird. Haha!

My recent song obsession in Hayley Kiyoko's 'Molecules'. (Like, I've been playing it to death.)

But no, the song stuck in my head this morning was the track after it in on her album: Let It Be. It's mainly the chorus.

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For the second time this week, Oh Land was stuck in my head when I woke up. Different song, though. Human Error, her newest song, is an understated earworm.... in a very Vanessa Carlton kinda way.

And these lyrics. My goodness.

And why did I expect
That I had my life planned out perfect
Adding all the numbers correct
No missing digits, no real mistakes
Just human errors
Make human hearts break
Like a few times lately the amazing "there's a girl in New York City..." part keeps re-playing in my head all morning:

Yes! I low-key adore that album so much. Some real gems on there from Kara & others. Diana was my contestant of choice that year on Idol. I've still kept mild tabs on her career.
wish I'd kept track since the start of the year.

I've wanted to keep track of this forever, but lacked the discipline... haha! So, at least something is happening now. Figured since I pretty much log into PJ everyday, it was the best fit to try and keep track & maybe some others would want to share, too.

Didn't know either of those songs you shared, but gave them both a listen & like.
I woke up with the chorus to Oh Land's 'Human Error' in my head again. So, there's that.

It's becoming a repeat offender, which is fine since it's such a pretty song. That said, I really didn't think it would be a 'stuck in my head' sorta song though, after the first few listens.
I swear the most random songs pop into my head. I don't even actively listen to this song but remember it from MTV/radio back in the day:

Part of my 2019 album challenge was to incorporate some K-pop discovery into my listening. The first album I chose for this year was from Black Pink. As such, this morning was the fist time I think I've ever woken up with a K-pop song in my head. Stay. (mainly the 'It goes a little something like... na na na' part.)

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This was stuck in my head upon waking. Haven't listened to this in a bit. That said, this has been a 'woke-up in my head' repeat offender for about the last 25+ years.