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Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robsolete, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. This is very good!
  2. Play The Greatest Hits is my kind of bop.
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  3. What are the chances the 7" of Lipstick on the Glass won't sell for astronomically stupid amounts of high money on its own?
  4. My Wolf Alice Vinyl with the extra CD arrived. The extra CD are live versions of the songs.

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  5. This album is perfection, and I was fearing that it'd be virtually impossible to equal album #2 but they truly did it,
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  6. Yep this is an easy Album of the Year contender for me. Lipstick on the Glass being the main standout in addition to the bulletproof run of 10s in Play the Greatest Hits, Feeling Myself, and Last Man on Earth.
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  7. No Hard Feelings is so tender and brutal while also feeling quietly resilient? I'm obsessed with it today.

    The threads that kept us together
    Were already wеaring thin
    Would we ever havе tied the knot?
    Well, how long is a piece of string?
    And for everything that ends
    Something else must begin
    No hard feelings, honey
    And we both will take the win

  8. Did anyone else order the translucent green from BrooklynVegan? I’m so ready for it to arrive!
  9. Holy shit, I’ve never been a fan and I doubted them but… this is spectacular.

    The record effortlessly straddled genres the way The 1975 wishes theirs did.
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  10. I kinda want the blue marble lenticular edition from Blood Records, but it’s all sold out.
  11. I'm kinda irked that I'm getting a green record for an album called Blue Weekend but I know it's going to look great.
  12. They’re #1 in the mids selling more than double the #2 album.

    Wolf Al1ce finally getting the top spot is what they deserve.
  13. It's now a blue/white mix, apparently the turquoise color is unavailable, so it doesn't really match with the artwork.

    I had the Rough Trade blue pre-ordered, but I also bought the red w/ a signed print since it looked so pretty in pictures dddd.

    They answered questions on Indieheads, they mentioned their favorite songs on the album are Safe From Heartbreak + Feeling Myself, and they said they're looking forward to playing How Can I Make It OK? + Play the Greatest Hits.
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  14. Never heard any of their music until I pressed play on this album. Knocked me on my ARSE.
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  15. the f*ck?

    Go dive in their other two albums right now.
  16. The Blood Records vinyl has turned up today and I have to say it’s a shame it’s not in a gatefold sleeve like the other (cheaper) variants.
  17. I sip my wine from a plastic cup
    Throw stones in to another
    While the sun heats up my liquid rose
    And it shines the same fine colour
    The tide comes in, as it must go out
    Consistent like the laughter
    Of the girls on the beach
    My girls on the beach
    Happy ever after

    This delicate, lovely writing. Something about it coming during a summer when the only way some of us can see friends is to find somewhere outside to share a bottle of wine feels so...fated. Like it was made for us for this exact moment.
  18. The way I didn’t care about them but then this album turned me into a Little Wolfcub.
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  19. So how can I make it okay?

    I just want you to be hhhhaaaAAaaAaaaPpPYyy

    How can I make it okay?

    I just want you to be haAaAAAaaaaPppPppYyy

    How can I make it okay?

    Nothing else is as important as that to meEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeEeeeeEee

    How can I make it okay?

    Nothing else is as important as that to meEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeEeeEeee

  20. Just might be my song of the year so far. I wasn’t sure they had another Don’t Delete the Kisses in them, but this song in particular blew me away.
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