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Women of the 80s Rate (Done) - Discussing Women of the 90s

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 5, 2020.


Which year has your favorite music, based on the songs in this rate?

  1. 1980

  2. 1981

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  3. 1982

  4. 1983

  5. 1984

  6. 1985

  7. 1986

  8. 1987

  9. 1988

  10. 1989

  1. Ohh, I sadly only know a handful so feel free to pull together a Blondie playlist of their best for me on Spotify sometime and I'll check it out.
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  2. You really should check them out, Hazey. If you had been the age you are now during the '70s and early '80s, you'd stan them and Debbie Harry so hard.
  3. Okay, how about enough with the shocks for a change and eliminate a song I've seen a few people demanding lately? We also lose the artist in question.

    It's also just the second cut from 1983, our first being over 30 eliminations ago.


    Bananarama - Cruel Summer


    110 Points | @saviodxl (12) @Auntie Beryl (12) @Remorque (12) @Eric Generic (1) @Untouchable Ace (10) @invertedbutterfly (10) @iheartpoptarts (7) @chanex (5) @soratami (4) @Seventeen Days (4) @Eric (4) @kermit_the_frog (4) @phoenix123 (4) @gezza76 (3) @ohnoitisnathan (2) @Phonetics Boy (2) @ThislittleZiggy (2) @Ironheade (1) @daninternational (1) @Sprockrooster (1)

    Release | June 27, 1983

    Charts | #8 [UK] #9 [US] #3 [South Africa] #73 [US 1984]

    2020 Plays | 18 million [YouTube] 51 million [Spotify] 236,000 [Last.FM]

    Album | Bananarama

    Genres | New Wave/Post-Disco/Synth-Pop

    Writers | Sara Dallin, Siobhan Fahey, Keren Woodward, Steve Jolley, Tony Swain

    Producers | Jolley & Swain

    Trivia | It's popularity in the US is tied to its inclusion in the 1984 film Karate Kid.

    It was ranked #44 on VH1's 'Greatest Songs of the 80s' countdown.

    They recorded a 'new jack swing' version of the song in 1989 with new member Jacquie O' Sullivan, which was also a Top 20 UK hit.

    Sara Dallin said the song "played on the darker side (of summer songs): it looked at the oppressive heat, the misery of wanting to be with someone as the summer ticked by. We've all been there!"

    In an interview with The Guardian Sara added, "The best summer songs remind you of your youth: what you did in your holidays, how it felt when you first kissed a boy, going away without your parents."

    She also talked about what it was like when their first hit song exploded: "It was a huge hit in the US. I'll always remember coming out of our hotel in LA when we first became famous and seeing Mike Tyson sitting there. He burst into Cruel Summer when he saw us. It was unbelievable. Summer songs do that to people. When the sun's out, anything goes."

    The music video was directed by Nigel Dick, and shot in New York City in the summer of 1983 and features a take on the American TV show The Dukes of Hazzard, with a bumbling cop duo who chase the girls as they make their escape in a truck (at one point, Bananarama members throw bananas at a trailing police car).

    "It was just an excuse to get us to the fabled city of New York for the first time," Siobhan Fahey has said. She recalled the shoot, conducted during a heatwave, as a difficult experience. "It was August, over one hundred degrees. Our HQ was a tavern under the Brooklyn Bridge, which had a ladies' room with a chipped mirror where we had to do our makeup."

    After an exhausting morning shooting in the city in brutal August heat, the band returned to the tavern for lunch. They made the acquaintance of some local dockworkers, who, upon learning of their situation, shared vials of cocaine with them. "That was our lunch," said Fahey, who had never tried the drug before. "When you watch that video, we look really tired and miserable in the scenes we shot before lunch, and then the after-lunch shots are all euphoric and manic."

    The version a lot of people know in addition to this and for me what I knew long before the original was Ace of Base's international hit cover of the song in 1998.

    The music video for the 1989 remix was a compilation of different shots from Bananarama's earlier videoclips. Notably missing are clips from the original 1983 video. Fahey is only featured in a pair of frames. Bananarama were unable to record a proper video for the song, because they were in the middle of a world tour at the time of its release.

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  4. Y'all are really trying it, n'est-ce pas?

    Cruel Summer is fantastic for all the right reasons. It was one of the best songs they'd ever written and it only reached #8, which the girls were publicly calling the GP and the record industry out for, the video and its backstory completely encapsulates everything Bananarama stood for, including its backstage shenanigans, which include the above mentioned cocaine story, plus Sara and Keren being super moody, because the director was hot for Siobhan, putting her forward in a lot of shots,...

    Can everybody say... legendaric?

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  5. I just lost a couple of my lower top 40. They're classics but also hold up til this day.
    P.S. Just how much of the 80s is Giorgio Moroder responsible for?!
  6. Too soon, people. Too soon.
  7. Scream. I'm loving discovering these stories about these songs.
  8. Blondie's "Call me" was Number 13 on my Top 40.
    I'm a massive Blondie fan (Heart of glass was the first record I ever bought when I was 9 years old!)
    The film "American Gigolo" is also worth checking out just for the scene in the record store....The Police, Talking Heads and Elvis Costello.....and I can see the way it was filmed and shot inspired "Miami Vice" which was to come a few years later...
  9. Interesting, judging from the photos I've seen I would've been asking Keren out.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I'm...surprised Call Me didn't get any points from me. I think I thought it probably didn't need them which was incorrect, evidently!
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  11. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    Wow, I feel like I am losing all of the songs I gave points to all of a sudden!
  12. I... really thought this forum loved Bananarama more!

    I've veen exploring their whole discography recently. I know most of the singles and to me they are legendaric, fun, bubblegum and pretty much paved the way to my beloved Spice Girls.

    A shame they are gone to soon
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  13. Since I did the 'pick one song per artist' thing (eternal second thoughts) picking my Blondie was actually one of the hardest. I went with 'Call Me' because that song has such a unique tension & energy to it. I really like all the Blondie songs here though, about equal.
  14. These scores are really close. The difference between #60 and #48 is just 9 points, for example. Just having one more voter could have shuffled everything around.
  15. 10 Bananarama | Cruel Summer
    The song which reminds me most of Summer 1983.

    (I took out a load of uninteresting-to-anyone-but-myself reminiscences).
  16. Call Me - 4. The mix of synths and guitars works perfectly, the whole song is very cinematic and Debbie's vocals are sultry and fierce. There are other Blondie songs I love more but I wanted 2 songs in my Top 40 as the band are so great. I hope that Atomic lasts for a few more eliminations.

    As for Cruel Summer, I have only one thing to say.
  17. Which artist would've had the best chance of seeing you as one of their champions if you hadn't abided by this rule?
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  18. Absolutely, the biggest jump from one song to the next we've had in quite some time is 2 points.
  19. Cyndi, for sure.
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