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Women of the 80s Rate - Results! (#16)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Apr 5, 2020.


Which year has your favorite music, based on the songs in this rate?

  1. 1980

  2. 1981

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  3. 1982

  4. 1983

  5. 1984

  6. 1985

  7. 1986

  8. 1987

  9. 1988

  10. 1989

  1. Oof. Not a patch on Annie Lennox either, which I discovered being used on this sad video from 1992.

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  2. Some of the more recent cuts were not hits in Mauritius at all when I was growing up and I only came to know the songs much later (even discovered them here like that Samantha Fox Song) - Mauritians were the average PJ voters - who knew??
  3. Love this! Great cover.
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  4. Back with a double-elimination, which includes another artist wrongfully bein booted entirely!


    Debbie Gibson - Foolish Beat


    44 Points | @Gnuh Gnuh (10) @Seventeen Days (10) @unnameable (10) @idratherjack (8) @DJHazey (6)

    Release | April 11, 1988

    Charts | #1 [US] #9 [UK] #2 [Canada] #32 [Billboard 1988]

    2020 Plays | 11 million [Youtube] 11 million [Spotify] 42,000 [Last.FM]

    Album | Out of the Blue

    Genres | Pop

    Writers | Debbie Gibson

    Producers | Debbie Gibson

    Trivia | As stated during the writeup for Lost In Your Eyes, this gave Debbie the record for the youngest person to write, produce, and perform a number-one single entirely on her own, at age 17. That record was eventually broken by Soulja Boy with "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" in 2007. (A bop, but I know this is unpopular opinion)

    In an interview with Billboard Debbie had this to say about the song, "I find that people have kept (it) with them. I think it's because the lyrics are simple, but you can fill in the blanks with your adult experience. I know that I can as a singer now. When I was writing it, I was guessing what love would be like ... and then also guessing what it would be like to lose love. Now that I've been through all that, I can sing the very simple lyrics and really fill it."

    In the video, Debbie casts herself as a young performer who recently broke up with her boyfriend; although she now regrets jilting him and wants to make amends, he brushes off her efforts to do so. The video ends with him being sent a bouquet, clearly from her; he drops the flowers in a trash can, then walks off into the distance.

    I could never love again, the way I loved youuuu, oh.
    I could never cry again, like I did when I left you, AND WHEN YOU SAID GOODBYE,

    OH THE LOOK IN YOUR EYES, JUST LEFT ME BESIDE MYSLF, without your heeeaaart.

    My word.


    Enough said and frankly the trash taste on display to only get five voters!?!!?, not make the Top 100, kicking out poor Debbie in the process. The songlist is so good I could only manage 6 points (when I was sure it would be close to 12 when I first starting running things) but I expected more support -- though some of the people I expected support from are here (with 10s) so I can't be mad at that! Are they among her champions though?


    Debbie Gibson's Champions

    @Gnuh Gnuh (22) @Seventeen Days (15) @unnameable (13)

    Yes, yes they are and one of them is now losing one of their 12s. (I'm so sorry, at least I had the decency to hand her one point for this)

    Actually, it's the first song to have two 12s!!!!


    Stevie Nicks - Talk to Me


    44 Points | @Seventeen Days (12) @Eric Generic (12) @invertedbutterfly (8) @Verandi (7) @Phonetics Boy (3) @DJHazey (1) @DominoDancing (1)

    Release | October 1985

    Charts | #4 [US] #68 [UK] #6 [Canada] #57 [Billboard 1986]

    2020 Plays | 2.4 million [Youtube] 4.8 million [Spotify] 54,000 [Last.FM]

    Album | Rock a Little

    Genres | Pop Rock

    Writers | Chas Sandford

    Producers | Chas Sandford, Jimmy Iovine

    12s | @Eric Generic - "Key song in my life, Can't hear it without being lucidly transported back to that time in December 1985. Bittersweet."

    Trivia | The song was written by Chas Sandford, who co-wrote John Waite's 1984 hit "Missing You". (omg I hear it, and issa bop too). Sandford also plays most of the instruments on "Talk to Me". The song was brought to the attention of Nicks by its producer Jimmy Iovine, "who was always on the hunt for a hit song." Stevie says she didn't like the song at first because she had trouble with the vocals, but Iovine persisted and she eventually recorded it. Jim Keltner was in the studio next door doing some drum overdubs during the recording process. After Nicks explained her dilemma, Keltner gave her some words of encouragement and offered to stay with her and be her audience. Nicks sang the song twice during the session, added some tambourine, and then it was finished.

    The promotional music video shows Nicks performing the song direct to camera in a variety of different sets in what looks like a grand house. One of the sets is a long white room that looks like an art gallery and has three steps in the middle which Nicks, her backing singers Sharon Celani and Lori Perry, and two male dancers, all perform choreographed dance steps together in formation. Nicks' brother, Christopher, features in the video playing the saxophone.

    Nicks re-recorded the song in 1986 for inclusion on the Time-Life compilation It's Only Rock and Roll.

    A couple of people pre-rate asked for/suggested a second Stevie song in the rate and this ended up being my pick. It was definitely a new discovery for me (as is anything recently that I hear with her vocals on them). I knew "Edge of Seventeen" would be her crowning achievement know matter what I chose though (even some other people questioned it when I first presented the songlist ddd) so we'll see how far it goes.​
  5. @DJHazey If Talk To Me was a new discovery for you, I hope you already came across I Can't Wait, which is one my absolute favourite 80s Stevie Nicks bops!
  6. Adds to my 'new discoveries' playlist!
  7. Oh, for goodness sake....#103??!!!!!

    People, GET TASTE.
  8. Well I guessed one right so far dd
  9. I really like 'Talk To Me' but it's my least favourite Stevie-led song in the rate, and there's other Stevie solo songs from the 80's that I prefer.
  10. Me too. If 'Rooms on Fire' had been there it would have been a contender for a 12 from me. I compensated by probably overscoring the Tango in the Night songs...
  11. Controversial perhaps, but I really can't stand Stevie Nick's voice.
  12. I don't know why EMI didn't put Talk To Me out as the lead single in Britain, it was Top 5 in America, yet they waited until after the album was out and then opted for I Can't Wait (which is also fantastic, but...) so Talk To Me didn't come along over here until 5 months later.
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  13. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    Talk to Me is amazing, I am glad I threw as many points at it as I did, and I'm sad to see it out so early. I'm still hoping I grow up to be Stevie Nicks. It's such an enjoyable song to do at karaoke too.
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  14. I know at least two people who agree with you, and they're called Trey Parker & Matt Stone.
  15. I'm guessing that the problem with both Stevie and Debbie was that they've been represented with unfamiliar songs. In Britain at least.

    Over here Debbie's most famous songs would be Only In My Dreams and Shake Your Love as opposed to her US #1's whereas Stevie barely had a solo hit in the UK ever. One Top 20 in her entire career. Talk To Me, a song I've never heard of before, limped in at #68 and Edge of Seventeen never charted at all. I suspect the latter will fare quite well here as it's grown in prominence in recent years.

    Even her Fleetwood Mac stuff never really clicked here. Gypsy only made #46. Her other singles......

    Rhiannon - #46
    Dreams - #24
    Sara - #37
    Seven Wonders #56

    She was never really a think in the UK the same as she was in US. I remember as a pop obsessed kid always hearing about both Stevie Nicks and Linda Rondstadt and knowing they were both a big deal but not understanding why they didn't have any hit records. I don't think I even realised she was in Fleetwood Mac, a group whose famous name I also didn't understand until Tango In The Night.

    I'm guessing there may be quite a few seemingly weird results as this goes on depending on which side of the Atlantic you live.
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  16. Debbie did seem to do better overall than Tiffany in the UK it would appear, still having top 40 entries as far as August 1989 if you watch the Top Of The Pops repeats. Thought of course, didn't last as long as the other Teen Pop Queen of 1988, a certain Kylie Minogue...
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  17. She also did "Shock your Mama"!
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  18. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    Oh, I should also say that Foolish Beat was one of the big rediscoveries of the rate for me.

    I bought Debbie's greatest hits twenty years ago, mostly on the strength of remembering Shake Your Love from Saturday morning kids TV (on the same trip to HMV where I bought Tiffany's, because I was clearly trying to recapture *something*), became obsessed with Electric Youth, and thought little more of it.

    I only vaguely remembered this, but it has such a pretty melody, it came pretty close to making my 40, which I absolutely never would have predicted. I probably need to give Debbie a bit more of a listen at some point.
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  19. Only In My Dreams / Out Of The Blue / Foolish Beat UK singles run was peak Debbie G for me.
  20. I guessed two, so we now know all our other guesses are wrong!
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